Meet the LeBARON Family – Wrong Target By The Mexican Cartel?

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Work compiled by Alice Liu

Meet the LeBARON family.

A family of SERIAL KILLERS who

  • hunted down RIVALS and DISOBEDIENT members
  • sent their daughters to the NXIVM CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING CULT, and
  • lived in a compound founded by MITT ROMNEY’s family

The latest gruesome murder of women and children was supposedly covered up by MEXICAN CARTELS when they realized they had gotten the wrong target…

At least, that’s the #FakeNews media spin.

Since when do Mexican Cartels cover up their crimes?

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What did NXIVM Want in Meixco?

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Healing, Not Hatred

Yet another speech by President Trump that is being blocked by Jack Dorsey.

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One thought on “Meet the LeBARON Family – Wrong Target By The Mexican Cartel?

  • Webmaster, Decisive Liberty
    Fri, 8-Nov-2019 at 6:30 AM

    via Thomas Caparell on Facebook
    November 6

    Edited for grammar and language

    I know you folks heard about the murdered family in Mexico.

    One of ladies was Maggie Nix (Rhonita Miller), who was raped by then Senator Barack Obama — Maggie started being raped by Barry when she was 9 or 10 yrs old.

    Was she killed to hide the evils of Obama, Biden, McCain, and the list goes on?

    These people are sick – they not only rape and torture kids, they will wipe out whole families to hide perversions.

    Obama is not filing a defamation lawsuit because he is a pedo.

    Let’s say Obama did sue now – the so called victim gets on the stand to defend her allegations and says she can hidden identify markings and a hidden birth mark.

    At that point, Obama would have to show his junk to the officer of the court.

    If the markings are there, well it is all over.

    Most likely, that’s why he does not file a defamation lawsuit.

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