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The following article, Lori Lightfoot deletes tweet detailing plan to curb crime by imposing curfew on minors, was first published on BizPac Review. In another... continue
21-May-22 18:05
by Kevin Haggerty
The following article, Mother whose teen son relies on formula rips politicians: ‘Is anybody in Congress not eating for 90 days?’, was first published on... continue
21-May-22 18:05
by Ashley Hill
How can it be that in the most civilized and industrialized, highly educated country at the head of government is an octogenarian who is cognitively... continue
21-May-22 18:05
America Out Loud
by Rob and Andrew
Early voting in Georgia broke records this week despite last year’s adoption of election integrity measures that critics derided as “voter suppression” and President Joe... continue
21-May-22 18:05
The Epoch Times US
by Tom Ozimek
Today, the government in Washington, DC, claims powers that its powers are numerous and indefinite, and it is the states which have limited powers. Recent... continue
21-May-22 18:05
America Out Loud
by Paul Engel
The following article, NYC schools teaching kids their ‘AOCs’ with book that idolizes ‘Squad’, mocks McConnell, was first published on BizPac Review. A New York... continue
21-May-22 18:05
by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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The Paper Trail Proves COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Manipulation

Dr. David Martin discusses with Ben Swann the irrefutable paper trail that shows C0R0NAVlRUS was manipulated by DARPA, the NIH, and Chinese Labs.

Nothing in this report is 'theory', it is all documented fact

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