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Last updated 21-August-2020 (updates preface original blog)

21-August-2020: Plandemic Documentary Series

The Official Account for the Plandemic Documentary Series is now on Bitchute – safely in the hands of Citizen Journalists.

The following are the videos they have available at the time of this update – clicking on the image will open a new tab and will start the video.









19-August-2020: Mask Wearing From the Perspective of an Environmental Health and Safety Expert

In our updates below, we have shared information and reports concerning mask use – this 1-hour video drills down into much deeper by a 20+ year environmental health and safety expert.

Dr Benjamin Lynch is a Naturopathic Physician who has been researching the issues concerning the beliefs – true and false – behind the wearing of masks.

CDC has ALREADY established in a report published on May 20th, 2020, that masks are ineffective with the influenza virus, which is 1000x larger than the COVID-19 virus.

But politicians – especially Leftist politicians – are playing a power game as well as attempting to create a fake situation that requires a fake government intervention – the same tactic and strategy pulled by EVERY Socialistic regime since the Bolshevik Revolution.

Tammy Clark is an OSHA expert with more than 20 years background in environmental health and safety – a lot of which includes the safe use of masks of all sorts at all levels, from the cloth most are using for “protection” to the full-face, biohazard suit required masks…

This video is added to our continuous post on COVID-19, which has covered this fiasco since March – covering the financial gains some are getting out of all this as well as the politics games the Left is playing to fear monger as many as they can into a fake government intervention that is hardly required in reality. If you read Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals, the Cloward-Piven strategy, The Naked Communist, and/or The Communist Manifesto (which was mirrored into the U.N. Mission Manifesto!) they you are already aware of much of what is going on. If you haven’t, what’s stopping you from getting started?

Dr. Benjamin Lynch’s website is Seeking Health

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09-August-2020: HCQ Studies Prove the MSM and Social Media Narratives Are NOT Concerned With Your Health

22-August -2005 : NCBI / NIH
Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread – Martin J Vincent, Eric Bergeron, Suzanne Benjannet, Bobbie R Erickson, Pierre E Rollin, Thomas G Ksiazek, Nabil G Seidah, and Stuart T Nichol [archive]

January to 20-April-2020 : 3.0 HCQ Lit-PD-HGS77X2-DC79 – Google Documents
Sequential CQ / HCQ Research Papers and Reports [archive]

20-May-2020 : Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research
Covid-19—The real role of NSAIDs in Italy – Laura de Girolamo, Giuseppe M. Peretti, Nicola Maffulli & Anna T. Brini [archive]

22-May-2020 : MedRxiv
Multifocal transient cortical brain lesions: a consistent MRI finding in neuro-COVID-19 patients – Nicoletta Anzalone, Antonella Castellano, Roberta Scotti, Anna Mara Scandroglio, Massimo Filippi, Fabio Ciceri, Moreno Tresoldi, Andrea Falini [archive]

23-May-2020 : Thailand Medical News
Italian Researchers Discover Brain Lesions On COVID-19 Patients [archive]

06-June-2020 : Science Direct – New Microbes and New Infections
Clinical Efficacy of Chloroquine derivatives in COVID-19 Infection: Comparative meta-analysis between the Big data and the real world – Matthieu Million, Philippe Gautret, Philippe Colson, Yanis Roussel, Gregory Dubourg, Eric Chabriere, Stéphane Honore, Jean-Marc Rolain, Florence Fenollar, Pierre-Edouard Fournier, Jean-Christophe Lagier, PhilippeParola, Philippe Brouqui, Didier Raoult [archive]

08-June-2020 : TheLancet Infections Diseases
Pulmonary post-mortem findings in a series of COVID-19 cases from northern Italy: a two-centre descriptive study – Luca Carsana, MD Aurelio Sonzogni, MD Ahmed Nasr, MD Roberta Simona Rossi, MD Alessandro Pellegrinelli, MD Pietro Zerbi, MD Roberto Rech, MD Riccardo Colombo, MD Prof Spinello Antinori, MD Mario Corbellino, MD Prof Massimo Galli, MD Emanuele Catena, MD Antonella Tosoni, BSc Andrea Gianatti, MD Prof Manuela Nebuloni, MD [archive]

