Why You Need to Make Your Adversary Your Blessing

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Why Life Doesn’t Happen to Us

I’m not the one for salty language and truthfully better words can always be chosen – however that preference does NOT stop a message from getting through.

As a Christian, and in Thessalonians, we are told to be thankful for everything we have and experience.

That threw me for a while as I couldn’t figure out why I should be blessing anyone willingly and wanting to cause pain.

It occurred to me one night during some of my studying that the worst around us, the attacks around us can be used as a reminder of the blessings we have now.

With that reminder comes a thankfulness, such as being…

  • thankful for idiots as they remind us that we were there at one time or another as well as reminds us how much we have learned,
  • thankful for those with whom we disagree as they give us something upon which to sharpen out wits and the possible opportunity to mentor if they make themselves available to learn,
  • thankful for those that are critical as it brings our convictions to the surface where we choose to either be defensive or give into them to learn something about ourselves
  • thankful for those that have made themselves unavailable to learn as it reminds us to keep ourselves available to learn

It also means you have an opportunity to practice compassion and lend a hand up to assist in helping them raise themselves and the bar around them — and avoiding giving them a hand out as we would only help at keeping them where they are at and most likely lowering the bar around them.

Finally that also means as long as you are remaining available to learn then they, then those that are cursing us, harming us, critical of us, must be willing to change: they must be willing to make themselves available to learn.

If they don’t, then don’t want to make yourself available to them — yet all that is still a blessing of which you have given yourself, and of which they have deprived themselves.

As long as you have kept yourself available to learn, they are still a blessing in your life as they have reminded you how much you have learned over them, and how much prayer they still really need.

Just walk away from them as your work with them is done — until they have shown otherwise.

Something else happens when you start realizing they are blessings in your life, I’ll let Tony share that great part…


Bonus videos

A couple of other valuable videos from which to learn…
I love Chris Walkens when he starts telling a story as he has mastered this skill. His message here is much about everything that is happening now, though I am quite sure at the time this was recorded that wasn’t the intent…

And I don’t where this guy came from but I would love to see what his work is like…

Lessons from Job

When your adversary creates you harm – name it, claim it, advise and warn Satan of your awareness, and hand it over to God.

God ALWAYS provides a seven FOLD return (not seven times, seven FOLD) for anything your enemy destroys or takes of yours – no matter what that enemy claims they have on you.

If they curse you out and/or deny all this, like Job, the return will be MUCH more than the 7 fold – almost makes you want them to curse you out and/or deny all this. 🙂

It is also why so many who are inflected by their enemies land on their feet and profit from the experience – like President Trump, Vice President Pence, and many others in this administration.

One will put a thousand to flight, two then thousand – however, 3 or more form triple braided cord an unbreakable cord. Always good to have a prayer partner, then make God your third.

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