by Garrett O’Brien & John Kunkle, originally published 14-November-2016

Editor’s Note:

We are going to start straight out by saying that California, Oregon, and any State that should be contemplating the same have not counted the costs of making such a drastic move as secession.

They would be isolated and most likely considered an enemy by the U.S. government even if they could somehow successfully secede from the Union – no Federal funding at any level, no military, and most likely not very amiable allies from afar.

As for CA and OR, there has not been enough time for them to properly and thoroughly plan to do so, and discernment says secession would not be the wisest of moves given their level of financial debt right now, especially California’s [California debt clock] [Oregon debt clock].

Financially, they are setting themselves up for a major problem on oh-so-many levels.

Legally, the very heart of our 14th Amendment makes it treasonous never mind unconstitutional to do so.

If they keep pursuing their attempt to secede, there are other consequences besides financial, all of which have not gone very well at all levels in the past.

This post is from something John Kunkle shared on our business Facebook account (from which we have since been banned) – it is republished here with his blessings, and he is concerned as he lives in California…

John brings up some very interesting history in the form of the results of the last attempt for seceding as well as some words of warning to California politicians — or any other state contemplating such as drastic and costly action as Oregon this past weekend also threw their hat into the ring…

Solving a problem created by debt…
by creating more debt is a fool’s errand
~ Oliver Sarkozy


In 1861 the Southern states attempted to secede from the Union.

There was a 4-year civil war that resulted in 10% of the nation as casualties of that war.

After the war, the southern states were held in 10 military districts for 10 years — just like Germany and Japan after WW2.

Many people in those states lost their money, their property, and their lives.

And they lost their right to secede.

The resentment from that period lasted 100 years and resulted in the KKK and Jim Crow laws.

During that time, the 14th Amendment was passed making all Americans citizens of the US Federal Government.

Prior to that, people were citizens of their states.

In short, as 14th Amendment citizens, Californians don’t have the right to secede and will end up as the southern states did after the civil war.

Try and secede and you will end up occupied by U.S. troops.

Many people will be hurt and most likely some killed.

Many people involved as partisans in the movement will lose their freedom, their property, and their family.

The economy of the state will be in shambles as all businesses with the exception of agriculture will most likely leave the state.

High-tech businesses are not brick and mortar and can function anywhere and they will despite their owners voicing support for the movement.

As a result of all this violence, expect greater supervision from the federal government in all those areas where the protests are taking place.

This is not the way to go about achieving your goals.

You will not like the end result of this.


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