03-Jul-2020 :
Scholz, M.; Derwand, R.; Zelenko, V. COVID-19 Outpatients – Early Risk-Stratified Treatment with Zinc Plus Low Dose Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin: A Retrospective Case Series Study. Preprints 2020, 2020070025 (doi: 10.20944/preprints202007.0025.v1) [archive]

July-August 2020 : Science Direct – Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease
Outcomes of 3,737 COVID-19 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin and other regimens in Marseille, France: A retrospective analysis — Author links open overlay panel — Jean-Christophe Lagier, Matthieu Million, Philippe Gautret, PhilippeColson, Sébastien Cortaredona, Audrey Giraud-Gatineauac, Stéphane Honoré, Jean-Yves Gauberth, Pierre-Edouard Fournier, Hervé Tissot-Dupont, Eric Chabrière, Andreas Stein, Jean-Claude Deharo, Florence Fenollar, Jean-Marc Rolain, Yolande Obadia, Alexis Jacquier, Bernard La Scolaab…Christine Zandotti (Elsevier) [archive]

01-August-2020 : International Journal for Infectious Diseases
Treatment with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and combination in patients hospitalized with COVID-19 — Samia Arshad, Paul Kilgore, Zohra S. Chaudhry, Gordon Jacobsen, Dee Dee Wang, Kylie Huitsing, Indira Brar, George J. Alangaden, Mayur S. Ramesh, John E. McKinnon. William O’Neill, Marcus Zervos, Henry Ford, COVID-19 Task Force (Elsevier) [archive]

Buying HCQ Online – Click here for a DuckDuckGo Search on HCQ

America’s Frontline Doctors are NOT the only medical group pushing back on the narrative…
09-August-2020 : Spanish and German Doctor Groups Team Up for International Investigation of CV ‘Scam’ [VIDEO] – [archive}

29-July-2020: Silenced Frontline Doctors Challenge Big Tech via A 2nd Capitol Hill Press Conference

All rights belong to

America’s Frontline Doctors came back hard at Facebook, twitter, and YouTube for their censorship of their press conference yesterday as well as continued their education on HCQ.

The ending of the video provides a great example of Liberal ‘tolerance’…

The need to control the narrative by FB, Twr, and YouTube has become VERY apparent with EACH their actions as of late – time to rescind their Section 203 protection.

Their website ( is currently down as so many visited their site, it crashed. They are working on restoring as well as building their server for high-volumes of traffic.

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28-July-2020: Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference

From [ link archive ] – all rights belong to

Facebook has removed a video posted by Breitbart News earlier today, which was the top-performing Facebook post in the world Monday afternoon, of a press conference in D.C. held by the group America’s Frontline Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots. The press conference featured Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and frontline doctors sharing their views and opinions on coronavirus and the medical response to the pandemic. YouTube (which is owned by Google) and Twitter subsequently removed footage of the press conference as well.
Video Source: Matt Perdie
The video accumulated over 17 million views during the eight hours it was hosted on Facebook, with over 185,000 concurrent viewers.
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The livestream had accumulated over 17 million views by the time of its censorship by Facebook.

In terms of viral velocity, the post was beating content from many other prominent accounts on Facebook today, including Hillary Clinton, Rev. Franklin Graham, and Kim Kardashian.

Over 185,000 viewers were concurrently watching the stream when it aired live Monday afternoon.

The event, hosted by the organization America’s Frontline Doctors, a group founded by Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified physician and attorney, and made up of medical doctors, came together to address what the group calls a “massive disinformation campaign” about the coronavirus. Norman also spoke at the event.

“If Americans continue to let so-called experts and media personalities make their decisions, the great American experiment of a Constitutional Republic with Representative Democracy, will cease,” reads the event’s information page.

The event was organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots.

“We’ve removed this video for sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19,” a Facebook company spokesman, Andy Stone, told Breitbart News. The company did not specify what portion of the video it ruled to be “false information,” who it consulted to make that ruling, and on what basis it was made.

Stone replied to New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose on Twitter regarding the video [ link archive ]:


Stone then added that the platform would direct users who had interacted with the post to information on “myths debunked by the WHO.” [ link archive ]


Facebook’s decision to censor the livestream was quickly followed by YouTube, the Google-owned video-sharing platform. The video had over 80,000 views on YouTube prior to its removal.

