by Peter A. Baum, originally published 19-October-2018

Things on my mind: They told me I’d never be good at poetry because I’m dyslexic, but so far I’ve made three jugs and a vase!

Prolific Permission for the Murdering of Journalists

The death of a Saudi journalist in Turkey has created apoplectic outrage in the western media. Each day since the demise of the unfortunate Arab, the BBC and CNN have orgasmically covered the story at the prospect that European Union Nations and Global Investors will embarrass both the Saudi Government and the Trump administration.

Undoubtedly, both are feeling pressured much to the delight of the media and the EU. I assure you, we in the UK have had saturation news coverage on this event and all from an anti-Saudi and anti-Trump bias.

Unsurprisingly there was only vague news coverage when the Maltese journalist Daphne Galicia was blown up by a car bomb earlier this year with implications that the Maltese Government were complicit.
Similarly, the murder of Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova again with potential Government complicity attracted no media attention whatsoever.
Neither did the murders of Slovakian journalists Jan Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova who had made the connection between organised crime and the Slovakian Government.

Despite mass protests in both Malta and Slovakia, the western media considered these horrific events in European Union countries unworthy of anything other than a nebulous mention let alone the rabidly obsessed media output we are currently being exposed to surrounding Mr Khashoggi – who was incidentally a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

The paradox is that Turkey – where his death occurred – regularly jail, torture, and murder opposition journalists but Erdogan has attracted no criticism from the media for these brutal acts and even more paradoxical is the fact that the European Union wish to increase trade with Iran which has an abominable record of brutality to journalists who are critical of the Iranian regime.

Clearly, mainstream US and UK media have zero interest in the murders of journalists unless of course the supposed victims were opposed to Governments unfashionable among the political elite.

Double standards and nauseating hypocrisy are prerequisites for the BBC and CNN.

I cannot help but feel that had the Saudis been strategically adept, going on the offensive by exposing the above examples, they would not have been subject to the kind of media frenzy they are currently experiencing.

And this leads me nicely into 2 other areas, one of strategy and the other of further media bias.

UK Strategy and Bias

According to the polls, there is a possibility that the next Government in the UK could be Jeremy Corbyn’s fascist, left-wing Labour Party. Numerous members and supporters of this truly vile group are rabidly antisemitic and their values are aligned to the old Soviet Union.

They are supportive and sympathetic to terrorists as validated by their historical links to and support of the IRA, Hamas, and Hezbollah.

In the same way that I believe the Saudi strategy was at best ill-advised, probably non-existent, I believe that the current UK Tory Government are being professionally incompetent tactically when challenging the Corbyn momentum.

I think the Tories should concentrate on gaining support from those groups that Labour purposely offend and scorn.

The Labour Party have utter contempt for the following demographics –

Royalists – they would rather a Republic and believe all the UK Royal family are State-sponsored sycophants. The Royals have huge support within the United Kingdom and abroad as Prince Harry and Megan’s current Australia tour verify.

The Armed Forces and their families – Labour are at the fore in the hounding of the military whenever an allegation is made against them irrespective of proof. This exposes not only their conscientious objection ideology but more sinister is their hatred for those that keep us safe. Examples are that army personnel threatened with legal action, who served in Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Police – mimicking their hatred of the military, the Police also are blamed by the Labour party whenever there is a complaint of police brutality or overzealous actions against drug dealers and Muslim paedophiles. Both the Shadow Home Secretary, the incompetent Diane Abbot and her equally incompetent colleague Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Minister have both been highly critical of the police forces nationally.

The White Working Class – Labour were once reliant on their support but now immigrant families and their needs come way before the indigenous population and the rift is widening. ‘White van men’ were openly mocked by Labour politicians. Those who were UKIP supporters or indeed those supporting the rather interesting Football Lads Alliance should be courted by Tories in addition to the old core white working class voters.

The Black Working Class – The Labour Party has been silent on the slaughter and slavery of indigenous black Africans by Islamic militias and slavers. Surely the Black community within the UK should protest – do Black Lives Matter – not to Labour apparently. So contemptuous and arrogant are the Labour party, they have ignored the black working and middle classes for decades.

The non-Muslim immigrant Community – The Labour party are reluctant to be critical of Muslims as they see them as offering support in swing areas. For example, Pakistani paedophiles were deemed Asian and not Pakistani by Labour during a national investigation which lead to numerous convictions. Indeed Labour Members of Parliament described the investigations as racially motivated. The Sikh and Hindu communities should find a natural home within the Tory party given their work ethic and the support Labour has for an independent Kashmir.

