If You Believe We Are Still A Nation of Angry People, Here Is What You Can Do

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Came across something of interest on Joe Bertyak’s Facebook wall while searching for new friends and he had me wondering just how many of you, how many of us, feel the same?

His web site The Patriot Watch is a Veteran owned, Veteran operated and you can catch him on air with his blogradio broadcast 7-days a week from 8 – 9 pm EDT and 9 – 11 pm EDT

Here’s what he shared on his wall, will share the author’s name when we have permission to do so (at the end of this, we follow up with a closing statement as well)…

I’m angered to see that we live in a country where we have gone soft.

We’ve become hypocrites, and we’ve become pansies.

We forget that our grandfathers stormed beaches to protect freedom.

Instead, we demand that the freedom now come in the form of a shelter from hearing words we don’t like.

We flip out because our $7 coffee comes in a red cup.

We cancel concerts and cost people jobs because we don’t agree with a law that the people of the state passed.

We care more about protecting where someone can take a leak than we care about the safety of our children.

We give out trophies to kids who come in 8th place.

We dig up the graves of people who have been dead for a hundred-plus years because they had something to do with the Confederate flag, and that offends someone NOW.

We say we hate what Democrats have done to the country, so we elect a House and Senate full of Republicans who proceed to place their heads up their collective asses as well.

It seems as if both parties forgot what they were supposed to be doing and whom they represent.

We pick sides, parties and teams and defend them to the ends of the Earth, ignoring the facts, pointing the fingers and hoping someone else will cover the cost of our skyrocketing and borderline pointless health insurance.

We talk about the number of homeless vets who we have to feed, clothe, and house when it’s convenient for us to leverage them like pawns in a game – yet tomorrow, so many will forget to feed, clothe, and house them.

We ignore the simple facts about our dangerously open borders and the lack of a vetting process for refugees, then we stand in horror as ISIS attacks and we ask our politicians how they could have let this happen. And then, of course, we put a fast lane in for more to cross the border.

We put in place more gun laws to prevent the bad guys from doing bad things.

Because for some reason, we believe that bad guys give a damn about laws and that giving them an open shooting range on a military base or school campus will somehow protect our citizens.

But then we completely ignore the massive problem of mental health in this country.

We’re more worried about the tool than we are the person.

We cry out that police are our enemies … and then we beg them to protect us from the likes of ISIS.

We celebrate court rulings with rainbow flags that speak volumes about how far we’ve come and how inclusive we are as Americans then we tell our neighbors to remove their American flags and stop saying “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hanukkah” because it offends us.

We send billions of dollars overseas to help the homeless in impoverished and war-torn nations while we cut the funding for our own food banks and homeless programs.

We get into fistfights about “under-inflated balls” while gorging ourselves on beer and wings at football games while millions of Americans wonder how they’re going to pay their mortgage and put food on the table for their families.

We fight tooth and nail over whether someone dying of stage four cancer should be allowed to use medical marijuana while drugs like heroin are running rampant in our schools.

We teach kids that there should be no boys section or girls section at the store, but our kids notice that we won’t sit down with our neighbor for a beer because they have a different skin color and we’re too busy fighting over what is and isn’t racism.

We nominate a man as woman of the year.

We let a white woman parade around for decades as a black woman because that’s who she identifies herself as.

Pedophilia runs rampant in every level of government but no one fights against it.

We just hope it all goes away when we wake up the next morning.

We hold massive rallies demanding $15/hour for flipping burgers but we sit quietly on the sidelines when our men and women protecting our country who make $11/hour aren’t getting paid because Congress is debating their funding.

We change our profile pictures to colors that represent solidarity with a country that was attacked by terrorists then we attack our neighbors for being concerned that the same could happen here.

The author, a former Boatswain’s Mate in the U.S. Navy, gets you to think by relating to what is really going on around you, around us…

The next step in the process to to provide suggestions on what to do next, which is where Decisive Liberty comes in.

Not us as Decisive Liberty the organization but you by being decisive about Liberty.

Liberty is something each and every generation has to learn to protect – otherwise they will see their children and/or grandchildren not have any liberties at all.

Our Constitution can only protect what we protect — our Constitution will abide by our will, forget it and our Constitution will forget us and quickly become a historical archived document sitting next to the Magna Carta someplace.

To keep Liberty alive, to keep our Freedoms alive, we must be decisive in doing so…

we must be decisive in our actions and our commitments

least we be the generation that history will note as the one that lost it all.

Electing someone that is decisive about Liberty is only the beginning;
he is a leader which means we must get him to keep listening, and
we must be sure of what we want – not only of him,
but of ourselves, for our children, and for their children.

Action does a lot of redirecting emotions, especially anger — and once you understand you can do something about it all, you will still be upset as the issue is hitting close to your heart, soul, or both.

However, you will lose the anger.

There is the sin of commission, which most know about, and there is the sin of omission — now don’t go tuning us out as your convictions are rising up, stay with them for a moment, we’re almost done here…

When you know a wrong has been done and you omit to do something about what you have seen, heard, and/or witnessed, when you choose to do nothing about it all no matter what the level, you have chosen to be be in a state of omission…

In many ways, being in a state of omission is worse than being part of something that requires a commission as you have planted a seed, and not a very good seed, not only within yourself but in the victims of this as well — they felt violated and helpless, even more so if they saw you and saw you do nothing.

Then they in turn, the victims of this commission, if lacking of character as you were at the moment, will do the same…

Instead you, all of us, need to learn to plant seeds that reap a better harvest – the seeds of assistance, protection, empathy, and yes, even love… and plant seeds of actions that will bring to light the bad that was done.

Doing so brings blessings to you and those you assist – always.

To do all this requires you to be decisive about building your own character – and it is a building process that is continuous, life-long, and fully rewarding to you and to those around you.

And it leaves the others defenseless in justifying their own inactions, their bad actions that cannot be explained away.

That does not mean everything will be resolved — but it will mean there will be more trust, humility, respect, and honor than we have ever seen or experienced before.

It will mean our nation will have a collective, empowered, and influential group of people who want character to be a very important thread in the cloth of this nation.

That’s a promise.


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and that we will well and faithfully discharge the duties of this support and defense for as long as we live.

So help us God.

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