Ireland Is Not A Christian Nation While Embracing Antisemitism

Originally published: 2019-04-09 23:20:14

Innocents murdered, wasted blessings from selfless sacrifices, hardened hearts, and magnanimous stupidity are just some of the harvests reaped from the seeds of antisemitism planted around the Republic of Ireland.

The lack of wisdom by many Irish leaders professing to be very knowledgeable about what the know nothing about has only shown them to only desire self-righteousness. They are providing a circus, the devil is laughing – and they call themselves leaders of a Christian nation and they are anything but.

Editor’s note:

Imagine your grandfather had shared stories of how he fought with the resistance during WWII in Poland, France, Greece, what was then Czechoslovakia, and what was then Yugoslavia.

You are very proud of your grandfather for what he did in helping stop the Third Reich, the Nazis, from gaining control of all of Europe, even all of the world.

One summer, you plan a trip to Europe to visit the same places and towns in Poland, France, and Greece he had talked about .

And since you are in Europe, and since it has always been your dream to visit some day, you plan to stop off in Ireland as you had been reading all the great things promoted about Ireland.

You arrive in Europe and everywhere you look every where you visit in Poland, France, and Greece there are memorials honoring their war-dead and resistance fighters who fought bravely against the Nazis. Several locations even honor the American and English troops who helped free them.

You read about their battles and can even imagine your grandfather with them dodging bullets, buried in mud, freezing in the winter, seeing friends die around him, discovering dead bodies of adults and children who obviously were not soldiers and had been obviously tortured.

click for larger view

You arrive to Ireland, all filled with respect, humility, and honor for your grandfather, and believing Ireland must have been of some assistance as well.

Then, you see this >>>

It is a statue honoring Seán Russell — you had read earlier that in the summer of 1938 Seán become the IRA chief of staff and put into motion a bombing campaign of England and forged links with Nazi Germany intelligence.

Sure you knew not everyone would be against the Nazis – but a statue honoring a person who favored them?

No one is protesting its presence; in fact, everyone is honoring its presence.

Yet the locals would probably laugh at you if you questioned the presence of this statue – after all, they permitted it to be there, did they not?

And you also discover it is not just a local “thing” but just about all of Ireland honors Mr. Russell… as well as other IRA members that supported and sheltered the Nazis.

You suddenly feel you landed somewhere other than Ireland and cannot believe that Ireland would have had this level of contempt for the rest of Europe – and your grandfather – by mocking their efforts and dead of WWII by recently erecting this pathetic statue.

You have no conclusion to come to but that everything your grandfather, the resistance fighters, stood for in the form of Liberty is being entirely disrespected, even mocked.

– – –

Now — if this were you, what do you really believe your true feelings would be at this point?

Peter has much more to share than what I have noted here…

Read on…

 Currently, the Irish Republican/Nationalist political elite are rabidly obsessed with an anti-Jewish State ideology which finds general support and sympathy within wider Irish society and the media.

It is no coincidence that prior to the formation of Israel in 1948, Irish antisemitism was evident in abundance despite Ireland’s Jewish population accounting for less than one-tenth of one percent of the total (> 0.1%).

Jew hatred is historical and part of the DNA of Irish Nationalism.

Unsurprisingly there is sufficient evidence which verifies the indecent role of Irish sycophantic participation in not only helping wanted Nazi war criminals to escape justice, but also allowing many to live openly within the bosom of Irish society.

Included among this group of human excrement that were helped by Ireland to escape justice were

  • Otto ‘Scarface’ Skorzeny, described as Hitler’s favourite soldier who rescued Mussolini and a Croatian Nazi, and
  • Andrija Artukovic – the ‘Butcher of the Balkans’ – involved in the genocide of up to one million people.

Just 2 of nearly 200 wanted Nazis who found either safe passage or safety with the help of the Irish Government or connected authorities organisations.

TELEGRAPH: Ireland Welcomed Hitler’s Henchmen

Compare the orgasmic zeal with which the Irish welcomed and assisted wanted Nazi criminals with the racist contempt which sent 500 Jewish children to their deaths when the Irish Parliament would not allow them refuge solely because they were of the Jewish faith.

The rabid Jew-hater Oliver Flanagan supported by the overwhelming majority of his colleagues in Parliament made one of the most disgraceful Jew hating speeches of any European parliamentarian.

In July 1943, he ranted

… the Jews who crucified our saviour 1900 years ago… There is one thing that Germany did and that was to rout the Jews out of their country. Until we rout the Jews out of this country, it does not matter what we do. Where the bees are, there is honey and where the Jews are, there is the money.

Shortly after that speech Flanagan again exposed his antisemitism when in another session of Parliament he forced DeValera, then Irish Prime Minister, to admit that the children he (DeValera) wanted to save were Jewish.

Flanagan’s intervention ensured those children were gassed in the concentration camps.

Flanagan was re-elected the following year with an increased majority and later served in the 1970’s Government of Charles Haughey as Minister of Defence.

This piece of Irish filth was made Father of the Dail from 1977 to 1987, such was the Irish contempt for all those who suffered under the Nazis.

Not one Irish Parliamentarian interjected on behalf of those children…

Not one.

TIMES OF ISREAL: When Ireland Rejected Jewish Orphans Fleeing Nazis, This Man Saved Dozens

To fully appreciate Ireland’s subhuman behaviour, it must also be noted that Ireland holds the sickening distinction of not only being the only country in the world to have offered condolences on the death of Hitler but also for being the only country to punish those of its citizens who fought for the allies against the Nazis.

