Evidence – Empirical or Otherwise – for Palestinians is Where Again?

Why does everyone believe that the Palestinians were ever a race?

Palestinian was a collective pronoun for everyone who lived in that geographical area known as Palestine inclusive of many races, original nationalities – assuming such nations had been formed, and religions.

Historically from time immemorial there has never been and there is still not a Palestinian race.

Therefore anyone using the 2 word terminology of ‘Palestinian race ‘ would be as factually incorrect as connecting race to Mermaids or Garden Gnomes.

Logically therefore the reverse of this would be to describe opponents of Palestinians as racist.

Unless of course such intellectual incompetents would describe as racist someone who refused to house Garden Gnomes on his property.

A race has

  • a unique culture
  • a unique  language
  •  aunique religion
  • indigenous historical leaders
  • historical manuscripts
  • unique artifacts and treasures
  • a unique currency, and certainly
  • a unique name in their historical language

If the Palestinian language is for example Arabic, then they would not be calling themselves Palestinians as there is no sound or pronunciation for the letter ‘ P ‘ in Arabic.

And if they call themselves the Arabic version of Palestinian which is Fellastinian that is Arabic for Philistine ( sea invaders ) and  they unfortunately became extinct circa 1200 BC and came from the Greek Islands.

Moreover, a race would have at least one indigenous, historical individual of fame or given their current animosity to non Palestinians, you would have thought they would have been known for a battle or two against historical conquering invaders.

I cannot find any such individual nor skirmish from the period 3000 BC to 1947.

I conclude there is no such historical nor indigenous race nor people known as Palestinians.

The overwhelming majority of those currently referred to as Palestinians today are Arabs from surrounding countries of Muslim faith who have joined militant political parties to exterminate Jews and / or Zionists and to Islamize the total geographical area called Israel .

This recently named group have been totally reliant on sponsorship mainly from the USA and Europe and are absolutely fantastic at protesting and playing the victim.

They were once exceptional suicide bombers until about 10 years ago.

They hated Jews ( now Zionists ) and are gradually ridding themselves of Christians who once accounted for nearly 20% of their population and now account for approximately 3%.

They could be deemed racist.

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