by Peter A. Baum, originally published under the title ‘Op-Ed: Peter Baum – Things On My Mind, November 11th, 2018’ on 11-November-2018

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Lest We Forget

This last week – and certainly over the weekend – people, millions of people globally with decent human values, will be honouring the dead of 2 world wars either by marching and paying their respects to memorials of the fallen and/or staying silent for 2 minutes at 11.00 am Sunday, November 11th.

Mary Lou McDonald, the current leader of the Irish Republican party honoured the Nazi collaborator Sean Russell in Fairview Park in Dublin not too long ago.

The fact that Ireland still openly displays such memorials is in itself bewildering and nauseating and exposes not only their duplicitous and cowardly history pre-, during, and post-WWII but their sheer lack of respect and decency for all those who fought against Nazism which allowed a free Ireland to exist.

The Irish are mocking us all and displaying respect to the Republican Irish who so eagerly supported Germany’s Nazis. Leo Varadkar, the gay non-Aryan Taoseach, would have found himself in a concentration camp under the Nazis.

He should call for all such memorials to be destroyed and call out Mary Lou McDonald.

He will not because he is a coward so it is left to good people to respond in a silent but hopefully effective manner.

Therefore I suggest the following which as a result of previous posts by myself is gaining momentum and has been quietly successful.

Please as individuals campaign, support, and help with the following – BROIGASBoycott Republic Of Ireland Goods And Services – until the memorials are removed and Mary Lou McDonald apologises or resigns.

img cr: Irish Examiner

The U.S. Mid Terms

If one separates the media output from reality, the following analysis would be a fair summary of where we in the UK understand the current position.

The result is slightly more positive for Trump and the Republicans despite losing the majority in the House of Representatives than it is for the Democrats where the Senate-Republican differential increased.

Confirmation needs to be done but we understand it was historically the best Mid Term result for a sitting President in modern times.

The equity markets went immediately higher and that is always a positive sign of satisfaction for the current administration.

The Democrats, however, have a real issue in that no one candidate stood out as a Presidential challenger for the main elections in 2 years.

The problem for the Republicans, which paradoxically may work in their favour, is the future Democratic strategy.

I think now that the Democrats have a strong position in the House of Representatives, they will do 2 things – (1) frustrate the Republican agenda, and (2) continue their attempts to embarrass the President regarding the Russian collusion investigation.

The Republicans should concentrate on policy issues, and that will ensure DT does a second term.

Depressingly, I understand 2 rabid antisemitic Democrats are now within Congress, both women.

I shall be monitoring their statements and reporting accordingly.

HR: Democrats Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan will be the first Muslim women to serve in Congress. img credit:

BDS Problems / Israeli Initiatives & Arab Relationships

Israel / African Relations continue to expand and improve in all fields especially, agriculture, health, and technology.

Flushed with the success of exporting agricultural technology to both Cameroon and Mozambique just last month, Israel’s Government hosted the Foreign Affairs Minister of Ghana, Shirley Ayoshor last week and the Republic of Guinea established full diplomatic relations.

Next month Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to meet 4 African Nations and the new Minister of Tourism in Tunisia is a Jewish businessman Roni Trabesi… Israel -Tunisia rapprochement…

Watch this space.

BDS apoplexy is on an upward trajectory as all they have managed is stopping a chef from attending the oversold Tel Aviv food festival.

Following on from the quite incredible changes in Arab-Israel relations last month when no less than 4 Arab countries and 1 Islamic African country welcomed Israeli diplomats there has been rapid follow-up.

Following Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to Bahrain, Israeli Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz arrived in Oman and presented plans for a Trans-Regional Railway before many prominent Arab Ministers.

img cr: AFP / BBC News, Jerusalem

Bahrain has invited the Israeli Minister for Technology, Eli Cohen, to a prestigious event in Bahrain, The ‘Start-Up Nations Conference’.

Equally pleasing was Saudi Arabia’s proclamation that Palestinians would be banned from the Haj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.

Military sources also suggested that a private jet with Israeli diplomats arrived in Pakistan at the invitation of the new Prime Minister, the flamboyant ex-cricketer Inran Khan, who was previously married to Jemima Khan, the half-Jewish daughter of Jimmy Goldsmith.

All these recent stories have been completely ignored by mainstream media owing to their Israel positive connection.

The rapid change in Arab diplomacy towards Israel is staggering given their historically conservative and careful approach to any change let alone their previous animosity towards Israel.

By any standards, these recent events are politically staggering.

Israeli Technology Advances

An Israeli biotech company is poised to rid the world of AIDS.

Israel’s Zion Medical is to build a biotechnology plant after successful trials of its Gamorra treatment that eliminates HIV virus-infected cells.

BDS to protest to LGBT groups and their families if they dare consider using this Israeli treatment.


Israeli scientists discover a molecule that destroys brain cancer cells.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem can now treat glioblastoma, a very aggressive form of brain cancer.

BDS, meanwhile, is developing a strategy to expose brain cancer victims and protest against these people using this advanced technology to cure them [ link here ].

Board of Deputies of British Jews

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was the guest speaker at the Board of Deputies of British Jews annual dinner earlier this week which I attended.

What a polished performance he gave – eloquent and humorous – and had the audience in the palm of his hand.

How Mr. Khan has changed, making all the right noises to the Jewish community about antisemitism.

The same Mr. Khan, who in 2010, called the father of Umar Farouk Abdul-Mutallab a ”snitch” for telling the authorities that his son was about to commit mass murder by hiding a bomb in his underpants.

The event hosted many guest speakers and was particularly scathing of Jeremy Corbyn and the antisemitism facilitated by himself and his sycophants on the left of the Labour Party.

img cr: The Jewish Chronicle

At this function, I met 2 very unimpressive UK Labour Parliamentarians who were supposedly present as a show of support for the UK Jewish Community.

