Hey CBS! Just How Thick Are You? Seriously! Trump Warned, You Yawned, He Delivered

Originally published: 2016-11-15 02:32:33

In the 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl (which you can see here), President-Elect Donald J. Trump warned he would not let go of the 28 million plus followers as that is collateral for him and can be used to hold the Main Stream Media accountable, even more so if they should lie about him.

The implications were that the MSM is now a has been and social media will be the preferred method of communication if the MSM does not get their act together.

Apparently President-Elect Trump should have sent them a list of conditions in which he would use social media as CBS proved Trump right in his position: they withheld a plea Trump made for the demonstrators to stop — and held it for 2 days.

Just how thick are the decision makers at CBS?


If the situation were reversed and Trump or Pence did the same thing that CBS did, we ALL know CBS as well as the left would be all over them — and rightly so — for weeks!

The descriptions for such a decision in the face of reality goes on — thick, dense, stupid, ignorant…

Trump just shellacked the MSM, the DNC and the left because most were not paying much attention to social media (as well as the numbers attending the rallies) unless Trump came back at someone for a wrong doing or incorrect information.

If the left HAD been paying attention to the conversation on the social media instead of their own close knit group then the election would not have been that big of a surprise…

Heck, the turnouts alone to both Hillary’s and Trump’s rally should have been raising a HUGE red flag but you ignored that as well…

In the last weeks, it was 20:1 in attendance for Trump at the rallies

Actually, social media and the rallies were raising huge red flags and the left still missed it.

Then all hell broke loose as the MSM, the DNC, and the left would take the content of all the events and ignore the context.

The entire left got pounced upon but good by the right as I don’t recall once when the context was presented (unless by Trump himself nonetheless).

All during the elections, the left was not able to hold onto any of their accusations for very long.

The left was — and still is — metaphorically eating a fish sandwich only to find themselves getting slapped hard in the face by one… And they are still eating the sandwich!



Ignorance is no the word for moments like this as ignorance implies there is a capability to learn…

The evidence is overwhelming that left is NOT learning (and some on the right as well!)…

The evidence is also overwhelming that Trump is being as compassionate as anyone can be with the left – and doing so in spite of themselves…

Which means the left has unprotected themselves and can be justly called pathetic, thick, dense., stupid, ignorant… the descriptions go on…


! ! ! Context Matters ! ! !

You REALLY need to wake up unless you love having the fish tail slapping the hell out of you because the more you tolerate the more nothing is going to change..

Or are you REALLY into masochism, narcissism, and collectivism that much?

IF you are, look around — it’s not working out for you very well…

If you are, read some history books printed before the 1960’s about Collectivism — didn’t work out for them very well either…

Why before the 1960’s?

That’s when your persuasion started messing around with our textbooks, especially history textbooks, with your political correctness and buried the hard truth that sharpens any sword and wit with the sponge of your political correctness that can’t sharpen squat never mind wit.

Get over yourselves already!

But — in all fairness, you have to right to speak what you want, but you don’t have the entitlement to look intelligent doing so.

You have to earn it.

Go for it, no one likes a loser, everyone loves to see themselves and others learn…

We’re waiting…

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