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Originally published: 2017-11-27

Why a Series on The Deep State

Like most of you, I had heard of the Elite, the Deep State – and felt I knew everything I needed to know about it, them, even though for the most part I did not know whoever they were, but especially since they are into the New World Order.

Like Socialism, Communism, tyrannies, theocracies, Marxism, yah-dah yah-dah yah-dah-ism, New World Order favors the rich, robs from those doing well, and essentially eliminates the middle-class, the bastion of the free world and countries exercising Liberty.

Anytime there is a redistribution of what has been gained through hard work there is a less for everyone, the rich get richer, the middle class ends up disappearing, and the poor end up poorer.

The relationship with and love of NWO was all I needed to know that those that embrace and want NWO are not people of character.

Recently, however, someone shared an audio recording from 1967 by Myron Fagan with me — and I immediately knew I was not the only one that wanted to and desired to know more about the Deep State, even though I knew I despised them.

The reason is simple: the only way you can defeat an enemy is to name them, claim them, and know them – then counter them by their own game and stay true to your own character.

Some think the Elite, the Deep State are undefeatable — and that is exactly what they want you to believe.

You end up believing what you keep listening to, what you keep hearing, what you keep talking about — even if it is a total lie.

Just study the works of Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung, Kim Jung-un, Chavez, Venezuelan President Maduro, Robert Mugabe, Angela Merkel, LBJ, Bill Clinton, both Bushes, Obama, yah-dah yah-dah yah-dah…

Most of them took their queue from the Deep State in the first place.

They will never believe that the devil will have his day as they worship the devil.

They claim they only worship the good parts of the devil while simultaneously have no problem trying to wipe out an entire nation.

One has to wonder just what they are really pretending not to know, especially since the devil is the complete antithesis of all good – they may be very knowledgeable, however wisdom is tends to elude those with such ignoramus mindsets (a very dangerous ignoramus at that!).

Whenever someone’s beliefs are skewed, then so is their perspective – period.

The reality and truth of it all will happen no matter what beliefs they — or you — have.

Seculars only believe in a higher power that is of and to their liking, a higher power that is satisfying of and to their emotions, and rarely – if ever – believe they are wrong about anything of it.

How quaint.

Then reality hits home, sometimes very hard – and most will blame the circumstances, the actions of others, anything and anyone but themselves, completely oblivious to the fact and truth that the guilty are always easy to determine as they are the least effected by their negative actions.

That said, most Elites will die their first death without every seeing that reality, that hardly means they will escape their second death.

What Is In It for You

This series is just the first of several planned on what is not working and what is threatening Liberty — and what you can do about it.

The deep State was chosen as the first as it is the most troublesome, most bothersome, most damaging, highest leveraged, and well-funded right now — it is also the most secretive.

Secretive, yes — and like anything else, it leaves its trails, has its habits, loves to be prideful, and is the least affected by their negative actions at ALL levels.

And it has been well-funded for nearly 200 years – they have planted their seeds and EXPECT a harvest soon…

Or had…

As of September 2017, one of its most prominent members declared that the NWO would be falling into place in 2018.

Two months later, they are blaming President Trump for destroying their best laid plans.

We will get into what happened later in this series.

By the time you finish this series, you will have gained an insight into who they are, how they think, what they do (which is WAY more than you think), and what it takes to upset their apple cart.

Hint — it starts with grassroots.

This series will be ongoing so you can sign up now and review it again in the future – there are 8 emails altogether that will take 3 weeks to complete the entire series, with most arriving at 3-day increments.

In the beginning, discussions, debates, conversations can be had the comments section of our SoundCloud account where you will lead to with the links in the emails — if that does not suffice, then we will open a private forum in

You will receive a welcome email followed by 6 emails with a link to a 22-27 minute audio file, a script, and notes on various aspects of the growth and expectations of the Deep State – and a final email updating you on what we have discovered since starting this series.

In 2018, we plan on drilling deeper into the Deep State as well as into the headlines and how they relate to the Deep State.

How to Get Started

Just click the image below and sign up!

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