Following Facebook and YouTube’s removal of the video, Twitter followed suit, removing Breitbart News’s Periscope livestream of the press conference. Jack Dorsey’s platform also then limited the Breitbart News official account, indicating that tweets containing links to multiple stories about the press conference violate the platform’s COVID-19 policies.


From the Ingraham Angle – Wednesday, 15-Jul-2020 with guests
Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota family physician as well as a Minnesota State Senator
Dr. Ramin Oskoui, MD and CEO of Foxhole Cardiology
As we have noted earlier, and now as doctors are sharing on national news, in May 2020 the CDC noted that masks are ineffective for the influenza virus)…
Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids. There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.” (src:
Your store bought or homemade mask is ineffective as are any mask covering the nose and lower portion of your face.
The concern is the size of of the influenza virus, that being 80-130 microns.
Now, the science community has already – or believe they have – established that the COVID-19 can be spread through droplets from our breath as well as coughing and sneezing. The size of these droplets? 0.10 – 10 microns (8 to 1300 times SMALLER than the influenza virus)
The size of COVID-19 virus? 0.08-0.14 microns – 129 to 928 times SMALLER than the influenza virus.
Besides size, how COVID-19 spreads has been fully established and it is not through aersolization (breathing, sneezing, and/or coughing).
Doctors have established this virus spreads more like a polio or noravirus, either of which you get by
– having direct contact with an infected person
– consuming contaminated food or water
– touching contaminated surfaces then putting your unwashed hands in your mouth
In effect, being overly cautious about hand washing is WAY more effective than ANY mask with influenza as well as COVID-19.
Laura and the doctors go into more detail and their reasoning in this video (6m29s).
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13-July-2020: THREE UPDATES…
(1) Per the CDC, masks are ineffective for the influenza virus – that information, researching for the size of the influenza virus, we discover it can be 80-130 microns in size.
The size of human breath droplets? 0.10 – 10 microns
The size of COVID-19 virus 0.08-0.14 microns
Most masks are as effective as a chain link fence against mosquitoes when it comes to influenza and COVID-19 – whether this is true for other viruses, you will need to find out what size the virus becomes.
To properly stop COVID-19 from entering (or leaving) your system, you will need a mask that can stop any particle 0.05 microns or larger, such as the one pictured, all to stop a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate…
img cr: Elliot Alderson, Pixaby
Anyone still thinking this isn’t an information warfare as well as political warfare?
(2) TRUEPUNDIT EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped negotiate who would score a $100 Billion government-backed contact tracing contract in August 2019 — six months before the ‘pandemic’ arrived in the United States and four months before it swept through China. (podcast available). The shocking revelations were unveiled on the Thomas Paine Podcast and the Moore Paine Show on Patreon by the two investigators who blew the whistle on the massive Clinton Foundation tax fraud during a Congressional hearing in 2018. John Moynihan and Larry Doyle testified in Congress, detailing the fraud and schemes utilized by the Clinton’s to avoid paying up to $2.5 BILLION in federal taxes. The investigative duo, in their first interview since that bombshell Congressional testimony, revealed to Paine that… click here to continue reading
The size of a pore in a standard mask is approximately 1.29 mm…
1000 microns = 1 mm
The size of an Influenza virus is 80 to 130 microns and masks have a much bigger void between threads as well as layers, how much will depend on the manufacturer of the mask…
The size of a COVID-19 virus is 0.06 to 0.14 microns – the size of droplets produced by health people is between 0.1 and 10 microns
If the CDC indicates that masks are ineffective for influenza, how can they be effective for something 928 to 1333 times smaller?
“In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20; I2 = 30%, p = 0.25) (Figure 2). One study evaluated the use of masks among pilgrims from Australia during the Hajj pilgrimage and reported no major difference in the risk for laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infection in the control or mask group (33). Two studies in university settings assessed the effectiveness of face masks for primary protection by monitoring the incidence of laboratory-confirmed influenza among student hall residents for 5 months (9,10). The overall reduction in ILI or laboratory-confirmed influenza cases in the face mask group was not significant in either studies (9,10). Study designs in the 7 household studies were slightly different: 1 study provided face masks and P2 respirators for household contacts only (34), another study evaluated face mask use as a source control for infected persons only (35), and the remaining studies provided masks for the infected persons as well as their close contacts (1113,15,17). None of the household studies reported a significant reduction in secondary laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the face mask group (1113,15,17,34,35). Most studies were underpowered because of limited sample size, and some studies also reported suboptimal adherence in the face mask group.
“Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids (36). There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.
“We did not consider the use of respirators in the community. Respirators are tight-fitting masks that can protect the wearer from fine particles (37) and should provide better protection against influenza virus exposures when properly worn because of higher filtration efficiency. However, respirators, such as N95 and P2 masks, work best when they are fit-tested, and these masks will be in limited supply during the next pandemic. These specialist devices should be reserved for use in healthcare settings or in special subpopulations such as immunocompromised persons in the community, first responders, and those performing other critical community functions, as supplies permit.
“In lower-income settings, it is more likely that reusable cloth masks will be used rather than disposable medical masks because of cost and availability (38). There are still few uncertainties in the practice of face mask use, such as who should wear the mask and how long it should be used for. In theory, transmission should be reduced the most if both infected members and other contacts wear masks, but compliance in uninfected close contacts could be a problem (12,34). Proper use of face masks is essential because improper use might increase the risk for transmission (39). Thus, education on the proper use and disposal of used face masks, including hand hygiene, is also needed.”

