by Peter A. Baum, originally published 03-22-March-2019

Israel occupies only 8522 square miles of the entire MENA region (about the size of New Jersey). So why do countries globally and national organizations like the U.N. focus consistently on forcing Israel to submit and not on others in permitting Israel to exist? Why the constant antisemitism?

Where we focus is where we end up — yet, something has to feed that focus… Voices we choose to listen to, false beliefs that go unchallenged, peer pressure are just some of the things that feed our focus… Peter gets into one other that does as well and it is a killer to those that embrace it…

Feeding An Unhealthy Obsession with Israel

​Israel attracts disproportionate exposure from the United Nations, the  BBC, Irish legislators, US  Democratic and UK Labour party, and political activists.

Given that Israel is the only Jewish State in the world, only those with the intellect of a retarded amoeba would conclude that antisemitism is not the reason driving such obsessive scrutiny.

The purpose of this essay is not to prove or disprove what common sense and intuition suggest, but to identify that the designed omission of more important geopolitical issues permits such antisemitism to thrive within global politics and mainstream media.

​Despite at least 6 genocides — post-WWII — statistical evidence verifies that within the UK, Israel heads the league tables of international issues originating from the UK Parliament surpassing Pakistan in 2nd place by 33%.

Given that the Pakistani community is 10 times larger than the Jewish community within the UK, which represents 0.1% of the population, such a rabid obsession with the only Jewish State in the world is sinister.

The statistics verify that UK Parliamentarians were completely disinterested in

  • Rwanda
  • Central African Republic
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Sri Lanka
  • Liberia
  • Angola
  • Sudan

and others where genocides have occurred in the same 70-year time zone.

This is truly disgraceful and identifies the depraved depths that UK  Parliamentarians have plunged to regarding humanity.

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BBC – Bigoted Biased Corp

The BBC has been at the forefront of ensuring that Israel is continuously worthy of more news coverage than any other Middle Eastern, Africa, Asian, or South American country.

The saturation of media attention from BBC is always

  • negative
  • biased
  • professionally incompetent
  • imbecilic and
  • lacking research

The excellent independent, monitoring websites, Honest Reporting, and BBC Watch daily identify the BBC’s anti-Israel bias.

The case of the Palestinian teenager, Ahed Tamimi, is a recent example of the BBC’s rabid obsession with Israel and ensuring the audience’s sympathy with the Palestinians.

Tamimi and her family stage-managed a filmed production of her slapping an Israeli soldier.

He did not react, and remained restrained until Tamimi’s rather ugly mother insisted that the teenager slap the soldier harder and more often.

She was subsequently arrested.

This minor incident appeared on BBC News for 100 consecutive days – more than the genocides in Liberia, Rwanda, Central African Republic, AND the Democratic Republic of Congo combined.

Clearly, Black Lives do not matter to the BBC as much as an adolescent Palestinian.

Now any decent and reasonable human should be outraged at such blatant, saturation coverage of a minor incident and the total omission of reporting of genocides from arguably the most important media brand globally — that is, the BBC.

Yet — the silence is deafening, especially from those black politicians, artists, sportsmen and women, writers, reporters, and the black public.

Where is the outrage?

Why are the lives and deaths of indigenous black Africans who are and have suffered atrocities, human indignities, ethnic cleansing, starvation, and disease of so little importance to global media and to those individuals who should be shouting their outrage from the rooftops and protesting to their Parliamentarians?

Their continued silence is deafening and silence is the moral equivalent of compliance and assent.

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Islam and Christianity

When one considers the atrocities committed by Islamic nations – not only on other Muslims but also on Christians in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and on indigenous black Africans who pass by the United Nations and global media unnoticed – is it any wonder that Israel commands disproportionate attention?

If I were an antisemitic politician, as in the case of the U.K.’s Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Her Majesty’s opposition, or if I were either of the U.S., Jew-hating, Muslim women Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib, I too would not open my racist mouth about atrocities perpetrated by Islam.

Why does the world permit open warfare on Israel while ignoring those countries where human indecency has been and currently still is part of the culture of those numerous countries?

Apartheid was the battlefield of the Liberal left for decades – the poor South African black against the white South African Boer.

It attracted global attention whilst simultaneously 50 miles north genocides were being committed against black Africans but were conveniently and purposely ignored.

Was it because those committing the genocides were neither white nor Zionists?

Apartheid is still being actively cultivated in the Islamic country of Mauritania by Islamists on black Africans and yet this type of Apartheid is fully acceptable to all. It is bewildering but clearly exposes the nauseating hypocrisy not only of those we elect but also of our Governing institutions.

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​Finally, when we consider the atrocities and persecution of Christians globally and the perpetrators are mainly from Islamic countries backed by Governments from those countries, is it any wonder that Muslim politicians are eager to continuously highlight the Palestinians?

Deflecting from Islamic barbarity with the assistance of a professionally incompetent global media and a well-oiled and well-financed Islamic propaganda infrastructure assures that plight of Christians receives no attention.


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About Peter A. Baum

Peter, International Political Affairs Editor to, is a research scholar and pro-Israel activist who challenges the fake news narrative on Israel, Holocaust, Zionism, the Middle East, Anti-Semitism, and racial issues by providing well-documented content and references to original source documents which uncover their fakery. You can find Peter regularly contributing to the subject matter through written articles, TV appearances, and lectures. Peter was chairman of Southend Young Conservatives, a founding member of Southend Friends of Israel, and is currently a delegate on the Board of Deputies and Executive Council member of Fair Reporting. Peter also writes for several newspapers and research global organizations, including the Gatestone Institute.

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BANNED DOCUMENTARY: Conspiracy Of Silence (1993)

Conspiracy Of Silence Is a documentary film detailing an alleged child sex scandal that involved many children from a Nebraska Institution, Boys Town, and Lawrence King - or Lawrence "Larry" King.

The organized child sex parties implicated the Reagan and Bush White House during the 1980s.

King was the ringleader of the sex ring which had links to other fellow political conservatives in Washington D.C., including

  • Republican Lobbyist Craig J. Spence
  • Sen. Elizabeth Dole's Staff, along with
  • members of the financial elite of Nebraska

It features former CIA Director William Colby talking about the high-level child kidnap and sex-slave ring.

The book that was the basis of this movie can be found by clicking here.

Reflections from Decisive Liberty

The following stance is stated in the final paragraph of the oration given for the unveiling of our Statue of Liberty on the 28th of October, 1886....

... there is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and aid in our development; but those who come to disturb our peace and dethrone our laws are aliens and enemies forever.

You can view the full oration by clicking here.

We at Decisive Liberty are committed to this stance and welcome all - if you have not already - to join us in learning to live by this stance.

There are only 2 nations that have placed God within their Constitution: one was created by God for the people He loves, the other created by the people who love Him.

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