Is President Trump Abandoning Europe?

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There are 3 questions that determine the character of a person — they also assist in determining where a leader is focused…
> whose voice do they listen to?
> who do they consider to be their hero?
> whose counsel do they pursue?

Trump does not care about the history of any relationship if the presence stance includes placing others and the U.S. into further debt, into permitting radical Muslims to travel freely, and refuses to care for their own.
Germany, France, and Sweden have chosen to do such as have others…
They have chosen to forsake protecting the liberties and freedoms of their own for the sake of being a magnanimous Samaritan that cares more for people that are takers than for their own who are givers…
Anyone finding these countries so comfortable, no one is keeping them here…
They are free to go where they believe the people are being treated better than we are being treated by President Trump
The following statement is provided by Michael Farris, Convention Of The States :
I have a degree (with honors) from the University of London in Public International Law. This includes the study of treaties.
I also have a Juris Doctorate from the US and 40 years of practice primarily in Constitutional Law and 17 years of teaching Constitutional Law at the collegiate level.
I am qualified to evaluate the intersection of treaty law and constitutional law as it pertains to the Paris Accords
The Paris Climate Agreement document is a treaty in international law.
It has 100% of the legal attributes of a treaty.
If you examine the UN website all the reporting on this accord treats it as a treaty.
Under our Constitution, treaties must be ratified by the United States Senate.
Obama claimed to have unilaterally ratified the treaty.
He had no such power.
As it has not been ratified,
The United States is not legitimately a party to this treaty.
Thus, President Trump is not withdrawing from the Paris Accords – a nation must be a party to withdraw.
President Trump is simply giving the world notice that this act of Obama acting as a dictator was not valid.
The fact that Obama refused to send it to the Senate is all the evidence you need to know that it is an unwise treaty.
If it was good for America, it could get ratified.
In all of the hyperbole, the person who acted irresponsibly is the one who circumvented the Constitution and attempted to impose international control over this country all by himself.

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