26-May-2020: FOUR UPDATES…
(1) CDC Recount Resulting in EXTREMELY LOW Mortality Rates from COVID-19 – Most Red States have opened for the Memorial Day weekend while the Blue States not only remained closed but threatened anyone’s Liberty if they do so much as step outside in many cases.
Given how weak the coronavirus is as well as the heavy political hype that surrounded this whole thing, eventually everything was going to have to come to a head. Sooner or later, the REAL numbers are going to be desired, and the CDC has been seeking just that – whilst the MSM keeps pretending that there is a political mass hysteria that just needs to be maintained. An Op-Ed by Daniel Horowitz on The Blaze…
The CDC just came out with a report [ archive ] that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public.
For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26%.
Officials estimate a 0.4% fatality rate among those who are symptomatic and project a 35% rate of asymptomatic cases among those infected, which drops the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to just 0.26% — almost exactly where Stanford researchers pegged it a month ago [ archive ].

click the above image to view enlarged…
(2) The Numbers Are Only Falling in States That Have Opened – The Dems held fast while the Red States have opened up – and guess what is happening? Brian Cates thread on twitter – @drawandstrike – adds more details and evidence to this truth (his thread is setup here for scrolling)…
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[ archive ]

(3) Hydroxychloroquine Is Noted As Safe and an Essential Drug by WHO in Wikipedia – Hydroxychloroquine was created 65 years ago, is noted as safe and an essential drug by WHO in Wikipedia even though they have recently come out saying there are ‘safety concerns’ concerning the drug. One has to wonder WHOSE safety they are concerned about – that of their investors who stand to lose $500 Million because the pandemic did not pan out? Or those who actually have something they believe is COVID-19??
HCQ is listed as a DMARD under ‘Medicines for diseases of joints’ section, the last section of this Wikipedia page [ archive ], of which the link provides clear evidence that the drug is safe for use except for those with rare cases [link and archive ].
(4) HIGHWIRE BOMBSHELL – The NIH Knew About Chloroquine – Fauci has been at the NIH since the 1980’s – so what is Fauci hiding? Del Bigtree walks us through the events that occurred this year but then discovered something that happened more than 30 years ago that should have President Trump calling Fauci to the carpet.
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The details in the timeline Del Bigtree exposes…


17 – USA Today – Top disease official: Risk of coronavirus in USA is ‘minuscule’; skip mask and wash hands [archive] – that too disease official? Fauci…

25 – French Doctor Didier Raoult on The Use of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19 [archive]- Didier is noted as saying HCQ was VERY effective against COVID-19 and that COVID-19, as a respiratory virus, was a very weak virus.