The commuters in the South of England who, for the last three years, have been subject to strikes needlessly but spitefully undertaken by the RMT Union with Labours full backing. Apart from the daily inconvenience and human pressure, house owners have seen their assets devalued by these strikes as commuters avoid and want to leave the areas affected.

Christians – Labour scorns Judaeo Christian values – they are utterly contemptuous of Church attendees as atheism is their ideology.

Strategically, the Tory Party need to sharpen up and I think they should target those demographics I’ve listed.

CNN Strategy and Bias

Each time I turn on to CNN all I see is the anti-Donald Trump rhetoric, the output which is exceptionally incomprehensible, some output just pseudo-intellectual contempt and some plain mockery.

With all the effort put into embarrassing and finding grounds for impeaching the President, CNN once a shining light for investigative journalism and current affairs is actually now an entertainment channel with a one-trick pony.

Serious news reporting is not part of their current agenda.

They virtually ignored bar minor reference to the quite staggering positive economic news regarding jobs and job vacancies especially within the poorest demographics within the USA.

Republic of Ireland Strategy and Bias

The Irish Republican political parties are exposing their ignorance is paralleled only by their bigotry.

Their support for terrorist groups similar to the UK Labour party is exacerbated by the support they give to Nazi collaborators.

They are morally reprehensible and lack human decency.

I shall elaborate.

In the UK negotiations to leave the European Union, the Irish border question is a major stumbling block and the Republic of Ireland are nothing more than the puppets whose strings are being pulled by the Brussels bureaucrats.

To all those who fought and died against the Nazis in the Second World War so that Ireland, despite its duplicity and Republican support for the Nazis could be free from totalitarianism, are spitting on their graves.

Apart from this anti-UK stance, they are reinvigorating their antisemitism which has always run through the veins of Irish Republicans by leading the Europeans in attempts to boycott Israel.

Let’s just review the past Irish republican behaviour during the fight against the Nazis, assess their current policy and you tell me if I am being overly sensitive.

The Irish had all Nazi sympathisers in their European embassies including the notorious collaborator Charles Bewley during WW2.

The Irish Republicans openly supported and collaborated with the Nazi hierarchy in an effort to get the Nazis to invade Ireland. The IRA publication War News of November 23 1940 applauded the Nazis conquest of Europe.

The Irish Parliament during the war years openly supported Hitler’s policies- Oliver Flanagan to thunderous applause stated as much. It did no harm to his political career as he became Minister of Defence in the Republican Government of Charles Haughey in the 1970s; Only one Irish Politician in the wartime Irish Parliament, James Dillon of Fine Gael, stated that Ireland should join the fight against the Nazis.

The Irish gave up the names of their Jewish population to the Nazis at the Waansee Conference in expectation of a Nazi invasion.

The Irish turned away 600 French Jewish children from entering Ireland – the kids were gassed in the concentration camps.

The Irish allowed wanted Nazi war criminals to escape justice and even allowed many to live in an open society in Ireland including the original ‘Butcher of the Balkans’ Andrija Artukovic; others they allowed to live freely were Pieter Mentens, Albert Folens, and Oskar Skorzeny.

The Irish were the only country in the world to offer condolences on the death of Hitler.

The Irish were the only country in the world to physically and financially punish those few Irishmen who fought against the Nazis and having survived the war returned to Ireland – if they wore their medals openly they were beaten up and spat at and their families taunted; they were disqualified from Government pensions, nor allowed to work for Irish Government Institutions, contractors and suppliers.

Mary Lou McDonald, the current Sinn Fein leader, and numerous Sinn Fein members participated in a commemoration ceremony honouring Nazi collaborators.

She leads the Irish political block who are attempting to isolate the only Jewish State in their supposed support for the Palestinians.

The Republicans pretend to be pro-Palestinian but when challenged they don’t even know the name of one indigenous Palestinian prior to 1964 nor the names of any war, battle or conflict fought by Palestinians from 300 BC to 1948.

Nor do they know what Palestinians call themselves in their mother tongue.

The Republicans have never – I repeat never – protested about the Killing of 27,000 Palestinians by the Hashemites and Pakistanis as well as the subsequent ethnic cleansing of 100,000 plus as a direct consequence of this slaughter.

