How Liberals Have Turned Racism Into a Business Globally

Originally published: 2020-06-11 04:57:59

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The Business Plan

It is apparent that despite the ranting, the riots, the rhetoric, and the repugnant reporting, Black Lives Do Not Matter to Black Communities, nor to Black Politicians, nor to the Liberal left, nor the European Union, and obviously not to Islamists.

The exception to this absolute is only when a white person (or in the totally unlikely event, a Zionist) is deemed responsible for the demise of the black victim.

If an individual, group, or organisation is not representative of either of those descriptive collective, then those enacting the most repulsive protests or rioting are not concerned for the victim.

Business Strategy: Have Thugs Carry Out the MSM Con

The death of George Floyd has further exposed the gap between morally decent and morally indecent individuals.

It has further highlighted the bewildering incompetence and prejudices within the mainstream media in their remarkable support, understanding, and sympathy with those undertaking extreme, criminal acts terrifying the decent, silent majority.

I shall not be silenced.

No one doubts the unacceptable behaviour of the unprofessional and criminal tactics by the police that lead to the death of Mr. Floyd.

To react in the manner that we have witnessed is mob rule, fascist, and must be challenged and punished.

If not democracy, as we know it, is finished.

Let us acknowledge the truth and that is simply those protesting about the death of George Floyd are

  • not interested in righting wrongs
  • nor in reversing racism
  • nor worried about inequality regarding minorities
  • nor the horrors inflicted on black people

Their concerns are simply with supporting the mob, stealing goods from innocent victims, setting fire to and damaging property and causing violent disruption and social chaos in the hope and expectation of creating continuous challenge to democracy.

In essence, the mob are anarchists and had the imperfect excuse of a black mans death by a white cop to exacerbate the tensions.

As is usual, mainstream media and the political left has sympathy and openly encouraged the mob violence.

It has yet to be seen how successful the criminals will be against the silent majority.

Business Communications: Always Redirect From the ‘Protesters’ Bias and Hypocrisy

The bias and hypocrisy of the protesters is truly bewildering.

Apartheid committed on indigenous black Africans, slaughter, and atrocities committed against indigenous black Africans and slavery committed against indigenous black Africans continues to be perpetrated by Islamists without protest.

I have exposed numerous incidents during the last 2 years of such barbarities and paradoxically it is only Donald Trump’s administration that has offered support by boycotting the perpetrators.

Let’s just reiterate and reconsider this political paradox.

It is truly astonishing, is it not, that the current Administration of the US President Donald Trump, cartooned and lampooned by the global media as racist, leads the only Government in the world to take a stand against an Islamic Apartheid regime committing atrocities against indigenous black Africans.

Where is the Public Relations department of the President?

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Mauritania, for decades, has continued as part of its culture the practice of slavery and Apartheid by the Islamic ruling class against the indigenous, black African population and many nation blocks continue to and indeed wish to increase trade with them.

The EU is certainly within this category – supporting slavery and Apartheid in the hope and expectation of increased, economic activity.

The USA have barred trade with Mauritania in protest.

There have been no global protests in support of the victims and incredibly Trump is portrayed as the racist.

Quite absurd.

Why was South Africa so victimised and Mauritania, committed to and continuing to adopt Apartheid and slavery against the same ethnic victims, treated so differently?

The answer is simple: where the white working class are identified as the perpetrators, they are criminalised – but where Muslims are practising similar behaviour, they are offered encouragement.

Double standards?


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According to the Statistics Office, as of the 3rd quarter of 2018, Europe remained the biggest trading partner of Mauritania (captured a little more than 49% of total trade), followed by Asia (more than 30% of total trade) .

In recent decades there have been four genocides and numerous conflicts in Africa resulting in the slaughter, starvation, and ethnic cleansing of millions of indigenous black Africans.

Examples are

  • Rwanda
  • Central African Republic
  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Slavery perpetrated by Muslims on indigenous black Africans is and has been a way of life in Libya, Sudan, and Mauritania.

In the Sahel region of Africa – Mali, Burundi, Chad, Niger, and Burkino Faso – black Africans are regularly butchered by Islamist groups and indeed within the parameters of inter tribal factionalism.

The silence from those currently protesting about the death of George Floyd is deafening.

Where are the Church leaders?

Where is CNN and the BBC?

Where is the EU and UN?

Where are those protesting civilians we currently witness creating so much havoc?

Where are our liberal politicians?

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It should come as no surprise that genocides, slavery, and Apartheid are not considered worthy of protest by those same groups causing destruction while using the death of one black man as their excuse.

The genocides are not being committed by white Christians nor Zionists but by other ethnic collectives mainly non white, black and Muslim.

Such atrocities are tolerated.

The Voice of the Righteous

I repeat,
only the Administration of the much mocked Donald Trump
has stood up and economically boycotted the perpetrators.

Re-read that for a while – take it in and circulate to the mob.

They will not be impressed and find the truth, as they often do, extremely unpalatable.

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