In Spite of President Higgins, the Hope of Ireland Is In Its Grassroots Campaign

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The President of the Republic of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, recently addressed the United Nations.

He is physically an odd looking fellow bearing a remarkable similarity to two fictional screen characters.

He strikes an uncanny resemblance to both Doctor Who‘s William Hartnell and the Back to the Future character Doc. Brown played by Christopher Lloyd.

img credit for Michael Higgins: Sam Boal /Photocall Ireland


Comical… and Sinister

There is something comical and sinister about the physical appearance of President Higgins but his address at the UN enhanced his comicality not only for the content, but for what he omitted.

He spoke at grand length about the protection of the weak, the poor, the disenfranchised, refugees from war and global victims of conflicts, as well as climate change.

Missing from his emotional outpouring was any mention let alone sympathy or contrition for those who suffered the most appalling abuse within the country where he holds the highest office, that is the Republic of Ireland.

Those victims were conveniently ignored.

President Michael Higgins Speaking at the U.N, 25-Sep-2019 – 34m 05s

Selective Humanitarian

Whist he waffled on at length about the least fortunate in global society and how Ireland was playing its part to assist those disenfranchised, like the political coward he is, he never alluded to Ireland’s behaviour which has been the cause of much human misery.

The Republic of Ireland has for decades hidden its dark past about domestic child abuse within State and quasi-Irish State institutions.

The Church, church schools, orphanages, hospitals, work-houses, and even the Irish Boy Scouts organisations have a history of incest and grotesque child sexual abuse by those in authority.

To this day, government inertia and cover up has failed to give the numerous victims justice nor compensation and allowed the perpetrators to escape justice.

Remarkably the President himself is a patron of one one of those organisations where such abuse was prominent.

Naturally, he made no mention or reference to any aspect of Ireland’s dark past relating to child abuse preferring to concentrate on those victims inhabiting other continents.

President Michael D Higgins ‘concerned’ at scout abuse revelations
Patron of the organisation comments on child sex abuse scandal
img: PA
Child Abuse in Ireland’s Clergy – BBC

Stones and Glass Houses

This despicable aspect of Ireland’s recent history, impacting on thousands of Irish people, was not mentioned by the Irish President.

President Higgins had other things to speak about at the UN.

Quite incredibly – and comically – he stressed in over-emphatic verbosity that he believed the Israel/Palestinian issue was the subject that troubled Irish people the most.

One wonders whether the thousands of Irish victims of incest and paedophilia were consulted about the league table of most worrying issues for the Irish.

Given that less than 0.01% of Ireland’s nearly 5 million population are neither Palestinian nor Israeli, this statement from President Higgins smacks of moral indecency, hypocrisy, and cowardice.

How typical of the President of Ireland to ignore Ireland’s child abuse issues and all of the other world’s conflicts other than collective reference and focus his attention solely on the Israel/Palestinian issue during his address at the United Nations.

All the following atrocities committed on other nations and/or peoples were ignored by the Head of the Irish nation…

Palestinians were mentioned no less than 4 times during his address.

Cost of inaction on climate change “catastrophic,”
Irish President tells United Nations

The Liberals Deflection Strategy

Any morally decent individual would reasonably question why the Irish people, according to their President, are so rabidly obsessed with Israel and the Palestinian issue and so uncaring about the atrocities committed domestically and globally.

The answer lies in a combination of Ireland’s historical and current moral bankruptcy, cowardice, duplicity, antisemitism, and embarrassment of facing up to the truth (see their history with the Nazi Germany).

By continuing to keep Israel on the top of their agenda, Ireland manages to ensure diversion from its sickening inner self.

Current Irish antisemitism is apparent in their Parliament which is passing legislation to criminalise trading with the only Jewish State in the world.

Pause for a moment to understand this grotesque act of Jew hatred.

Seventy-years after the Holocaust, the Irish are selecting the only Jewish State in the world for boycott and criminalisation.

The Nazis selected the Jews in the very same manner in the 1930’s leading to the Holocaust and now the Republic of Ireland are the only country to follow suit with Jew selection.

Parts 1 and 2 of a 5-part legislative process to boycott and make it a criminal offence to trade with or by products from areas within the world’s only Jewish State have passed overwhelmingly through their lower chamber [link].