The Republican Irish have never protested about the killing of 10,000 Palestinians by Iraqi and Iranian Shia militias after the bombing of the Al-Askari Mosque nor the ethnic cleansing of 40,000 as a direct result of these killings.

The Irish Republicans have never protested about the summary executions of two hundred Palestinians because they were gay and opposed to Hamas.

The Irish Republicans never protested about the mass killings of 4000 Palestinians by Syrian, Russian and Iranian troops in Syria. I can go on – I need not as you will identify that pro-Palestinianism is the cowardly Republican way of saying Jew-hatred.

Ireland still shamefully displays memorials to other Nazi collaborators – Sean Russell, Sean McCool, Tom Barry and Sean McBride.

The racist Republicans are clearly antisemites and the silence from non-Republican Irish politicians to challenge the Republicans amounts to assent.

I wonder how the Nazis would have treated Leo Varadkar, the gay, non-Aryan Irish Taoiseach.

I implore you to individually impose BROIGAS – Boycott Republic Of Ireland And Services.

No visits – pleasure or business and no purchasing of any goods, made, processed or packaged in the Republic of Ireland.

No going to Irish racecourses or owning horses trained in Ireland and definitely move any funds held in custodian accounts domiciled in Ireland.

Iran Strategy and Bias

It has been a bad few weeks for the Iranians. Despite their attempts at censorship, social media exposed the riots in a number of towns, the chants of death to Palestinians, the strike by lorry drivers, and more recently, the killing and kidnapping of scores of Iranian troops on the Pakistan border.

In addition the Russians, Syrians, and United Nations have successfully diluted Iran’s influence in Syria by the reopening of the Quneitra crossing in Israel’s Golan Heights. The Iranians are livid. High fives!

The Palestinian Absolutes

I recently interviewed The Green Prince, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas, for a charity event hosted by Magen David Adom and I hope it will soon get posted on YouTube.

Editor’s note: you may already know Mr Yousef from the following video seen by millions globally…

I tell you this not to boost my credibility, but to pass on some useful hints when debating the Israel Palestinian issue.

The most relevant issue raised for me during the hour interview was simply that the impasse and hostilities between the two sides will not cease until the Palestinians rise up and overthrow their fascist rulers.

These are absolutes, not opinions or speculations, but realities according to the Son of Hamas, the Green Prince.

I now feel totally at ease and confident when discussing this subject with the most aggressive pro-Palestinian individuals.

My disciplined research signifies to me that I am as well informed on the Religious, Legal, and Historical facts as anyone out there.

Let me just pass on a couple of facts to help those of you challenge the anti-Israel/anti-Jewish State and probably antisemitic mob that you will find at dinner parties, university campuses or on social media.

Their narrative will go something along these lines…

The Palestinians were the indigenous people.

The Palestinians had their lands stolen from Jewish immigrants who kicked them out of their homes and Jerusalem, their third most sacred city, and made them refugees during a genocide.

So let’s just ask a few questions about them…

  • Given the geographical area has been subject to numerous invasions from 3000 BC to 1948 AD is there one, just one, battle war or skirmish the indigenous Palestinians ever fought against these invaders? And the year?
  • Who was the leader of the indigenous Palestinians during this conflict?
  • If no Palestinian warrior leaders existed then at least the name of an indigenous Palestinian Imam, writer, prince, princess, king, queen, astrologer, historian ….any indigenous Palestinian will do.
  • How many times does Jerusalem appear in the Koran?
  • What do the Palestinians call themselves in their mother tongue – this is interesting as the usual answer is Fellastin which is the Arab equivalent for Philistines who came from Greece and became extinct in 1200 BC in which case the Palestinians should claim Corfu or Crete as their nation-state! There is no sound for the letter ‘P’ in Arabic thus why would Palestinians call themselves a name they cannot pronounce or after extinct invaders from Greece?
  • What was the Palestinian currency?
  • Did any explorers or travellers write about an indigenous Palestinian people, habitat, culture, language – if so who are these historical writers?

I think you get the picture…

Finally, A Plea From Myself

My objectives in continuing to post pro-Israel output are to challenge the constant flow of antisemitic narrative that is connected to Israel and additionally to identify facts in an effort to persuade interested readers that the media is guilty of reporting myths.

If each and every one of you finds my input convincing and shares it with your contact base then our message will reach an audience that will be helpful in achieving our aims.

I beg you – please share widely or at least encourage your contacts to follow me in order that they may decide for themselves.

Prestigious Kuwaiti Arab Writer says Israel is a Legitimate State


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