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First, we have had a few false starts as well as censorship issues with Facebook, Google, and twitter that kept our attention everywhere in building then rebuilding a following. For this, we thank you our audience as well as God for His grace and continued blessings in keeping this endeavor alive. With the launch of this web site, we gain more freedom and liberty away from the legacy social media platforms that most likely will find themselves becoming public utilities with their continued and relentless attacks on the truth, freedom, personal rights, and liberty.

Our stance is simple and it is reflected in the closing words of the oration given at the dedication of our Statue of Liberty — it applies to those outside as well as inside our border, to non-members as well as members of our groups and here on our web site…

the stance of liberty

click the image to read the entire oration given at the dedication of our Statue of Liberty


For more of what we at Decisive Liberty are about, click here to discover more from our About page…

A Work In Progress

Our previous website had been hosted on and though we still have the domain name with them, it is only being kept for functional purposes. Those with independent websites understand what we mean as some functions in the independent platform require a account. So be it, the only functionality for the general public there is the home page telling everyone we are over here as well as some sidebar links for our veterans.

Originally, we had planned on launching this site with a lot of features. Instead, we are going to add them during the coming months and we are doing this for 2 reasons. First, our launch would have been delayed by a few more months — and second, we are investigating a story that has been in the headlines recently. That is all we are going to say about this for right now – the first segment should be published later this week. Be sure to register for our newsletter to stay updated or follow our social media platforms for its broadcast into the social media environment.

So, let’s talk about some of the features we are planning – those that we have now and those planned in the coming months…

Features for the General Public

  • Latest posts from our contributors and members as well as are archive of posts (500+) from our previous website
  • Access to our education series on our Constitution, The Federalist Papers, How the Judicial Nomination Process Works, Why We Are Not a Democracy, as well as an Introduction to the Deep State (the last item provides a weekly newsletter to provide a segmented and more palatable presentation). Other short series will be published as well.
  • A free daily newsletter providing delivery either first thing in the morning, first thing in the evening, or as each post is published.
  • As we have moved on to alternative social media platforms, our videos will remain in our domain and not linked to YouTube, where possible. Some channels are just slow to learn from the experience of others and are putting their entire inventory of videos at risk (most channels do not keep copies offline, not a very good move).
  • A secured website that stops spam and attacks as they happen thanks to several layers of security
  • An updated listing of what you are missing from not being a member of our site. 🙂

Features Available to Those Who Register

  • All of the above features (save the listing, you already joined!)
  • A bookmark system for this web site – keep track of the posts and pages that you find worthy!
  • Receive our exclusive history and education series (not published in our blog nor web site)
    • our current series focuses on an introduction to the Deep State (you can check it out here)
    • future series includes our an in-depth perspective of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution

And the best reason to register is you — Decisive Liberty is only possible through your continued interest in what is happening, your need and desire to research out the truth, as well as your desire to learn more about what being decisive about Liberty truly is as well as how to protect it.

For the moment,
and as we are rolling the above options out in the near future,
registration with our website is free.

In the future, we will be charging a minimal annual fee to assist with the costs of the features we will be providing (will be so low that monthly payments will not be necessary).
You will be surprised at just how affordable membership will be here!

Features Being Prepped for the Coming Months

General Public

  • More historical and government educational series
  • Feeds from trustworthy news channels and agencies provided the latest up to the minute headlines
  • Other features as you deem necessary or would like

Members Only

  • The features already noted in registration promotion above…
  • Podcasts with our contributors as well as members
  • Discounted specials from advertisers concerning books, education, even fun stuff.
  • In-depth stories and investigations on the latest headlines
  • Content on the good as well as bad pivotal leadership we have had in the past and present – including but not limited to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Nicholas Tesla, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Donald J. Trump for starters
  • Participate in round table once every quarter, online via conference call – recordings will be available to all registered members shortly thereafter.
  • Access to our private library, full of content rich documents and books (500+ and growing! — presently under construction and will not be available to the general public).
  • Members will see ad-free pages and sidebars – posts, however, will retain advertisements
  • Our menu and sidebar will reflect according to your log in status – one for logged out, another for logged in – to minimize redundancies as well as provide more options to our members
  • Video and podcasts – interviews and chats with our contributors and influential members

Our Newsletters

Besides our daily newsletter, ALL of our in-depth and series will provide a newsletter that will cover what you need to know but will also provide occasional updates on the same topic (as long as you remain on our mailing list – if you dropped out, you can always restart).

Our Social Media Platforms

Let’s face it – the legacy platforms Facebook, twitter, and Google are NOT concerned about you but about whomever is filling their pockets (aka – the Deep State, even George Soros admitted to funding their censorship drives lately!). We have remained with FB and twitter as many of you want to remain there. We have promised to provide what we can but have frozen any new membership to all our legacy groups so we can focus on growing out other social media platforms.

