Liberty is Being Challenged at All Levels – Seen and Unseen – via the Internet

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Liberty is being challenged at all levels — especially from the internet…

One of the more popular comebacks by the left lately, at least at this end, is ‘All that information on the internet and still can’t get his (her) facts right’.

Actually, it is a comeback by both sides of the political fence and it hardly breeds any integrity of the author when it is coming out of the side of their mouth…

I’m quite sure most here know the internet is NOT a fact bin — it is more like a digital National Enquirer with the best – and factual – information hidden right in front of most. And like any worthy treasure, it take some digging and discovery to gain.

Vetting information used to be a requirement, or at least expected, it was proactive – now, in too many situations, that only happens after the embarrassment level spikes a need for verification, which is usually followed by spin at various if not as many levels as possible – it is in too many cases a reaction.

A few of us strive for verifiable facts and are willing to admit our errors when all is said and done — as for the others, you already know THAT story…

The internet does have its excellent sources and resources, and these resources are prone to make mistakes as well – if it is human, or even a computer, it will make mistakes.


uh – yeah! They are programmed by resources that make mistakes, remember? They don’t correct themselves, they just do what they are programmed to do…

But unlike most these excellent resources don’t spin anything, they are up front and take full accountability and responsibility for their mistakes.

They are humble about it, not a proud peacock about it.

They are the sources to follow – and as Reagan so adequately out it, when it comes to resources “Trust, but verify.”

Some facts about the web most do not know…

The Three Webs

What we know as ‘www’ (World Wide Web) is only a small fraction of the entire web – this is the public web, there is also the Dark Web and the Deep Web.

First, in the publicly known web, the amount of content on the internet doubles every 48 hours. I said ‘content’, which means there are duplicates, factual, fiction (lies), original as well as non-original content being uploaded and/or posted.

The other side of that coin is this: The amount of original content being uploaded to the internet doubles as well..


Something else to throw your day a bit: In those 2 days of total content, that amount is equal to all content / information created from the dawn of man up to the year 2003…

2 days to double the total volume of the internet compared to 12 hours to double all original content on the internet…

You do the math and your own assessment from here on how much junk and duplication of junk as well as original there is out there, uhm… I mean here…

And don’t worry about the amount of original content and information outpacing the total one day — we are human, most like to embellish, lie, tell stories…

When was the last time you heard a ‘secret’ about someone that turned out to be true instead of finding out later it was say out whack?

Secondly, only about 5% of the entire internet is searchable by Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Gibiru, any public search engine…

Paid engines like Lexus-Nexus don’t expand that very much either, they just make valuable information available for a fee.

There are two ‘other webs’ most are not familiar with or even know about: the Dark Web and the Deep Web.

Let’s start off by saying the Dark Web is part of the Deep Web and not the other way around.

Dark Web? Does the term dark alley ring a bell? Much the same…

Anything with dark in its name is almost guaranteed to be something you want to stay away from…

Or do we?

It’s much like letting any mafia, unfriendly, enemy of state to operate without any impunity, isn’t it?

For the most part, and truthfully, the general public does NOT want to be in the Dark Web — it is like sitting at a poker table with the mafia and pretending you are one of them.

And just like the schmuck that tries something very stupid like that, if you arrive on the Dark Web and make ONE mistake, and it only takes one, you will be singled out and taken down for everything you have on your computer, your accounts, your bank and anything else that has your electronic signature to it.

Just ask and Ashley Madison about the effects of the Dark Web — those there could not care less who you are, just what you have for information and how it can be used to their own monetary advantage, period.


The Deep Web includes the Dark Web, as well as emails, databases, applications, and now, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT)…

And this is where it gets scary as the IoT is growing faster than anything else mankind has invented.

IoT is meant to control and/or monitor anything that it is attached to, or not.

Your appliances, your car (which already has up to 100 computers in it depending our your model), your house… Your security…

Unintended Consequences Can Bring Collateral Damage

Stop a minute — and think.

A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G can be controlled and / or monitored by IoT, whether it is attached to it or not to its intended target.

Now think even bigger., like those who hate freedom and liberty…

Muslim Brotherhood…
Saudi Arabia…
The U.N…
North Korea…
Yes, even the European Union…

Sidebar: Drone technology is part of this and for the most part is why using drones are always messy — human contact is required for surgical and very concise take downs that will avoid collateral damage that puts a black eye on such messes. They provide great reconnaissance, but nothing has nor will ever beat human interaction at any level. Discernment and wisdom needed for much of anything never mind covert operations cannot be programmed nor even learned by artificial intelligence as it is something Providence provided only to mankind. men and women alike. Some choose to tune into their discernment and wisdom better than others…

When it comes to knowledge, it always falls into 1 of 4 categories…

  • The knowledge we know we know
  • The knowledge know we don’t know
  • The knowledge don’t know we know, and/li>
  • The knowledge we don’t we don’t know…

Why Obama Wants ICANN

So why this post?

If the public internet is double every 2 days,

with original content doubling every 12 hours…

Just what is the Dark Web as well as the Deep Web doing?

Where is it going?

What influences are now being made that we don’t know about?

What don’t we know that we don’t know that we need to know – now?

And just what can ICANN do for everyone?

Truthfully, Not much…

Which is why ICANN having full say on this is such a stupid and damaging idea and Obama knows it – he is a MASTER at the Alinsky Rules as well as the Coward-Piven Strategy and will use every means he can to infiltrate both into every vertical he can to damage our country, including the internet.




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Our Pledge

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So help us God.

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