Irish support for the Palestinian cause is supposedly driving this legislation.

The fact that the Palestinian National Council Charters of 1964 and 1968 and the Hamas Charter of 1988 both demand the extermination of Jews and the subservience to Islam of all other races and religions does not seem to bother the Irish who, through their pending legislation, support such antisemitism and racism.

One assumes the Irish Parliamentarians have read the Palestinian Charters, understood them, and agreed to continue with their unqualified support for the Palestinians and boycott of Israel.

These Charters, replicating Nazi manifestos against Jews, have met no opposition by Ireland’s Parliamentarians who pursue with uniquely targeting the Jewish State.

Any opposition that has been identified is based on the potential embargoes Ireland may face by the USA who have deemed it antisemitic for countries to boycott Israel and would enact punitive trade sanctions on any country in compliance.

Ireland nevertheless is proceeding and the Jewish State is to be isolated and boycotted and supporting the Palestinians with their racist manifestos are endorsed and confirmed by the Irish legislators and the Irish President.

The Palestinian National Charter:
Resolutions of the Palestine National Council July 1-17, 1968

(via The Avalon Project)
The Covenant of Hamas – Main Points

The Irish/Palestinian Relationship

History verifies that the Nazi link is the common thread cementing the Irish and Palestinian relationship.

This needs elaboration.

The current Palestinian connections to Nazism need no elaboration nor explanation as both ruling current Palestinian bodies, that is the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza are guided by their Charters.

The original flirtation with Nazism began with the British imposed puppet the Grand Mufti Haj Amin, an admirer of Hitler and Nazism – who gathered Muslim armies to assist the Nazis slaughter Jews, Gypsies, LGBT, Christians and the mentally and physically disabled throughout Europe.

The Nazis, with the help of an Arab cleric, used Islamic extremists as a tool

Ireland’s Lack of Discernment

Let us never forget that Ireland was the only Nation, the only country, the only Government to offer condolences to Nazi Germany on the death of Hitler.

Take a breath for a moment to take that in.

The Taoiseach, Eamon de Valera, accompanied by his Foreign Secretary, Joseph Walshe, called on the German Minister Dr. Hempel expressing their condolences on the death of Adolf Hitler.

No other nation stooped to such indecency.

Evidence Ignored

Seán Russell

Further evidence of Ireland’s nauseating sympathy for Nazism is proudly exposed and on constant show.

The Republic of Ireland is the only country in the world to maintain on public display memorials to Nazi collaborators.

No other nation mocks those who fought against the Nazis as do the Irish.

What contempt, hatred, and spite for those who made the ultimate sacrifice freeing Europe including the Irish from the horrors of Nazism.

There are many such memorials which readers can easily find by using Google, the most outstanding being the ones to

Evidence is in abundance, verifying Ireland’s nauseating sympathy and support to Nazism such as the number of fascists and Nazis Ireland helped escape justice after WW2 as well as the way they brazenly allowed wanted Nazi war criminals to live openly in Irish society.

Such pieces of excrement included

  • Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s favourite soldier, feted by the Dublin social glitterati
  • Albert Folens, a high ranking officer in the Gestapo and Waffen SS, was allowed to live with protection as was the notorious Butcher of the Balkans
  • Andrija Artukovic, another who sought and found sanctuary in the Irish Republic, was involved in the genocide of one million civilians

These are just 3 of the estimated 200 Nazis, Nazi collaborators, and war criminals that good old Ireland assisted to escape justice.

Mr. Higgins failed to mention these past deeds.

The Irish like to keep this quiet, much preferring instead to shout about Israel.

Ireland’s hatred of Jews ensured that 500 children were sent to the gas chambers when Oliver Flanagan, to rousing applause in Ireland’s Parliament, demanded these kids were not to be permitted safety in Ireland.


They were Jewish.

Flanagan latterly became Ireland’s Minister for Defence in Huaghey’s 1970’s Government and then, quite unbelievably, for any nation except Ireland was rewarded with the highest honour of Father of the House.

When Ireland rejected Jewish orphans fleeing Nazis,
this man saved dozens

Hatred For Their Own

Another example of Ireland’s appalling post war record was their treatment of those few Irish who fought AGAINST the Nazis.

For those who returned to Ireland were physically and financially abused.

