by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 27-Dec-2016

In a now-deleted MeWe blog post titled ‘2016 Year in Review: The Worst Year for Your Privacy, ever‘, a review of the top 10 incidents that were involved in improper privacy practices were presented.

Just focusing on the companies involved in those incidents, you see…

10. Google
09. Snapchat
08. Uber
07. WhatsApp (bought by Facebook)
06. Facebook
05. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Geofeedia
04. Facebook
03. U.K. government
02. Google
01. Facebook

And with an ‘honorable’ mention going to Yahoo!

And things have only gotten WORSE since then – not static, not better…

Given this list – and everything that has happened since this post was first published in 2016 –  are you still trusting Facebook, and any of the other companies listed for that matter, to be the detector of fake news? with your personal information? your videos and photos?

Where’s the wisdom in going down THAT road?

It would be the same as trusting your home security to a company that has been sued multiple times for failing to protect their clients’ homes.

Keep doing things like that and you’ll definitely be trying to sharpen a knife with a sponge and eventually blaming the sponge for not doing what you believe it should be doing in the first place…

It’s not the sponge, it’s your beliefs.

These companies – and the 1 government – are consistently failing to protect the liberties of the general public.

And as is said quite frequently, Liberty, once lost, is never regained – and is never regained – by any sovereignty.

It took only one generation to lose it all for the sake of convenience, lack of discernment, and/or sheer arrogance.

Protecting Yourself

Besides being vigilant to protect our liberties, what are our choices?

  • Forfeit all our liberties by defaulting them to those on this list as we have been for the past decade or more… OR
  • See what other options there are in Social Media such as MeWe, Minds, Joindiaspora,, VK, Voat, Gab,, Vimeo, (and now Gettr, Locals, and Truth Social)…
  • Start using alternative search sites like Brave, StartPage, Gibiru, SwissCows…
  • Drop the browser you are using in favor of Brave, Vivaldi, TorProject, Dissenter (Gab)…
  • Start using a VPN for everything on the internet – one that is based in Switzerland (highest government security laws)
  • Do NOT keep your credit card info or Social Security number stored on any website or any files on your computer

Also, toss in Britannica and Infogalatic in place of Wikipedia – they have been altering their content to present a very biased view on many topics…

Snopes? Seriously, give us a break — if you are believing either is credible you’re not thinking…

Above all, stop accepting everything you hear, even what you believe – challenge everything

Qualify, verify what you believe now – and what you hear, and read every day.

Develop trusted sources that do not rely upon filtered information.

Stop using your emotions as a comfort zone and start learning how to assess, ascertain, discern…

For more than 60 years, our education system has failed us in all these skills, either lose them or claim them…

As long as you are willing to learn, it is a process – and knowing how to assess, ascertain, and discern is teachable.

Everything we do and believe as adults is on the seed we are giving our children…

Stop accepting the watering down of reality by political correctness, start learning how to think critically instead.

We can’t solve our problems by using the same thinking we used to create them.” ~ Einstein


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About Garrett O’Brien

Garrett is the owner of DecisiveLiberty.News. Formerly a Liberal then a Republican, Garrett has seen political parties by default look out for themselves and not the people. Garrett now focuses specifically on our Constitution as it is written. He uses Decisive Liberty as a platform to provide a voice to those that believe neither political party are protecting our Constitution nor our Rights to their fullest as our Founding Fathers wrote them in the First 10 Amendments. For the moment, Garrett resides in Brazil with his wife.

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Sara Carter [1 hr]
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BANNED DOCUMENTARY: Conspiracy Of Silence (1993)

Conspiracy Of Silence Is a documentary film detailing an alleged child sex scandal that involved many children from a Nebraska Institution, Boys Town, and Lawrence King - or Lawrence "Larry" King.

The organized child sex parties implicated the Reagan and Bush White House during the 1980s.

King was the ringleader of the sex ring which had links to other fellow political conservatives in Washington D.C., including

  • Republican Lobbyist Craig J. Spence
  • Sen. Elizabeth Dole's Staff, along with
  • members of the financial elite of Nebraska

It features former CIA Director William Colby talking about the high-level child kidnap and sex-slave ring.

The book that was the basis of this movie can be found by clicking here.

Reflections from Decisive Liberty

The following stance is stated in the final paragraph of the oration given for the unveiling of our Statue of Liberty on the 28th of October, 1886....

... there is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and aid in our development; but those who come to disturb our peace and dethrone our laws are aliens and enemies forever.

You can view the full oration by clicking here.

We at Decisive Liberty are committed to this stance and welcome all - if you have not already - to join us in learning to live by this stance.

There are only 2 nations that have placed God within their Constitution: one was created by God for the people He loves, the other created by the people who love Him.

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