What about planning?

That requires ACTION to get it started, yes?…

Action is THE one thing that determines your direction and where you end up…

You should be consistently verifying that you are going in the direction you want, the direction you NEED on a daily basis.

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Many times it doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the information you believe you need, what you need will come – people are ALWAYS willing to help, they will bring more ideas, strategies, thoughts, even coffee sometimes 🙂

Does not take much to look around the country and see MANY are not happy with the direction our country has been taking lately – yet how many of you are taking ANY form of action at ANY level to change that?

Your actions do not have to be the cure-all for what is happening, however, your actions – singularly as well as collectively as a group – can be the discerning factor in which direction your local and State takes.

Find people who are talking about what you see that needs attention – you will discover even more people with the same focus once the group of you get going

No one is born a leader yet many leaders are born — out of actions.

Some important questions for you at this point will help you focus on what is already within you that could surface as a calling…

  • What pains you the most? makes you almost, if not, cry?
  • What gets your blood boiling?
  • What has been eating at you that you have not acted upon?

Once you have yourself centered with the above questions, start with these for direction…

  • Who do you talk to in your community and/or local government to get started?
  • What skills and knowledge do you bring to the table?
  • When will you act? When can you act (we all have time limitations)?
  • Where can you find others that want to do the same thing?
  • Why do you want to do something (what motivates you)?
    And the biggie…
  • How do you get started?

A great example comes out of District One in Arkansas – they have put together a couple of videos that help with these very questions.

The county doesn’t matter, what matters is that everyone needs to know, needs to learn is a principle taught in the Civics classes that were removed by the Liberal education system.

After viewing and listening to both, you need to discover where in your local and State jurisdictions you can find these same people.

Wishing you could do something never gets you anywhere – reaching for something always brings you to what you want

The ‘who’ is important as it determines the direction you end up taking  – qualify who you listen to…

The ‘what’ is important as they can be utilized by those you are helping — and they are just seeds to more skills and knowledge you can gain along the way…

The ‘when’ should ALWAYS be now unless there are life-critical situations around you – once you put something aside for a later time, when later arrives you will be saving it yet again for a later time. Find out what motivates you to get something done! Passivity is the biggest killer of dreams, ideas, lifestyles – ever notice regrets always start with “what if I had…”?

The ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ are going to be determined by your attitude, your mindset, your perspective, and to a degree, your location…

That’s where these videos come in…

District One Arkansas is taking a GREAT first step in getting the future they want for their area.

Take notes, pay attention to the details…

Above all, share this with those around you – don’t qualify who you share it with, let them qualify themselves…

VIDEO: Be Present – There Is Only One Chance to Save America

Video can be seen here if not available above
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Before getting to the video description, this could be ANY county, ANY State in the USA…

Your county, your family’s county, the county next to you…

This video happens to be produced by District One in Arkansas

Again, the county doesn’t matter, what matters is that everyone needs to know, needs to learn is a principle taught in the Civics classes that were removed by the Liberal education system.

That principle is this – the collective action of local actions ALWAYS has a national impact.

Given most counties are in the same boat, have had the same controlling, divisive, and freedom-limiting actions placed upon them at ALL levels of government, knowing others not only have experienced the same but are having success in their pushbacks is critical to making that national impact – then you can see that local actions can have a national impact.

Many of you do not know where to start – this is 1 of 2 videos to give you a direction.

Becoming involved in your school board meetings is another direction – one of which is to have a MAJOR impact not only locally and State-wide but nationally as well.

Doing something is better than doing nothing – everything will come to you as you push back, as you learn, as others arrive to back you.

Stop looking for excuses why you can’t and
start seeking reasons why you should…

Only one previous generation has been through this before and the Liberal education system is doing as much as they can to make sure you know as little about them as they can permit.

And what they do permit you to know is so full of lies you become confused.

That generation is that of our Founding Fathers.

They learned that one can put 1000 to flight, 2 can put 10,000 to flight, and they also learned that 3 or more can form an unbreakable cord…

VIDEO: We the People – ANY District, ANY State

Video can be seen here if not available above
Be sure to visit our Bitchute channel (archive) for all our latest videos!

From the video description…

We the People
First Congressional District Republican Party of Arkansas

Our country is at a tipping point due to pervasive outside influences in our media and politics.

This directly affects our legislative, legal, education, financial, election and healthcare systems.

Like millions of patriots across this country, if you are ready to defend our constitution and moral principles for generations to come, then through our faith in God, it’s time to pick a lane and take a stand.

This site shows you how to get involved on a local and state level by joining your county committee and also by attending county and district meetings and events.

We present simple, yet effective steps on how to run for office and how you can support your fellow constitutionalists in office to make the change we all want to see in the world.

Courageous patriots from all four districts in Arkansas and across America have made this a national movement.

We are the Party of We the People.

In the coming days, we will show you steps on how to get involved in your county.

To stay connected and receive updates, please join us through this simple contact form.

Thank you and God bless you, and God bless America.

< end of video description >

Your Next Step

These 2 videos are only 1 of more than 3000 counties in our country – we need ALL counties to make such a decisive stance in enrolling, encouraging, and guiding you – We the People.

And YOU can make the difference – if you want to…

To search for the electoral commissions in your State and county, use a search engine like Duck Duck Go, Qwant, or StartPage – you can bookmark them or add them to your list of preferred search engines in your browser.

Always avoid Google and Microsoft services and products as much as possible – we have only two items left to be totally free of either – cell phones (Linux phones exist, are expensive, but the prices are coming down very soon!]).

Use this template for your search (without the quotes): “election commission <State>” or “election commission <your county name>”

Remember it is a process and a growth experience – like anywhere else, you will learn whose voices you can trust and whose you cannot.

If you need assistance in getting started, just drop us a line to our telegram help desk by clicking here or use our contact page to send us an email (both will open in a new tab).

In Closing

Ben Franklin – and many of our Founding Fathers – knew this experiment in a democratic republic would require the involvement of the people. What made them nervous was out of 3 million people in the Colonies at the time of our war for independence, only 3% of the population became involved.

Freedom isn’t free, the expression goes – and it is true.

We did not keep our Liberties and Freedoms since 1776 by sitting back and wondering what someone else is going to do – until the last 60+ years, we fought for it all.

So what happened?

Liberalism – the seed to Socialism, Communism, and Marxism – was allowed to creep into our education system, our news, our everyday existence.

And we are paying a price for that passivity by finding ourselves in need of decisively protecting our country – even if it comes to bloodshed.

Knowledge and wisdom can avoid that bloodshed – but not the knowledge of Liberalism.

Sixty years ago, the Liberal education system purposely removed Civics from our schools’ curriculum – among many other subjects – and they did so for a reason.

Today, we have a generation (perhaps 2) that are ignorant of their rights, how our government works, who really has the power to make changes – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Time to return our rights, freedoms, and liberties to where they belong – with you, with We the People.

It only takes action to make it happen.


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Conspiracy Of Silence Is a documentary film detailing an alleged child sex scandal that involved many children from a Nebraska Institution, Boys Town, and Lawrence King - or Lawrence "Larry" King.

The organized child sex parties implicated the Reagan and Bush White House during the 1980s.

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