MARCH 2020
05 – Cuomo prevents doctors from subscribing HCQ
08/09 – Fauci declares COVID-19 is “very serious”
16 – Social distancing has been advised by the Coronavirus Task Force (Fauci and Brix)
18 – Lock down
20 – President Trump finally gets the FDA to approve “compassionate use” of HCQ after fighting with them to use the drug in the first place
30 – Dr. Zelenko notes he has had “Success with Treating Hundreds Duccessfully with HCQ” [archive]

APRIL 2020
09 – Fauci begins his own study HCQ [archive] – Really? Where was he since February?? and before???


Fauci had been working at the NIH since the 1980’s. In 2005, he helped funded a study that discovered chloroquine is an inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus infection and spread. [archive]


06-May-2020: – renamed the title from Why HOW and Their Pandemic Is a Biological Attack as more evidence has surfaced concerning the repercussions that Fauci placed Dr. Mikivitz through for her not going with the agenda and narrative of the Establishment. Fauci has President Trump has also come under the scrutiny of President Trump as more of Fauci’s ill-gained positioning has become public.

22-April-2020: – renamed the title from “Why WHO and Their Pandemic Call is Creating Fake News” – sufficient evidence has surfaced globally that the Gates Foundation, WHO, the CDC and several other persons and organizations knowingly concocted a pandemic situation that would otherwise save Gates and Soros from losing an investment of nearly half-a-billion dollars.

Aerosol and Surface Distribution of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 in Hospital Wards, Wuhan, China, 2020 [archive]
To determine distribution of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 in hospital wards in Wuhan, China, we tested air and surface samples.
Contamination was greater in intensive care units than general wards.
Virus was widely distributed on floors, computer mice, trash cans, and sickbed handrails and was detected in air ≈4 m from patients.

Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)[archive as of April 20th, 2020]
Note: Provisional death counts are based on death certificate data received and coded by the National Center for Health Statistics as of April 22, 2020.
Death counts are delayed and may differ from other published sources (see Technical Notes).
Counts will be updated periodically.
Additional information will be added to this site as available.
This page has daily updates of national provisional counts for deaths involving COVID-19 in the United States by week, by age, by sex, by place of death and by jurisdiction of residence.
For weekly state-specific updates by demographic and geographic characteristics, including race and Hispanic origin, visit our Weekly Updates page.

Emergency use ICD codes for COVID-19 disease outbreak [archive]
This document provides instructions for coding and certification of deaths due to COVID-19.
The instructions align with the WHO definition of deaths caused by COVID-19 and ICD, and ensure feasibility in all settings.

13-Mar-2020: COVID-19 Isn’t As Deadly As We Think [archive] – SLATE (they are like a clock – right twice a day, this is one of them)
Don’t hoard toilet paper, masks, nor food, instead figure out how to help seniors and the immunosuppressed stay healthy.

12-Mar-2020: corrections made due to ignorance; updated and added links to new graphs; started adding links to relevant posts in other platforms to the comments
‘Don’t panic’ says US woman who recovered from coronavirus [archive] – A recommendation from a woman in Seattle all should heed
2009 Swine-Flu Death Toll 10 Times Higher Than Thought [archive] – A post on perspective on this virus versus other diseases


COVID-19 – To Be, or Not to Be

Meanwhile, keep those hands clean and away from your face – from what we have been seeing and reading, COVID-19 is being WAY OVER PLAYED by the media, by the CDC, and by WHO – and by others as well.

From what we have seen on social media, there is a scare about dying from COVID-19 that is spreading just as quickly as the disease itself.

Here is a chart to bring a perspective into what is REALLY going on right now when it comes to the deaths from diseases and how they compare to each other, like the seasonal flu many seem to get every year…

click the image to view a range of charts including how contagious and deadly covid-19 can be…

If you want to know why everyone is so hyped up about COVID-19, you need to remember the more you hear something the more you are likely to believe it is true…

So let’s compare the mentions of COVID-19 to

SARS – 56.2M
HIV – 40M
MERS – 23.2M
Ebola – 11.1M
Malaria – 5.9M
Pneumonia – 5.0M
Tuberculosis – 2.9M
Measles – 2.0M

for a GRAND TOTAL of 146.3 million mentions – or only 13.3% of the number of mentions of COVID-19, meaning that COVID-19 is being mentioned 15 times COVID-19 for any 2 times any of the previous diseases were and are being mentioned.

