Liberty and Why We Do What We Do, Home and Abroad

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What is hardest for anyone not born in the United States is our pension for liberty.

Many, both Americans as well as foreigners, will argue we are in territories in which we do not belong — while yet it was the people and their threat of losing liberty that invited us there.

How does a people of any country that basically cannot defend themselves become a focus of the United States?

Again, liberty — if what little they have is being taken from them or is under a threat of such, then liberty must be preserved.

History has prove time and time again, any liberty, once lost, is lost forever…

In case you have not read Thomas Paine, or even worse do not know who he is, he captured the essence of maintaining liberty in a quote of his during the formation of our country, when they hadn’t a clue if the country they were forming would make it into the next century never mind become a world power:

Anyone that would make his own liberty secure,
must guard even his enemy from oppression;
for if he violates this duty,
he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.

For most conflicts, we have been invited by formal invitation or by witnessing the threat of the people by its government failing at all levels to protect their people, whether intentional, or not…

The world is a big place and the United States is the only country that has provided this protection of liberty, even when we include our previous mother country England.

So, should we sit and watch what is happening in foreign lands?

Or should we protect the people so to preserver their liberty?

For if it is the latter, then the United States is defending its own liberty

And if it is the former, then the United States will lose its liberty…

Be belligerent if you want, but it is that very liberty that permits you to be very intelligent… or very belligerent… After all, it will be your own children that will discover one day that your generation accepted the defense of their liberty… or denied it to live and permitted it to be lost… forever…

Liberty, once lost, is lost forever — and that is not why Christ came to save us…


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