by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 12-November-2017

With the slow bastardization of the definition of religion and faith by our Liberal education system, religion and faith are taken interchangeably — that is a mistake.

Conservatives permitted the Liberals to remove the Bible from our public education system in 1963 and then they went politically correct with any words related to either faith or religion, slowly blurring their real derivations.

In short, religion is man’s doctrine and explanation of faith.

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Faith is the acceptance of what can’t be seen nor envisioned as real – in this case, God.

Then we have truth – the truth isn’t a matter of a correct perception but a matter of a righteous perception.

Christ established this fact when addressing the Sadducees who, unfortunately, believed they had the correct perception of faith.

What they had was doctrine based upon their politics within the synagogue – have to remember, politics and religion, as well as faith, were not separated from each other until the 1700s

Throughout the Bible, however, faith does not require doctrine – never has, never does, never will…

Faith only requires you to let go of ALL your beliefs so God can do what you have asked for, and prayed for — it is as anti-Babylonian as it gets.

Babylonians – like today’s Liberals – wanted their people entirely dependent upon the State, not one another, not any God.

As faith only requires you to let go of ALL your beliefs so God can do what you have asked for and prayed for, then religion is synonymous with pouring perfume on a casket.

Religion is designed to serve man in the end through the means of God.

Faith is designed to serve man in the end through God – both as a means and an end.

In the end, God is not supposed to find a means to have man in His presence.

In the end, it is the man who is supposed to find the means to have God in his presence.

Atheism and agnostics have no room for this — which isn’t very wise as wouldn’t it be far better to reach for God while alive and find out afterward there is no God as opposed to being adamant there is not God only to find out afterward there is?

Knowledge may be power but wisdom and discernment is its fuel…

Without either of the latter, we have nothing but intellectual fools toying with the former.

Back to religion and faith…

The challenge of religion is to keep a body of believers aligned to how man believes God is — what they should be doing is keeping their body of believers focused on the Bible as it is written, why it was written, and what keeps it so intact since it has 40 authors who never knew each other and wrote it over 2000+ years with the same consistency.

If you didn’t know, the Bible was never really the Bible as well know it until the 1600s – before then, it was a collection of books for Christians, the Torah of the Jews (Old Testament).

We forget that everything around us started with an idea – nothing came into being on its own accord, ever.

As there are only 2 spiritual realms, then there are two sources from where ideas come from — we have to choose which to listen to…

The devil is allowed to roam the Earth for one and only one reason — God uses him to magnify His own glory.

When you learn that things don’t happen TO you but FOR you, you open yourself up to His blessings and the enemy loses all power over you.

You have every right to NOT believe there is a God – but no one has any right to infringe on the freedoms and Liberty of those that do.

Faith grows through use – as does doubt, meaning we always have a choice in which to strengthen.

Religion can never strengthen your faith, only your choices in exercising your faith will do that.

At this moment, you probably have more faith that certain negative events will happen than you do in God doing what you pray for – and yet you wonder why you’re prayers aren’t answered.

Faith is having a vision for a future that you can’t make real at this moment but can through decisive actions, persistent efforts, and just plainly never giving up.

Faith is also having a vision of God that is real, based upon the writings in the Bible – not in the teachings of any doctrines contrived by man.

All you need to do is let go of your beliefs that God doesn’t have any interest in you…

From what we have read, He is a very intentional God – everything He has created He puts value into it.

In other words, God doesn’t make any junk, we do – stop making junk, it never works.

If you don’t know where to get started, this website – YouVersion.coom – will help you to get started, just click the image below…


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Garrett is the owner of DecisiveLiberty.News. Formerly a Liberal then a Republican, Garrett has seen political parties by default look out for themselves and not the people. Garrett now focuses specifically on our Constitution as it is written. He uses Decisive Liberty as a platform to provide a voice to those that believe neither political party are protecting our Constitution nor our Rights to their fullest as our Founding Fathers wrote them in the First 10 Amendments. For the moment, Garrett resides in Brazil with his wife.

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BANNED DOCUMENTARY: Conspiracy Of Silence (1993)

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The organized child sex parties implicated the Reagan and Bush White House during the 1980s.

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