This chart gives some perspective of all this…

click the image for a larger view, click here to see the original charts

You need to remember: what you keep on hearing, you end up believing…

Qualify those to whom you listen.

It is the content of the message by the MSM, WHO, CDC, and others that is causing the panic over a pandemic that literally weaker than the seasonal flu…

click the image for a larger view…

Before the propaganda to give babies who-knows-how-many inoculations (some have said it is above 70), whenever a child was discovered to have the measles mothers gathered their kids and headed to the home of the infected child.


Natural immunities – they also knew how to practice wisdom (you wouldn’t do such if your child had a compromised immune system).

Wisdom is something caught, not taught – and lately more are catching communicable diseases than they are wisdom, but that’s a story for another post.

There is no way – even in China – has COVID-19 reached the pandemic levels WHO is declaring.

We struck out the above sentence as it is false, and here’s why…

Here is Merriam-Webster’s definition for pandemic…

pandemic adjective pan·​dem·​ic | \ pan-ˈde-mik \

Definition of pandemic

: occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population
The 1918 flu was pandemic and claimed millions of lives.

pandemic noun pan·​dem·​ic | \ pan-ˈde-mik \

Definition of pandemic

: an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population : a pandemic outbreak of a disease
The difference between pandemic and epidemic:
  • pandemic means multi-national even global spreading of a disease, and usually rapidly
  • epidemic is localized to a nation, jurisdiction, community

From the charts above, you can easily see several diseases are more devastating than COVID-19 when taking into consideration deaths caused by diseases…

However, COVID-19 is much more contagious than any of the diseases listed in the above graphs.

Now the newsflash – this is not the first time we have had a fast spreading disease!

Our Overall Environment and Condition is Contributing to the Spread

COVID-19 is aided by the luxuries we have today which were not present in the past…

  • COVID-19 is man created, it’s not natural, meaning microbiology is far more advanced since the previous diseases – also giving us a warning that we do not know what we are doing, unless this whole thing was quite intentional
  • The ability to travel internationally freely, quite easily, as well as often allows the disease to spread far and wide under its 14-day incubation period
  • More people exist today than ever before and therefor interact together than ever before
  • People are more reliant upon the markets today than they were before – providing a community exchange for the disease
  • There is a decline in the knowledge of personal hygiene, in general (we have made the mistake of leaning way too much on our our education systems, which are failing us!)
  • There is an innate desire by many to have a safe space wherever they go — thereby weakening their own immune systems and making themselves unnecessarily vulnerable.
  • The leadership of these microbiology companies and their investors are being fools with how this is being handled and managed, as well as greedy and self-centered – further emphasizing the intentional perspective in the first point above
  • Immigrants are being allowed to roam freely through countries, without borders, many of whom have no clue about personal hygiene and are bringing with them diseases that were once thought to have been wiped out or controlled

Please note the chart does NOT show just how contagious any of the diseases are, just the number of deaths daily from such diseases.

Given this disease spreads widely and very quickly, and given the low number of deaths overall, one has to wonder how well this disease would have survived in previous decades, even centuries.

All the above meaning?

We are far from a deadly disease pandemic – contagious pandemic yes, deadly not really.

A search on the internet through any non-Google search engine will show you that many pandemics had MILLIONS of deaths globally – COVID-19 hasn’t even hit 250,000, so what gives with the over hype of death from this disease? Pandemics are not measured by deaths but by how far and quickly they spread – once any spreading disease is discovered to have surfaced in another country, it is immediately considered a pandemic — we don’t make up the rules here, WHO does.

Speaking of WHO, they had a listing / guidelines of the phases of a pandemic but ditched them altogether – keep note of the date of when this listing was no longer effective…

Notice the stop date – February 2020…

What replaced the former listing / guidlines?

Nothing… see here for more information

So, what and who is behind all this?

Who is making the calls?

Thought you’d never ask, first note the Scheduled Maturity Date in the following chart, the relevancy of which will be discussed in the following section…

World Bank Launches First-Ever Pandemic Bonds to Support $500 Million Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility

PRESS RELEASE (original post here)

“Washington, DC, June 28, 2017 – The World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) today launched specialized bonds aimed at providing financial support to the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF), a facility created by the World Bank to channel surge funding to developing countries facing the risk of a pandemic.

