post by Dennis Prager in The Daily Signal on 29-November-2017, updated 14-September-2022
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During my years as a Democrat, it was while working both a State and Senate campaign as a data analyst that one thing stuck out (and this was more than 45 years ago): There is a HUGE amount of time and energy spent on making the people dependent upon the government instead of empowering them to do what they can for themselves.

There is a demeanor, without a doubt, of an ‘I-am-your-Savior’ complex running high both then and more so now within the Democrat party.

As most of this was just not sitting well with me, I stopped being involved in politics for a while to stand back and sort things out.

It was after a few years of owning my own business that I realized that it was the Republican Party that focused more on teaching the people to empower themselves that became evident — as well as become a source of wisdom on many levels.

It rang of a Biblical principle: the Democrat Party wants to fish for you, and the Republican party wants to teach you how to fish.

In those 45+ years, the Democrat Party has become even more militant about dumbing people down while the Establishment Republican party — well, it needs to grab its crotch hard and transplant a couple of large brass ones down there.

The Democrat party today is not even a shell of it once was 150+ years ago – all Liberals are Democrats, however, not all Democrats are Liberals – Liberals embrace globalism, not nationalism; they embrace the government being the cure-all for society, not society being its own empowerment to discover what it needs.

In other words, Liberals are Deep State puppets – believing because of what their own leaders say, that they have the ONLY solution for our country, for the world.

As of late, both the RINOs and Democrats are embracing tyranny – do what they say or they will make you suffer the consequences – all within a form of an oligarchy.

It is at the grassroots we find self-sufficiency like it was before, and as far as it has come in the last decade there is still way more room to grow and to learn and relearn.

There is a reason the Democratic Party favors the dependency agenda, you will discover more about the Democratic Party and their dependency agenda in our Deep State Series.

Meanwhile, Dennis Prager’s post starts here…

In almost every area of American life, the better things are, the worse it is for the Democratic Party.

And vice versa.


Even today, after decades of feminism, most Americans agree that it is better for women (and for men)—and better for society—when women (and men) marry.

Yet, when women marry, it is bad for the Democratic Party; and when women do not marry, even after—or shall we say, especially after—having children, it is quite wonderful for the Democratic Party.

Married women vote Republican. Unmarried women lopsidedly vote Democrat.

It is both silly and dishonest to deny that it is in the Democrats’ interest that women not marry.


Blacks who are not angry at America, especially white America, are more likely than those who harbor such anger to vote Republican.

On the other hand, the more a black American considers America a racist society, the more he or she is a guaranteed Democratic voter.

Therefore, it is in the Democratic Party’s interest to ensure that as many blacks as possible regard America negatively.

If Democrats feel it will benefit their party, they will play with fire—the fire of violence.

Take Ferguson, Missouri.

No Democrat or Republican knows what happened in Ferguson just before a black teenager was shot by a white policeman.

The only thing almost any American has known about Ferguson is that a white police officer shot and killed a black teenager.

Yet, while blacks in Ferguson demonstrated, some violently, the reaction of Democrats—both politicians and the mainstream left-wing media—has been to side with the demonstrators.

There does not appear to be any level of black anger at white America that is too much for Democrats, who would rather see riots—no matter how unwarranted—than potentially lose black votes.


The more a Latino assimilates into American society, the more likely he or she is to vote Republican.

On the other hand, the more Latinos continue to identify with the country they or their parents fled, the more likely they are to vote Democrat.

Thus, Democrats and the rest of the left have engaged in two massive undertakings for decades: One has been to label Republicans “nativist,” “anti-Hispanic,” “xenophobic,” and “anti-immigrant.”

The other has been to promote “multiculturalism,” the anti-assimilation doctrine that cultivates ethnic identity over American identity.

Democrats repeatedly assert that America is “a nation of immigrants.” This is undeniable. But there is a big difference today.

In the past, nearly all immigrants sought to become American and to shed their previous national or ethnic identity.

Today, many, perhaps a majority of, immigrants from Latin America do not have that goal.

They come primarily or exclusively for economic benefits (and no one should blame them for doing so).

Meanwhile, under cover of “multiculturalism,” Democrats and the rest of the left cultivate these immigrants’ Latin American identities, knowing that the more American an immigrant feels, the less likely he or she is to vote Democrat.

Victim Identity

Americans who do not see themselves as victims—of an “unfair” or “racist” or “misogynist” society—are more likely to vote Republican.

On the other hand, Americans who see themselves as victims of American society are likely to vote Democrat.

Therefore, the Democratic Party and its supportive media cultivate victimhood among almost all Americans who are not white and male.


The more Americans depend on themselves or on their family or community, the more likely they are to vote Republican.

On the other hand, the more Americans depend on the government—whether for a job or for economic assistance—the more likely they are to vote Democrat.

Therefore, it is in the Democrats’ interest to have more and more Americans depend on the state.

Good for You Is Bad for the Democratic Party

In other words, in almost every area of life, the better things are, the worse it is for the Democratic Party.

Democrats have placed themselves in the role of benefiting from social and moral dysfunction.

And they have embraced this role.

The Democratic Party cultivates singlehood, black anger at America, Latino separatism, victimhood, group grievance, and dependency on government.

Nor is this the only way in which Democrats do terrible damage to America.

They are also tearing America apart, setting women against men (with such falsehoods as “the war on women,” “the rape culture” at American colleges, and the nonsense that “women are paid less for the same work”), blacks against whites, and Latinos against other Americans.

They do this because the fewer women see men as an enemy, the fewer blacks regard whites as enemies, and the more Latinos see themselves as Americans, the worse it is for Democrats.

The Democratic Party has become a wholly destructive force in this country.

Even though you may not intend to, if you vote for any Democrat, you contribute to that damage.


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