Easter / Passover Quiz on the Middle East and Israel

Originally published: 2019-04-23 02:38:41

Questions provide direction, correct an incorrect belief, provide an opportunity to embrace conviction — or guilt.

Rules for this quiz are simple:
(1) Obtain a blank sheet of paper, a pen or a pencil
(2) Give yourself up to 5 minutes to complete this quiz without interruption
(3) Writing IDK or “I do not know” is a legitimate answer (though does not count to the final score), and finally…
(4) On your word & honor – NO LEAVING THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE DONE!
(5) SAVE that piece of paper, we will provide answers at the bottom of this post on Friday of this week (26-April)…

Editor’s Overview

This quiz is here to see what YOU know about the Middle East, about Israel — we do not keep anyone’s score, which is why you have it on your sheet of paper and not answering here.

Questions provide direction, correct an incorrect belief, provide an opportunity to embrace conviction or guilt.

It is your choice whether to run to from conviction and towards guilt – or towards conviction and away from guilt.

ALL of us have that choice – and feeling you are convicted you are right is just that: a feeling, nothing else.

We present the questions here for your own assessment of your true knowledge of these topics.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Question 1

How many times is Jerusalem mentioned in the Koran?

Question 2

Please name and date any battle or war fought against any foreign invaders or domestic opponents by indigenous Palestinians between the year 3000 BC and 1948 AD…

Question 3

Name the indigenous Palestinian leaders during the above…

Question 4

a) what was the Palestinian currency between these periods?
b) what was the language spoken by the indigenous Palestinians?
c) what was the name of their main place of habitat or capital city?
d) what historical artifacts have ever been discovered validating the existence of indigenous Palestinians?

Question 5

Why was there no mention of Jerusalem in the Palestinian Charter of 1964?

Question 6

Do the Palestinian and / or Hamas Charters call for –

a) the liquidation of Israel?
b) the extermination of Jews?
c) the subservience to Islam of all other religions?

Question 7

Which European country still has open memorials on display honouring Nazi collaborators?

Question 8

Which was the only country in the world to send condolences on the death of Hitler?

Question 9

Which was the only country in the world to actively assist wanted Nazi war criminals to escape justice and allow others to live openly within their political and social elite?

Question 10

Which was the only country in the world not to allow 500 children into their country to escape Nazi atrocities simply because they were of the Jewish faith?

Question 11

Which was the only country in the world to financially and physically punish their own nationals for fighting for the Allied powers against the Nazis?

Question 12

Which country promoted one of their Parliamentarians to Minister of Defence and then to Father of the House for sending 500 after sending 500 French children to be gassed in the concentration camps?

Question 13

Which is the only country in the world seeking to make it a criminal offence for its citizens to purchase goods and services from the only Jewish State in the world?

Question 14

How many times did the prophet Mohammad visit Jerusalem?

Question 15

To which people does the Koran in numerous Suras bestow the Land of Israel?

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Answers Will Be Listed Here In the Future

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