Faith, Religion, Perception

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Religion is man’s doctrine and explanation of faith.

Truth is not a matter of a correct perception but a matter of a righteous perception.

Christ established this fact when addressing the Sadducees who unfortunately believed they had the correct perception of faith.

Throughout the Bible, however, faith does not require doctrine – never has, never does, never will…

Faith only requires you letting go of ALL your beliefs so God can do what you have asked for, prayed for — it is as anti-Babylonian as it gets.

That being so, then religion is a perfume poured on a casket.

Religion is designed to serve man in the end through the means of God.

Faith is designed to serve man in the end through God – both as a means and an end.

In the end, it is not God who is supposed to find a means to have man in His presence.

In the end, it is man who is supposed to find the means to have God in man’s presence.


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