DEVELOPING: Kathy Hall Gone Missing Enroute to SCOTUS to Assist In Lawsuit Against Arkansas CPS

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Kathy Hall of Colorado Springs, CO had been working closely with Linda Collins-Smith, a former State Senator in Arkansas, in establishing why $27 million had disappeared in the AR DHS (AR CPS) leading up to the time before Linda had been murdered.

At the time of her disappearance yesterday, she had been working closely with a colleague on a lawsuit against the AR CPS and another state that was being presented to SCOTUS for consideration.

She was being driven to the Denver airport from Colorado Springs by her husband and both have since gone missing.

Her flight was scheduled for 1pm and due to arrive in DC near 9 pm ET.

Calls to their cell phones have gone unanswered – a trace of the phones still points to Colorado Springs.

The last two SMS messages received by anyone were at 11:08 am to let her contact know she was on her way to the airport, the other between 8 and 9 pm saying she was depressed.

It is not known from where the last SMS originated or if was even her.

Anyone with information, please contact us via mail here.

Linda Collins-Smith – AR Senator Tom Cotton – Kathy Hall

UPDATE: Kathy Hall was found to be home in Colorado Springs, she never made it to her flight. GPS pings placed her near the Air Force Academy and for someone that was talking much about her husband during all this is suddenly not say much at all about what happened as well as her husband. There is some suspicious activity about all this, this story may be dormant but it is far from complete.

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4 thoughts on “DEVELOPING: Kathy Hall Gone Missing Enroute to SCOTUS to Assist In Lawsuit Against Arkansas CPS

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      We can safely presume most are carried out without any witnesses — to get away with this many deaths, the killer is a professional and most likely knows the lay of the land as well as who can see what wherever he decides to take anyone down…

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    UPDATE – arrived about 23 min ago…

    Patrick Howley @HowleyReporter
    Kathy Hall is ALIVE in Washington, D.C. She had some kind of experience that was disturbing, I will update in about half an hour.

    Glad to be tagged in, and pursue this to conclusion — still not resolved yet until I get the full story.

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    We have confidential sources that have affirmed the following concerning Kathy Hall…

    – the person calling herself Kathy on the phone and on the social media is displaying an erratic behavior to several she knows closely, even for anyone who may be in a dangerous predicament

    – Building on trust is of the greatest value for anyone in Kathy’s position, all such trust has purposely been shattered – this is not conducive to anyone of Kathy’s character, even in a dangerous position.

    – fake testimonies are possibly being shared electronically that go against the very character grain of those involved, even for character that is under duress (if you find such a video, please provide a link in the comments below or DM us here)

    #WhereIsKathyHall #KathyHall


    A message was left on her twitter account – as we have not had any physical nor visual contact with Kathy, we are keeping our status with here as missing…

    Will update as we get more news…

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