Various Content Found On Social Media

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A collection of valuable content saved from other media — especially from facebook as from my experience Zuckerberg will do whatever he can to permit the lowering of character and very little, if at all, in support of the raising of character and does so by manipulating what is OK for leftists and Islam whilst removing anything offensive to such to the collectivists mindsets…

Isn’t that correct Zuckerberg? You’re invited to counter that claim however do beware of the demographics that already exist not only in your own platform but throughout the internet as well, all political aversions and perversions aside…

2016 Conventions

Eric Trump’s Synopsis of the DNC Convention [meme]

Donald Trump

Liz Croken Counters Trump Bashers

Diana Allen – What Trump Did Not Do That Obama and Hillary Have


Rich Sandess – The Will of the Holy Spirit in Churches Today

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Cash

Hillary refuting the blatant evidence about her eMails

Obama Administration Legacy

David Chaney – Partial Listing of Obama and Hillary Scandals, Illegal Activities, Deceptions, and Lies


Scalia murder cover-up begins to unravel: Intelligence officers and high ranking police publicly question his untimely death