Lord Peter Hain and Emily Thornberry, were both intellectual lightweights and nauseating hypocrites gave their previous form on geopolitical issues.

Some colleagues boycotted the event knowing these two ”pro-Palestinian” ( read anti-Jewish State ) politicians were attending.

Iran and Yemen

Recent events are proving exceptionally unpalatable for the Iranian Mullahs.

Firstly, the Khashoggi affair which the Iranians believed would be a major political positive for them, has resulted in entirely the opposite effect.

Strategically the Iranians believed that the rather comical affair would drive Turkey into the loving warmth of the Russian, Syrian and Iranian bosom.

The reverse has happened as Turkey using diplomatic leverage, which is akin to blackmail has asked for and reluctantly been accepted back into the reluctant,n contemptuous arms of the Saudi-US axis.

Erdogan played it brilliantly, and Rouhani is left scratching his beard.

Students at the University of Tehran were presented with floor coverings of the Israeli and U.S. flags for them to step on.

A video showed ALL the students stepping over the mats.

Clearly, the students feel more contempt for their rulers than they do the Israelis and the USA.

Iranian-backed rebels, the Houthis, are losing their grip on Yemen to the point that it seems they will be defeated.

The port city of Hodeidah, under Houthi control since 2014, has come under intense bombardment from Saudi and UAE forces and the Houthis are being driven back.

The Iranian venture into Yemen has come at an enormous cost to Yemeni civilians and it is absurdly perplexing that the Western media has concentrated solely on Saudi’s activity and the need to stop supplying arms to Saudi.

Up to 445,000 people have fled Hodeidah city since June, according to the UN [EPA/Stringer] img cr:
Missing from reporting has been context, Iranian involvement, and political issues facing Iran for their colonialist engagement which domestically has been very unpopular and financially crippling.

Iran’s ability to negotiate has been considerably weakened as a consequence of the Saudi military gains.

Nine Iranians were found near death in a boat off the British coastline, Friday, November 10th.

Iran is economically, morally, religiously, legally, and politically a totalitarian state run by mad, Islamic fascists.

People are escaping by any means and Donald Trump has announced further crippling sanctions – good!!!

Medieval Pakistan

I reported last week on the 7 years of solitary confinement a Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi endured following an incident in 2009 when she was asked to fetch water while out working in the fields.

Muslim women objected to her ‘touching a water bowl’ and a local Imam claimed she insulted the prophet which she denied.

The inertia of the Western media, the lack of protests, and the barbaric penalty expose the cowardice of the west and the human indecency of Muslim Pakistan.

I trust Asia will be allowed to settle in either the U.S.A. or the U.K. and widely elaborates on her ordeal.

The western media and politicians should be ashamed of their cowardice, inertia, professional incompetence, intellectual bigotry, and lack of decency.

Politicians and journalists should be left to wallow in their own excrement.

Pakistan as a country is a medieval backwater ruled by religious bigots.

[Editor’s note: the latest on Asia Bibi at the time of publishing this post is the U.K. has refused her entry as they feared the Muslim immigrants would retaliate throughout the U.K. Italy, however, welcomes her with open arms archive , even offering protection from immigrants. Italy is in the process of deporting many of the immigrants that were permitted into the country under their previous President). Asia had applied to 5 countries, the other 3 have not been heard from at the time of this post being published, nor do we know which countries they are for reasons of security.]

UK Politics

Make no mistake, Her Majesty’s opposition Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn has attracted the vilest antisemites since the Nazi Party in Germany of the 1930s.

Corbyn nor his sycophants do not have the intellectual capacity nor the will to challenge the more extreme elements within their ranks and thus silence amounts to consent.

One of his inner circles, Kate Osamor, is so morally corrupt that she has just rewarded her son, caught red-handed with hard drugs with a street value of thousands of pounds, her Chief of Staff.

Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Kate Osamor (r) is a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn img cr: BBC News

Corbyn should sack both her and the useless individual who sprang from her loins.

She is one of these women black politicians who is vocal about supporting the Palestinians but has never voiced concern about subjects such as modern-day African slavery carried out by Islamists or the recent genocides in Africa.

In reality, she probably is unaware of both given her distinct lack of intellect and I truly am not writing to be offensive for the sake of it.

Hearing this woman interviewed led me to that conclusion.

At a private party, I had a 15-minute one-to-one with the incredibly impressive Jacob Rees-Mogg, a very senior Tory politician.

Keeping confidence is not one of my strengths but in this particular case, I shall refrain from giving anything away.

img cr:

Suffice it to say that Labour’s chances of winning an election under Jeremy Corbyn are close to zero as internal Labour conflict will never allow this to happen.

Added to this is a move by Labour moderates funded by the ex-Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and it seems likely that the current Labour Party will just be on the fringes of UK politics within the next year or so.


I am currently in Facebook jail, for what I know not.

As an alternative, I have been using, with spectacular lack of success, my Twitter account mainly on Israeli-Palestinian issues.

By far the vilest, ignorant, and antisemitic of content emanates not from Palestinians nor Arabs but from Southern Irish.

The ignorance of this demographic group is truly astounding but not as outstanding as their rabid hostility toward all things Israel.

I regularly challenge their knowledge and they just answer with vomit.

I regularly expose the genocide of the indigenous natives of North America mainly perpetrated by the Irish and then they block me.

However, this triggers a wider interest from those that are unaware of the Irish involvement and so the social media phenomenon permits a global comprehensive understanding of such atrocities that the Twitter Irish would rather keep hidden.

I hate it – but it is useful.

Find me on Facebook under Peter Baum, or on Twitter Rudah Rosmarin @baum_p


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