“This marks the first time that World Bank bonds are being used to finance efforts against infectious diseases, and the first time that pandemic risk in low-income countries is being transferred to the financial markets.

“The PEF will provide more than $500 million to cover developing countries against the risk of pandemic outbreaks over the next five years, through a combination of bonds and derivatives priced today, a cash window, and future commitments from donor countries for additional coverage.”

Though the countries have 5 years, the Scheduled Maturity Date is July 15th, 2020 – extendable monthly in whole or in part, up to a maximum of 12 months following the Scheduled Maturity Date.

So who is the largest non-government funder for WHO?

Margaret Chan (right) Director-General World Health Organization (WHO) with Bill Gates (left) Co-Chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation during the press conference. UN Photo / Jean-Marc FerrŽ

World Health Organization: Gates Foundation Now Second Largest Funder After U.S. Government

“Providing proof that the independence of the World Health Organization (WHO) has been severely compromised, a document from the 2018 annual meeting of the World Health Assembly (WHA), the WHO’s decision-making body, gives revealing details of where the organization’s funding comes from.

“During 2017, the total amount of money provided to the WHO by countries was exceeded by that coming from non-state actors, including the pharmaceutical industry.

“The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contributed almost $327 million to the WHO’s General and Fiduciary Funds, making it the second-largest donor overall.

“The only donations to these funds higher than those of the Gates Foundation came from the government of the United States.

“Money donated by countries to the WHO’s General and Fiduciary Funds totaled $1.06 billion in 2017.

“This was less than the contributions from non-state actors, which amounted to $1.08 billion.

“Along with the Gates Foundation, other prominent sources of funding included the Brussels EU Commission, which gave over $84 million; the ‘Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’, an organization promoting the use of antiretroviral drugs and other pharmaceutical approaches, which contributed over $16 million; and UNITAID, another organization promoting the use of pharmaceuticals, which gave almost $30 million.

Drug and chemical industry donations to the WHO

“The multinational drug and chemical industries and their investors figure prominently in the lists of WHO donors. Money contributed to the WHO’s General Fund by these sources during 2017 included the following:

Bayer AG $1,158,060
Bristol-Myers Squibb $215,730
Denka Seiken $417,324
Eisai $280,000
Gilead Sciences $3,124,450
GlaxoSmithKline $7,365,666
Green Cross Corporation $294,582
Hoffman-La Roche $6,628,090
Kaketsuken $417,324
Merck $510,000
Merck Sharp and Dohme Chibret $1,652,226
Novartis $500,000
Rockefeller Foundation $748,945
Sanofi Pasteur $9,411,491
Sanofi-Aventis $2,634,963

“Other prominent WHO donors during 2017 included banks, private foundations with links to the pharmaceutical industry, and the George Soros Open Society Institute.”

Gates treated like a head of state by the WHO

“With the contributions provided to the WHO by the Gates Foundation now exceeding those of every national government on earth apart from the United States, the WHO clearly no longer has any independence in the field of health.

“Having traded its scientific credibility for funding from business interests, its advice on the prevention and control of diseases cannot be trusted.

“The money donated by Gates undoubtedly buys him a lot of attention at the WHO.

“Illustrating the extent to which he has essentially ‘captured’ the organization, the picture at the top of this article shows him sitting alongside Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General between 2007 and 2017, at a press conference in Geneva.

“The sway Gates gained over the WHO during Chan’s tenure has led to him being labeled by some as “the world’s most powerful doctor”.

“As Politico has pointed out, the size of his contributions have brought him an outsized influence on the WHO’s agenda.
“The first private individual to give a keynote speech at a WHA meeting, Gates’ authority at the WHO is said to be comparable to that of a head of state.

In this situation, it isn’t difficult to imagine that, should Gates ever threaten to withdraw his gigantic funding, the WHO would inevitably bend its policies to suit his will. Indeed, it is said that the appointment in 2017 of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as the new Director-General of the WHO was made with Gates’ support.

Clearly, having sold its soul to Gates and other business donors, the WHO no longer represents the interests of patients. The time has therefore come for it to be replaced with a new global body tasked with the goal of making natural preventive health a human right. Achieving this will require the creation of an organization that is truly independent. Avoiding the mistakes of the WHO and its leaders will be essential for such a body to succeed.