They can be found all in one link here:

Telegram – a LOT of those banned on Facebook and twitter are now there (as well as other platforms). We like the feel and ease of being able to share with our members there and most agree it is much easier to use. You do not even need a cell phone to join (a previous must-have). The encryption is end-to-end, meaning your message is never decrypted until it is scrolled up to those that have received it. They recently had a massive DDoS attack and we hardly noticed a thing a service continued on uninterrupted and unaffected by the attack. You will find all the same groups we have in Facebook as public channels with private chats for most of the groups in place now (all channels will have private chats shortly)

MeWe – Growing at 30,000 on a daily basis, this is THE social media platform many users are heading to… Notice I said users, not too many influential social media celebrities are heading here. No clue why. Easy to use, gaining connections in the beginning is a bit of challenge. However, interactivity is very high in MeWe. You will find all the same groups we have in Facebook.

Bit Chute – the YouTube replacement, at least for us. We have had a YouTube channel on several topics, and NONE gained as many views as with Bit Chute. Mind you, we barely do anything to promote our videos as most are in our posts, meaning with Bit Chute either more are visiting our web site and/or more are selecting our videos to view. The later is possible as the setup in Bit Chute presents the latest videos based upon several factors (all, popular, subscriptions, and trending). We provide financial support to this platform, Instead of the groups, we maintain playlists based upon topic. The first 8 are our published videos and then next 8 (to be created yet) will have videos from other channels.

Facebook – All groups are now set to ‘secret’ while we assess what to do next with these groups. We are SEVERELY shadow banned, our posts are not getting many likes nor shares compared to the stats we have over the last 2 years. However, many of those that have been with us since the beginning and many who have been with us for a good sum of time are in Facebook.

twitter – We are SEVERELY shadow banned, our posts are not getting many likes nor RTs compared to the stats we have over the last several years. We are using twitter to stay on top of the select group we are following, like Sean Hannity, John Solomon, Brian Cates, and other social media celebrities that are still on twitter.

NOTE: We will be focusing on platforms that do no censor so to grow these platforms. We fully believe POTUS will eventually take over FB, twtr, and Google and change them to public utilities. However, there will still be some more aggravation and censorship until they make it way more than apparent that being changed to a public utility is the ONLY option for their continued existence. The good news is all 3 are in the news more often now for infractions and now corruption.

What You Can Do to Help

First of all, get yourself right with God and/or learn to develop not only a relationship with Him but learn to talk with him, outside of prayer. He loves prayer, but He also loves relationships and relationship require talking to one another, yes?

Next, TALK everything up you read – debate your points and listen to what others are saying (but not those who dictate what you need to know).

Research what you are hearing and what you are reading – whether alone or with several others. Learning what original source documents are and are not and interpreting them correctly to the situation goes a LONG way.

Let everyone you know what you like about Decisive Liberty – let ME know what you do not like…

Converse with others in the comments on our site as well as on social media platforms.

Thanks to Our Admins and Moderators

Lastly, but most importantly, are our Moderators and Admins for our groups. They are our eyes and ears for the good, bad, and indifferent — and most provide some EXCELLENT research. You know who they are but if not, our thanks goes to (in alphabetical order)…

Ann Rein
Ann Rose Laurence
Dave Nicholls
Debi L. Taylor
Normandee Jones Kinard
Peggy Ann Price Mills

Their dedication is to the truth, our liberty, and to Making America Great Again — and now Keeping America Great!

Please feel free to provide feedback – good or (constructively) bad… as well as share this with and invite your friends!

Thanks for being with us!

Our Pledge

DL Pledge

We at Decisive Liberty do solemnly swear that we will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
that we will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
that we take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;
and that we will well and faithfully discharge the duties of this support and defense for as long as we live.

So help us God.

Where We Go One, We Go All

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The Paper Trail Proves COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Manipulation

Dr. David Martin discusses with Ben Swann the irrefutable paper trail that shows C0R0NAVlRUS was manipulated by DARPA, the NIH, and Chinese Labs.

Nothing in this report is 'theory', it is all documented fact

Reflections from Decisive Liberty

The following stance is stated in the final paragraph of the oration given for the unveiling of our Statue of Liberty on the 28th of October, 1886....

... there is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and aid in our development; but those who come to disturb our peace and dethrone our laws are aliens and enemies forever.

You can view the full oration by clicking here.

We at Decisive Liberty are committed to this stance and welcome all - if you have not already - to join us in learning to live by this stance.

There are only two nations that have placed God within their Constitution and way of life - one was created by God for the people he loves, and the other was created by people who love God.

The above video is one of more than 320 videos on our Bitchute account that have received 728,000+ views - our bitchute account is now 2450+ members strong. Check out our latest videos by clicking here.

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