by Pamela Geller, originally published 06-Sep-2018

It is said, “change is the only constant of life.”

This constant of life is a universal process that encompasses all things.

Change presents two alternatives: either successful adaptation or extinction.

Adaptation is akin to the performance of a complicated dance that environmental forces and conditions choreograph and all species aim to keep up.

Thousands and thousands of species have failed to keep in step with the ever-changing requirements and have become extinct.

We, humans, some of us, have “danced” successfully enough, thus far, to reach our present state.

Yet the species’ past success is no guarantee of continued success.

What makes matters even more daunting is the rapid rate at that conditions are changing and the ever-increasing complexity of these changes.

The confluence of ever-accelerating changes in the environment, demography, economics, weaponry and much more are presently severely testing humanity’s ability and willingness to adjust.

Sadly, many of us are still clinging to outmoded ways of thinking and obsolete practices.

Some of us even, with nostalgia, wish for the long-ago times.

No amount of wishing, however, can set the clock back.

There is no such thing as a time machine that can take us back to the idealized past.

Even if we could go back, we would most likely find ourselves face to face with challenges and problems that were equally daunting at our point of development.

The adaptability and change that are required of a five-year-old child are no less taxing, given his capabilities at his stage of development than those that face an adult.

Hence, it is a delusion to wish for the “good old days.”

The “good old days” had their own good old problems.

All we can do, realistically, is to go forward, employing our very best collective effort.

Throughout history, adaptability has been central to the survival of all species.

In the case of humanity, adaptability has indeed been paramount.

In the face of major and minor changes, many human groups, the world over and over the millennia, time and again, modified their thinking and practices to successfully meet new challenges and opportunities.

The willingness to change, however, has not been uniformly practiced through the ages by all members of our species.

Those human groups that failed to respond adaptively were swept away by the inevitable force of changing conditions.

Based upon the above premise, can we say that Islam will eventually adapt to our century and reform itself?

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BANNED DOCUMENTARY: Conspiracy Of Silence (1993)

Conspiracy Of Silence Is a documentary film detailing an alleged child sex scandal that involved many children from a Nebraska Institution, Boys Town, and Lawrence King - or Lawrence "Larry" King.

The organized child sex parties implicated the Reagan and Bush White House during the 1980s.

King was the ringleader of the sex ring which had links to other fellow political conservatives in Washington D.C., including

  • Republican Lobbyist Craig J. Spence
  • Sen. Elizabeth Dole's Staff, along with
  • members of the financial elite of Nebraska

It features former CIA Director William Colby talking about the high-level child kidnap and sex-slave ring.

The book that was the basis of this movie can be found by clicking here.

Reflections from Decisive Liberty

The following stance is stated in the final paragraph of the oration given for the unveiling of our Statue of Liberty on the 28th of October, 1886....

... there is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and aid in our development; but those who come to disturb our peace and dethrone our laws are aliens and enemies forever.

You can view the full oration by clicking here.

We at Decisive Liberty are committed to this stance and welcome all - if you have not already - to join us in learning to live by this stance.

There are only 2 nations that have placed God within their Constitution: one was created by God for the people He loves, the other created by the people who love Him.

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