These heroic men were physically and financially abused, stripped of their Government pensions, barred from working for Government suppliers and contractors, and were spat upon if they dared wear medals earned whilst fighting the Nazis.

Why Irish Soldiers Who Fought Hitler Hide Their Medals

Ireland, to this day, likes to portray themselves as being neutral during WW2 when the correct adjective is duplicitous.

They fully supported the Nazi annexation of Austria and had notorious pro-Nazis, such as Charles Bewley, as their overseas Ambassadors in Germany and Spain.

They never allowed the Allies use of Irish ports but did allow Nazis full diplomatic status and the ability to mix within Ireland’s political elite, openly gaining knowledge of Ireland’s strategy.

To ensure Irish bets were hedged in the event of a Nazi victory, details of Ireland’s few Jews were submitted at the Nazis Wannsee conference near Berlin in January 1942.

Undoubtedly, antisemitism has been a key component of Irish Nationalism since its origination in the early 20th century, through WW2 and more recently via support for Palestinian terrorists…

Click the image to read the full post

As it is unfashionable to be labelled racist or antisemitic in modern society, the term pro-Palestinian is used as a neat way of avoiding such accusations.

Supporting the Palestinian cause has become to left wing fascists the substitute for Apartheid South Africa.

The left always need a nation to unite against and the Republican Irish have exposed their cowardice and prejudice by leveraging on this issue.

As a member of the European Union , a combination of 28 member nation states that only 70 years ago were under attack from Hitler’s Nazis and liberalised by the forces of the UK, USA, and Russia the fact that memorials to Nazi collaborators are still on open display in the Republic of Ireland is to say the least, nauseating.

The statues to Sean Russell erected in 1951 in Fairview Park Dublin was honoured by the Sinn Fein politician Mary Lou McDonald.

Other statues to Irish Nazi collaborators are

  • Charlie Kerins in Strand Road, Tralee
  • Sean McCool who has a stadium in County Donegal named after him
  • Tom Barry has an outstanding statue in Fitzgerald Park Cork
  • Sean MacBride was commemorated by the Republic of Ireland with a 1994 postage stamp.
Click the image to read the full post

Is it not an absolute disgrace that a member nation state of the European Union still has memorials on open display honouring and commemorating those who supported the most evil regime since time immemorial.

Even if we are so callous to ignore the blatant Jew hatred of the Irish,
what does does it say about the other victims of Nazism
when such memorials are flaunted with so little respect
for those who sacrificed everything in order to achieve Europe’s freedom –
including the ungrateful Irish?

The current, proposed Irish legislation which would criminalize those within the Republic of Ireland from purchasing products originating from proscribed areas of Israel has exposed and created a potentially farcical situation.

This 1930’s National Socialist type legislation selectively aimed at the only Jewish State in the world, 70-years after the holocaust is a truly racist endeavour and according to legal experts may have other frightening consequences if enacted.

Professor Eugene Kontorovich, of the Northwestern University School of Law, elegantly explains how the proposed legislation may threaten the religious freedom of Ireland.

Click the image to read the full post

This bizarre possibility is an unintended consequence of the absurdity of the Irish Parliament’s grotesque antisemitism camouflaged as being consistent with their policy of supporting Palestinian human rights against the Israeli ”occupying oppressor.”

If this were truly the case then Russia, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Iraq, and Pakistan would similarly be subject to this legislation given their history of oppression and atrocities conducted against Palestinians.

Ignorance rules within Ireland’s Parliament as no Irish Parliamentarian has ever raised the atrocities committed by these Nations against the Palestinians.

Clearly the Irish Prime Minister is a worried man and so he should be which is why, quite incredibly, he found the time to travel to the USA during the most domestically important time of his political career given Ireland’s role with the Brexit negotiations.

Notwithstanding the possible consequences of sanctions being imposed on Ireland by the USA, should this legislation be passed, but opposition to this nauseating bill is gaining momentum not only within Europe but globally as challenges are taking the form of a counter boycott.

Click the image to read the full post

#BROIGAS – a neat play on words as the acronym is Yiddish for anger – is the counter boycott movement standing for Boycott Republic Of Ireland Goods And Services and has gone viral over social media

Literally thousands of ordinary consumers, so disgusted with the behaviour and open antisemitism of the lower house of the Irish Parliament, are checking labels on consumer products, foods, drinks and pharmaceuticals and if they are made, manufactured or produced in the Republic of Ireland they are going back on the shelves. The Facebook and Twitter networks are full of folk cancelling vacations and trips to the Emerald Isle and clearly pressure is mounting.

[Editorś note: we have had several of our readers note to us they had changed their vacation plans as well as their current purchases thanks to the knowledge they gained of Ireland’s antisemitism and Peter’s consistent coverage of Ireland’s pathetic ways.]

Naturally it is too early to calculate the effect on Ireland’s gross domestic product but clearly the opposition momentum is increasing and may be financially damaging as well as highly embarrassing for Ireland, which likes to portray itself as being a harmed rather than harmful nation – the historical victim rather than the abuser.

Given the role immigrants from Ireland played in the colonisation, land stealing, starvation, and genocide of the indigenous tribes of North America, the Irish must be pleased that they have avoided forensic analysis of this unpalatable part of their history.

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