OK, The Gig is On, Where Do We Go From Here?

Originally published: 2016-07-23 18:33:52

We Need to Take the Lead In What We Believe Instead of Being Told What to Believe

Films, as well as many paintings after the revolution, and nearly all our books have either minimal racial diversity in their content as well as portray blacks as slaves.

When you visit the National Archives (www.archive.org) enough times, you will discover you are being lied to and their services as well as their lives are being dishonored.

Where the proverbial ax head fell off the ax is well-known to many and they are doing something about it — but that ax head fell off more than a century ago which means there is a lot of inertia as well as false beliefs that need to be overcome.

I am not going to attempt to rewrite what they have already written but I will encourage you to start examining everything you believe about the history of our country.

However, that examination can’t really start without an examination of our beliefs as well as how we react to what others will say or accuse us about…

Allow me to make that personal…

However, that examination can’t really start without an examination of our your beliefs as well as how you react to what others will say or accuse you of…

This examination is not as daunting as you think as (1) change always appears daunting in the beginning and (2) we have more information available at our finger tips now than ever before– the volume of information on the internet doubles every 60 hours while the amount of NEW information doubles every 2 to 3 weeks.

Yet how many of us are still relying upon the 21 minutes of filtered news to provide us what that media channel wants us to believe., what our like-minded friends and Hollywood stars are saying on social media, whatever is convenient as well as jives with our feelings?

Again, allow me to make that personal…

Yet how many are you still relying upon the 21 minutes of filtered news to provide you what that media channel wants you to believe., what your like-minded friends and Hollywood stars are saying on social media, whatever is convenient as well as jives with you feelings?

Most if not everyone says they want world peace and you are probably in agreement with that — yet how many are are striving to debate (or even trying to learn to debate) topics that really matter most?

Are you one of the many that are willing to intimidate, bully, be intolerant of anyone or any idea that starts convicting you?

Conviction has the wrong association to it, it is positive word — it is a flag that says you are at a fork in the road and you have a decision to make… It is a turning point that plants seeds for your future… Question is: what soil are you planting them into and where are you planting them?

How you react, and there is nothing but a reaction to a conviction, is entirely up to you…

Do you…

  • humble yourself and look at this as building your character?
  • question the information and beliefs you already have?
  • become defensive and snap back at the person delivering the message?
  • not say anything and change the topic or move on?

There are many ways any of us will react — and your reaction is the seed of what you do next as well as the direction you will take yourself…

  • Attempt destroy the character of others (meanwhile destroying your own in the process)?
  • Build your own character through a learning process?
  • Become part of the problem and bring people down with you?
  • Become part of the solution and see who wants to rise with you?

We can’t learn and change our ways — you can’t learn and change your ways — while on the defensive, no matter WHAT feelings are dwelling inside us…

Does that mean you should ignore your feelings? Hardly! But they are a barometer as well as a door to change.

If your feelings are dominant – take. a. break…

No one, nothing is going to die save what you are focused upon changing…

What direction you go when that barometer heats up, when that door opens is entirely up to you…

And don’t think for a moment it doesn’t make a difference — we are where we are at today because We the People as a collective have failed ourselves in being true to ourselves.

And that means we have failed our family, our friends, our community, and yes even our country.

Because you are one of We the People — and permitting this all to continues can only be changed by We the People…

One at a time.

Set a standard to live by — pick 3 things you want to stop doing and 3 things you want to start doing that will place what you want to stop doiing.

Be accountable to yourself every night, and start fresh each day.

Or don’t…

But I really suggest for everyone to examine what each brings to the table — and do so without the news, without your family and friends feedback, without external forces at play like social media.

Many will say they have — and I will say most have done so without going through much of anything but the nightly news, so stop fooling yourselves.

You may discover the best candidate may not be the prime meal you are wanting, but where we have permitted ourselves to be lead for he past 50 years has brought us these choices.

To change our choices in the future, both yours as well as our children, We the People now need to take the lead in what we believe instead of being told what to believe.

Least we end up with even 2 worse choices in the next election.



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