The false accusations are still be pumped around by the MSM — and too many (and as much fewer as they are) are listening to voices they have yet to vet nor question…

Doesn’t matter how old you are or how young you are, you can always learn if you have the ability to want to.

You don’t have to be smart to learn, you only need to be available to learn.

And embracing anger towards a man, or any person for that matter, by harboring yourself in hatred in your actions and words whilst also saying love trumps hate leaves only one question: just what the hell are you pretending not to know??

Serious question for you to reflect upon, there is no need to answer here..

Both the MSM and the believers of these false accusations are seeking comfort in the most fickle of all human traits – emotion.

Seriously, they are not asking questions beyond the leading and obvious, just pointing fingers and seeking out evidence to support their feelings which support their idealism.

That stance is a the most solid road map to unhappiness and lack of joy if there ever was one.

Build yourself a bridge and get over it.

Your idealism may be serving emotions well but from the shift happening globally, most are not agreeing with them.

Shift happens — either change with change or get left behind.

The only thing that doesn’t change is change.

If it raises the bar of the individual, then it is most likely good — if it promises to raise the bar of the collective, it won’t as it never has, ever.

Some of our best lessons in life were not based upon getting what we wanted emotionally — they were the hard knocks that made us question who we are, made us challenge who we are. Some of our worst disasters in life were based upon seeking evidence that supported our emotions…

Get yourself a pacifier if need be but the rest of us are tired of your whining!

Don’t get me wrong, we will let you whine – just don’t be surprised to see how many of us have developed and kept a distance from you in the interim.

Save for a few, no political candidate nor President, nor any other country leader for that matter, walked on water.

They all made mistakes and Trump will as well.

The problem with the whiners is they will look upon his mistakes as verifiable evidence to the accusations seeded by the Main Stream Media — and nothing could be further from the truth.

All the whiners will accomplish is a fallacy, and it’s called Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.

They might as well be saying because the rooster crows every morning, the sun rises — worse is they actually believe it and will seek more evidence to prove their point, ignoring any sense of discernment and wisdom at any level.

Most often it is content taken out of context – throw the context back in and the accusations fall flat on their faces.

What makes Trump unique is he does not have to rely upon nor cater to any political machine, he has elected to pursue a job (even without pay as well!) and he’s doing it damn well…

That broken tether of political party favoritism is enough proof we need more non-politicians and successful people running for office. The dependency of a professional politician to their political party is a tether that has become a huge liability in the past century and it is costing us dearly…

Term limits will help us get in this direction but the political machine as it is today will do what it can to jam whatever it can through their favorite candidates as well as hone future prospects — in other words, there would be a paradigm shift not a full transformation, and Trump has already proven transformation is EXACTLY what we need at all levels and in all ways…

Whine if you want, the rest of us will be moving on – catch up if you can, if you dare to make yourself available to learn…

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