Let there be no mistake – there is a VERY close relationship between the Gates and Soros families, especially Bill and George.

A quick search on a non-Google search engine and some research will provide everything you need to verify this.

And then, we have THIS…

img credit: AP Images / Kin Cheung

An inside look at the debate around pandemic bonds, which have $425 million hinging on how deadly the coronavirus ends up being

By Ben Winck Feb. 14, 2020, 08:12 AM (original post here)

Six points to consider about the bonds we noted above…
  • Investors holding the World Bank’s pandemic bonds stand to either reap massive profits or lose hundreds of millions of dollars, depending on the coronavirus outbreak’s lethality.
  • The instruments offer higher-than-average returns, but bondholders will lose their principal in the event of a qualifying pandemic.
  • If certain criteria are met, the payment is sent to the World Bank’s Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility to fund relief efforts.
  • The bonds are a novel way to connect the financial sector with epidemic relief and “potentially save millions of lives,” the World Bank’s president said in a 2017 statement.
  • Others aren’t so sure of the assets’ effectiveness in curbing an outbreak.
  • The bonds’ triggers “are very late,” and the organization could’ve funded relief efforts without the “unnecessary, inappropriate, and ineffective risk-financing instruments,” Olga Jonas, senior fellow senior fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health, told Business Insider.

You can read Ben Winck’s full story by clicking here.

In Short, What Is Happening?

In 2017, WHO offered a 5 year plan to cover developing countries against the risk of pandemic outbreaks over the next five years, meaning 2022 is the end-year.

Both the Gates and Soros are heavily vested in WHO and are funding most of this $500 million promised by WHO.

So what happens if there is no pandemic?

Gates and Soros are out of $500 million plus.

What happens if there IS a pandemic?

They get to collect on the funds that the developing countries must provide to get their protection from the pandemic – as long as the pandemic is as destructive as originally planned.

Things that make you go, hhhmmmmmmmmm…

If you are still listening to ANY mainstream media organization – STOP IT and do your own homework.

We have citizen journalists that are researching the life out of COVID-19 — find them and follow them, verifying what you read as you do…

Discuss what you find in messenger groups, chat rooms, with family and friends.

The MSM can’t do anything against an educated listener…

But you can do what you can against the MSM.

Whatever you do, keep the popcorn coming – things are only starting to heat up…

Timeline Since the Gates / Soros Involvement

June 2017 – $500 million bond for developing countries initiated, with a scheduled maturity date of July 2020 (soft date – can be slid up to 12 months under certain conditions)

December 2017 – Gates Foundation is the largest non-government contributor to WHO by contributing almost $327 million to WHO, surpassed ONLY by the United States

February 2020 – WHO ditches their guidelines for the different phases of a pandemic and does not replace it with any guideline.

February 2020 – it becomes publicly known that there is $425 Million at stake if the COVID-19 does not pan out as expected, and so far it has not, which could end up leaving Gates as well as Soros holding an empty bag.

March 2020 – WHO declares COVID-19 a pandemic despite the VERY low number of those getting the virus as well as the even lower level deaths globally compared to previous pandemics that were caught by millions and even killed millions. Most deaths are of those already with a compromised health condition – meaning the virus is NOT very strong. Also, countries that had practiced open borders are now prone to more deaths as the hygiene of most of those coming into their countries were also compromised – they were already re-introducing diseases into their host countries that were either not seen for decades or centuries. How many babies, healthy children have come down with COVID-19? How many healthy adults of any age have had more than a short experience with it without all the expected bad experiences? How is it that the virus seems to have a favoritism towards those with healthy incomes (6, 7, 8 figures or more), especially in the entertainment and sports fields?

May 2020 – It has become increasingly obvious through alternative media as well as citizen journalists – but NOT the MSM – that the WHO has been the voice for the media to follow as the legacy social media platforms Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Google are heavily censoring anyone promoting, discussing, sharing their experiences about HCQ (hydroxychloroquine). Also, the CDC has taken it upon themselves to start a recount of the dead – and have seen an average of 0.26% of those original figures were actually true (see Update above).


Special Thanks to ACT America for sharing the featured image on the internet – Be Like Bob!


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