BBC Makes Terrorists And Rockets Disappear As Well As Life-Saving Science, Technology, and Medical Advances

Is BBC (and BDS) biased towards these advances as they are not from Palestine? Seriously? What happens when one of your own suddenly needs one or more of these advances? Deny your own because they are not Palestinian? Muslim? Other?

BBC / Gaza

The excellent BBC Watch which monitors and reports on bias output from the BBC on the Israel Palestine subject identified a BBC Report which regular BBC audiences would have become accustomed to.

BBC Watch, which I highly recommend to all my readers, exposes BBC bias, misreporting and/or misrepresentation aimed at selectively increasing the audience view towards Israel in a negative light.

A report from the intellectually challenged BBC Reporter Razia Iqbal after the raid on Hamas operatives on Sunday November 11th referred to these terrorists only as ”Palestinians” giving the audience the impression that they were innocent bystanders.

This is typical of BBC output…

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Two Hindu brothers – Anil Parihar, a senior BJP State politician, and his brother, Ajeet  – were assassinated by Kashmiri Islamic militants this week.

The targeted killings went unreported by the BBC and mainstream media have reported 99.9% of the 100,000 plus killings in Kashmir since 1979.

On average, there are 4 murders daily in the region as a consequence of Islamic militancy and their lust for an independent Islamic State of Kashmir.

Given the number of Hindus (circa 1 million) and Muslims (circa 3 million) residing within the UK and the barbarity of the conflict why does mainstream media continue to ignore Kashmir and the connected legacies?

Our politicians and the BBC are silent, and silence is assent.

Read more on Human Rights Abuses in Jammu and Kashmir here.


Following on from the persecution of Christians in Pakistan the PM of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has said and I quote,

Anyone who pronounces offensive comments against Islam or the Prophet Mohammed will be prosecuted according to the law;

If a Christian in Bangladesh says, “I believe Jesus is the son of God”, that would be prosecuted.

Should either Pakistan or Bangladesh be allowed at the world table given their medieval constitutions and should not all other countries who believe in democracy and freedoms make some kind of political protestations to these two Islamic backwaters.


The country is a complete economic shambles, hyperinflation, lack of food, healthcare systems in chaos and Venezuelans scrambling to leave Maduro and his sycophants.

The country with the richest oil deposits globally has defaulted on its debts, is no longer using any currency for domestic purchases and cannot even afford to repair its decaying oil rig infrastructure.

Our Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and the would be Chancellor John McDonnell, are great admirers of the Maduro regime and their economic policies,

I kid you not.

I predict a military coup within 6 months.

South Africa

One of the most morally corrupt Governments of the modern era overseeing 43,000 annual, tribal killings.

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba succumbed to pressure and resigned not for the perjury he committed nor for his facilitating the looting of State Funds, but for a compromising video of him that found its way onto social media.

One of former President Zuma’s sycophants the ex-finance Minister’s face clearly does not fit the new equally corrupt administration of Cyril Ramaphosa who will replace him with another incompetent dogsbody.

Nothing reported on BBC naturally – they would not want to embarrass the Apartheid free but Tribal rampant black South African Government.

Another embarrassment for post Apartheid South Africa is the ‘official’ murder rate which is 50 murders daily, probably nearer 70 as many murders and crimes go unrecorded.

This exceeds by far anything in the Apartheid era but receives no media attention.


Because tribalism is accepted and from a Western media perspective not worthy of coverage.

Black lives would only matter if the victims were killed by Whites.

Unfortunately, for the victims it is Black-on-Black killing and therefore the inertia of the world political, elite and the inbred racism of ”liberal” journalists take a hands off attitude.

Maybe the victims should call themselves ”Palestinians” then they would receive saturation media coverage.


Only 360,000 deaths since the war began in 2011 so what’s another 28 killed in air strikes in Eastern Syria on November 13 including 22 civilians in the village of Al-Shaafa.

No BBC reporting of the incident.


Are the Palestinians the only political group of Islamists to hand out sweets to children each time a Jew is murdered…

I don’t believe the Nazis did that although the Irish used to play a nice little ditty called the Garry Owen during their butchery of indigenous American Indians.


Reeling from diplomatic defeats regarding Saudi and Turkey’s rapprochement regarding the almost forgotten Khashoggi murder and suffering huge military defeats within Syria and Yemen has created internal opposition at levels the Government are clearly uncomfortable with.

The currency has plunged as the cost of sanctions and funding overseas terrorist adventures has dented Iran’s currency reserves.

Two currency traders were executed this week without protest, acknowledgement, nor the usual outrage from the liberal press.

The European Union so eager to assist Iran economically have kept silent, trying to undo the damage created by Iran’s failed assassination attempts in Denmark which caused a diplomatic furor.

The Danes who have recently banned the Burkha are standing up to the pro Iranian faction in the EU trying so desperately to appease the Mad Mullahs.

These executions will pass unchallenged.

BDS to target the sick!!!!!

Franklin Templeton Investments entered the Israeli financial markets this week distributing their funds via local managers and banks.

All BDS activists with investments in FTI better start protesting or withdrawing funds .

As reported last week, medical advances emanating from Israel have been successful in treating both AIDS and brain cancer sufferers .

How will BDS react, given their reason for existence is to boycott all things Israel.

Other recent medical breakthroughs are noted as per the link below.

When will mainstream journalists start posing the same questions I am posing concerning BDS’s opposition to those affected by brain cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s. and Diabetes and using Israeli medical technology to assist with these conditions.

Israel: Brain Caner Breakthrough at Hebrew University Israel Makes Major Progress with Alzheimers And Much More

If BDS Cares About People Then Why Are They Protesting Organ Transplants?

The link above describes another ingenious medical breakthrough originating from Israel which will dramatically improve the lives of all patients who have had any defective organs necessitating operational implants.

Anyone using this medical advancement beware as BDS will be protesting at your hospital bed and at your home during recovery and your work place when fully fit!!

Following the above, it is clear that BDS, if true to their objectives, can only be discredited if we exert continuous pressure exposing not only their nauseating antisemitism and hypocrisy but the damage and hurt they are causing to all those who are benefiting now and in future from Israeli know how in all fields, especially agriculture, science, medicine and technology.

In the last few weeks I raised the prospect of BDS protesting against various black African nations such as Cameroon and Mozambique both having employed Israeli companies to assist in increasing crop yields and water irrigation systems.

Paradoxically the UK Green Party’s one MP, Caroline Lucas, must be the most professionally incompetent and hypocritical MP – not only within the Greens but in totality.

Her constituency is Brighton where some years ago SodaStream the Israeli consumer products company had a shop employing some seven people and was forced to close after constant pressure from pro Palestinian protesters.

Caroline Lucas is rabidly obsessed with an anti Israeli agenda and put jobs in her constituency behind her warped political ideology. As reported here very recently, SodaStreams advance technology is being deployed globally to clean our oceans and the Green Party in the UK supported the closure of its retail premises.

Think not only of how many more job opportunities that would have been brought to the area where the shop was located but more importantly Caroline Lucas is fighting against one of the most ‘Greenest ‘ companies globally.

It is truly logic defying until you compare the way Green political parties have increased in popularity globally but not in the UK where they have had just the one Parliamentary candidate for the last twenty years – she and they are an embarrassment to the cause they supposedly represent.

More so they have remained absolutely silent on the destruction to the environment caused by the tyre burning Palestinians.

The UK Green Party are a useless, nauseating, bucn of anti-Israeli fascists.

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