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OK, not really new but the way we are going to manage them on our end is…

Decisive Liberty Endorsed Media

We maintain a list of Endorsed Media channels for content, podcasts, and videos — these channels have proven their worth to our audience as well as to us.

Today, we have started off with the following channels…

  • The Epoch Times (American Thought Leaders, DECLASSIFIED, Epoch News)
  • dnajlion7 (Daniel Lee)
  • In Pursuit of Truth
  • Mises Institute
  • PragerU
  • SGT Report
  • x22report

Channels Coming Up

We will be adding more in the coming days and weeks, like…

  • BlackPigeonSpeaks
  • CitizensInvestigativeReport
  • C-VINE News
  • DailyCaller
  • Hillsdale College
  • Judicial Watch
  • Mark Dice
  • Mr Reagan
  • Operation Freedom (Dr Dave Janda)
  • Pearson Sharp
  • Project Veritas
  • Simon Sinek
  • Stefan Molyneux
  • Tim Pool
  • Timcast
  • Tipping Point
  • U.N. Watch
  • Faith Goldy (Canada)
  • Tommy Robinson (UK)
  • The Glaznov Gang (Islam)

And MANY more!

The Videos We Post Will Arrive In our Daily Newsletter

We have just added these videos to be included in our daily newsletters as well — there could be as many as a dozen videos a day arriving to your inbox, making it plenty to choose from!

Reach Them from Our Menu

They have their own grouping on our top main menu – just click ‘Videos’ to see the latest we  have posted,

Or use the sub-menu to see what we have in your favorite channel (not too much right now but that will grow quickly!)…

NOTE: Both menus are from within the membership side of our website. The general public menu will look different but will have the ‘Videos’ link in the menu.

Listen to a Lot of Videos?

You can change the play rate on both Bit Chute and YouTube by clicking the gear at the lower right of the video.

Playback rates range from -0.25 to 2.00  the normal speed.

Most can listen to 1.50 or 1.75 quite easily, if not just slow it down a bit and work your way up.

At 1.75, a 20 minute video takes less than 12 minutes to view.

Your mind also retains more when the playback is higher as it has less chance to drift, and you are forced to pay attention.

We anticipate 6 to 18 videos a day to be shared daily – no one is going to be able to listen to them all, however you will now have a great selection to choose from on a daily basis without having to have chase them down!

To Be Added to Our Endorsed Media List

If you would like to have your content, podcasts and/or video channel(s) included in our listings and newsletters, contact us immediately by emailing us here and be sure to provide us your link, we will get back to your shortly – it is free and could help your reach!

To Have Your Favorite Channel Added

If you would like to have your favorite video channel added, note it in the comments below.

The more any one channel is requested, the more likely it will be added!


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Healing, Not Hatred

Yet another speech by President Trump that is being blocked by Jack Dorsey.

This is one of more than 260 videos on our Bitchute account that have received 390,000+ views - our bitchute account is now 1200+ members strong.

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