They lost their pension rights and were barred from working for Government offices, suppliers, and contractors.

Ireland was the first country to recognise Hitler’s annexation of Austria and had several pro-Nazi ambassadors in their embassies overseas including the notorious Charles Bewley, a rabid antisemite who was very influential during the post war Nazi rise to power.

Ireland and the Nazis: A Troubled History

The One, Lone True Leader of Ireland

One astounding statistic on Ireland’s wartime behaviour was that of the 100+ Irish Parliamentarians, only one – I repeat, only ONE: the superb James Dillon – supported assisting the Allies against the Nazis.

The Long Political Life of James Dillon

The Costly False Neutrality Narrative

There is historical evidence to verify that, far from being neutral, Ireland assisted the German war effort when German bombers guided by Ireland’s coastal lights bombed Belfast and then Liverpool causing hundreds of civilian deaths and casualties.

Dublin’s lights used by Luftwaffe for Belfast Blitz, says historian

Ireland’s wartime legislators offered the details of Ireland’s few Jews at the 1942 Nazi, Wannsee Conference.

Today’s Republic of Ireland Kept and Embraced Their WWII Pro-Nazi Stance

In 70 years, the Republic of Ireland – both in action and words – have supported and continue to give support to both the Nazis and the Palestinians and both of these racist groups had and have at the top of their agenda, Jew extermination.

The weasel words of the Irish President are to be expected from a nation so steeped in antisemitism.

Do not be fooled by the love the Irish have for Palestinians given they have remained silent on the atrocities committed by Syria and Russia on the Palestinians housed in Syria.

The Irish were similarly silent when Iraqi and Iranian Shia militias slaughtered thousands of Palestinians in Iraq after the death of Saddam.

Ireland’s Tarnished History Globally

Irish cowardice and ignorance is paralleled only by Irish bigotry and duplicity.

The hidden secrets of disgraceful all too recent Irish behaviour and history is being exposed.

If Ireland is so concerned about colonialism, genocide, and occupation as highlighted in President Higgins speech then maybe they should begin by compensating the indigenous natives of North America.

More than any other colonists in America, the Irish slaughtered and starved these tribes thereafter stealing and settling their land.

Before calling on the Jews to leave their historical homeland for the invading Palestinians perhaps the Irish President should call for the Irish to compensate the Sioux, Cherokee, Arapaho, Choctaw, Shawnee, and scores of other Indian tribes.

Give those people back their land the Irish stole some 150 years ago and financially compensate for the genocide the Irish Generals such as Little Phil Sheridan and others committed on the indigenous tribes.

Custer’s favourite tune was the little Irish ditty the GarryOwen played before his Irish troops ripped the unborn babies from the stomachs of Indian women.

The Scotish-Irish in the American Indian Wars
How the Irish were complicit in Native American suffering

Time Has Exposed the Truth

No Mr.Higgins, your cowardly attempts to falsely expose Israel to hide Ireland’s barbarities and colonialism and the Irish love for those who would exterminate the Jewish race has been exposed.

History tells the truth despite your valiant attempts at camouflage.

The coward who is the Irish President who spewed garbage about Ireland’s commitment to solving the world refugee crisis and how proud he was of Ireland’s commitment to this issue.

He spewed further garbage on the conflicts in Africa, African refugees, and victims of climate change within Africa.

He was verbose on promoting Africa’s status within the United Nations and pretended that Ireland was a true champion of Africa’s poor and disenfranchised.

In fact, Ireland took in 32 refugees from Africa in 2018, 9 from Nigeria, and 23 from Zimbabwe, only to reject 90% of asylum seekers from Africa.

The African refugees that Ireland did allow to settle within their population of 4.875 million of their population was 0.00067%.

Link to the above statistics.

At least this is an improvement from their war time record when they rejected ALL Jews.

Fortunately, there is a grass roots campaign challenging Ireland’s behaviour.


Boycott Republic Of Ireland Goods And Services

Amazingly successful, Irish manufactured goods are being boycotted, vacations cancelled, and business trips deferred.

Morally decent people will challenge Ireland’s lies, duplicity, and cowardice.

Ireland can wallow in its Nazi excrement but it shall be exposed despite the weirdo-looking Higgins attempts to skew history.

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