Newsgate: The News Media’s Unseemly Relationships with Government and Political Actors

Regardless of who is your chosen – or least favorite – presidential candidate, independent minds should be concerned about the latest revelations in the news media’s unseemly relationships with government and political actors.

While there are many responsible journalists working today, inside documents and leaks have exposed serious lapses constituting the most far-reaching scandal our industry has known.

It’s our very own Newsgate.

Watch my TV report “The Big Miss”

Compromised reporting has always existed as a result of covert collaborations between reporters and political officials—Democrats and Republicans alike.

For example, in my new book out next year, The Smear, I’ll report on instances of improper collusion that surfaced during the Bush administration.

The most recent available evidence is heavy on Democrat-ties due to the nature of the available documents and leaks.

It can be argued that some individual accounts can be rationalized and are not serious breaches of ethics.

But taken as a whole, it’s easy to see how we as journalists have done a poor job protecting ourselves from being co-opted by organized interests, often ones that are paid and politically-motivated.

Whether we realize it or not, they’ve figured out how to exploit the media and use us to publish their propaganda.

It implies a broad and growing trend that has seriously undermined the credibility of the news industry.

Opinion reporters and those who work for obviously ideological news groups are entitled to publish party propaganda.

It’s one matter to provide viewpoint journalism.

But it’s quite another for us to act as a tool of any interest, publishing narratives or talking points upon suggestion or demand, without disclosing we’ve done just that.

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You Believe There is No or Minimal Voter Fraud?

LoadingShortly after Catherine Engelbrecht founded and lead True to Vote and King Street Patriots, she was visited by law enforcement agencies and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), even though outside of filing their tax returns, she and her husband never dealt with any government agency in nearly two decades of running their small business. As she told the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee, “We had never been audited. We had never been investigated, but all

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Devin Nunes, House Intel Committee Prepare to Find FBI in Contempt for Mueller Cover-up

LoadingPosted by JOEL B. POLLAK, House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has instructed committee staff to prepare to cite the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in contempt of Congress after the agency failed to turn over documents explaining why agent Peter Strzok had been removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Byron York of the Washington Examiner reported Saturday that the committee had subpoenaed the FBI in August for information about why Strzok was dropped

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UPDATED: What LaVoy May Not Have Known and You Should (About UraniumOne)

LoadingNOTE: this post is also embedded in a post published later, originally named Uranium One First Up in the Serving of 9000 Sealed Indictments but now named The Seeds of the Russian Collusion Go Back Well Before Trump Became President? Yes. There, you will find all the latest updates, including an interview with investigative journalists John Solomon and Seamus Bruner, co-authors of “Fallout,” concerning “Crossfire Hurricane” and Spygate” that shows ties between those 2 scandals

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When It Comes to Politics, What Are You Pretending Not to Know?

As a nation, we have lost our focus, even now

From our very first President, and repeated by several of the Founding Fathers as well:

However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

They knew once the focus of the population and the government was off the Constitution and onto political ambitions that would include unjust causes spearheaded by unprincipled men.

Where we focus is where we end up

So, where are we?

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Exclusive: Secret Witness in Senate Clinton Probe Is Ex-lobbyist for Russian Firm

Posted on Reuters by Joel Schectman on November 16,2017
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Republicans say their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s role in approving a deal to sell U.S. uranium mines to a Russian company hinges in part on the testimony of a secret informant in a bribery and extortion scheme inside the same company.
he Senate committee searching for Clinton’s alleged wrongdoing is keeping their witness’s name cloaked. However, William D. Campbell, a lobbyist, confirmed to Reuters he is the informant who will testify and provide documents to Congress about the Obama Administration’s 2010 approval of the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian company with uranium mines in the United States, to Russia’s Rosatom.
At the time of the sale, Campbell was a confidential source for the FBI in a Maryland bribery and kickback investigation of the head of a U.S. unit of Rosatom, the Russian state-owned nuclear power company. Campbell was identified as an FBI informant by prosecutors in open court and by himself in a publicly available lawsuit he filed last year.

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The Left Has Officially Made Themselves Unavailable to Learn

LoadingThe popular vote count reveals Hillary’s and DNC’s poor planning. They knew the rules of the game. The Electoral College was designed to prevent domination of the nation by a few heavily populated states. Democrats even cheated to try to win the Electoral College by flooding those heavily populated states with sanctuaried illegal aliens, which, according to a SCOTUS decision that should be revisited by a more conservative SCOTUS or overruled by new law, apportions

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9 Scandals Obama Conveniently Forgot When He Denied Any Major Scandals

LoadingWhen one is accustomed to lying often, then he has already lost his compass and his anchor or his life will be lost to the storms of truth… ~ Garrett V. Spear – – – – – – – source: The Daily Signal 9 Controversies Obama Didn’t Mention When He Denied Any ‘Major Scandals’ Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / October 24, 2016 President Barack Obama discarded eight years of controversies surrounding his administration, including the targeting

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HACKED: Gates Foundation, WHO, Wuhan University – They Thought This Wouldn’t Happen?

Loading“There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.” – Sun Tzu Toy with the woke and the guilty will definitely pay the price — and you can bet there is MUCH MORE to come. The source of the links below are from a page in – a website that apparently Facebook will not permit anyone to link to in any post or comment. Thus, we have copied the links below and you can

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The Deep State – There Is Way More Than You Believe

LoadingLearning More About the Deep State and our Series Yesterday we launched our series on the Deep State and just be clear, there is a free subscription to this, separate from our Daily News. We are sharing this as we had a HUGE spike in enrollment yesterday to our Daily News along with new enrollments to our Deep State Series. Not complaining, not by a long shot, however, want to be sure everyone knows the

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The U.N. in One Word: Oligathugs

LoadingPosted on November 2, 2017 on budbromley by Bud Bromley Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. hit one out of the park yesterday. Well worth the 9 minutes to watch this video. Amidst calls from UN members for her removal, she tells the UN, “Our principles are not up for a vote.” She refers to a UN vote on Wednesday this week, when the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly voted for a resolution condemning the United States’ embargo

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1 Gun Death per 3 Guns Owned in Brazil versus 1192 Guns Owned in the U.S. – Which Country is Safer?

LoadingUPDATED – updates at the end of this post… The shooting in Sutherling Springs, Texas church was carried out by a person who was dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Army. As such, he lost his right to own a gun – it is still too early to know however it appears he most likely stole the one he used or gained it from the black market. Texas has a concealed carry weapons permit status (CCW),

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Pearl Harbor: Why Hawaii Was Surprised and FDR Was Not

Posted by James Perloff in The New American

On Sunday, December 7, 1941, Japan launched a sneak attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, shattering the peace of a beautiful Hawaiian morning and leaving much of the fleet broken and burning.

The destruction and death that the Japanese military visited upon Pearl Harbor that day — 18 naval vessels (including eight battleships) sunk or heavily damaged, 188 planes destroyed, over 2,000 servicemen killed — were exacerbated by the fact that American commanders in Hawaii were caught by surprise.

But that was not the case in Washington.

Comprehensive research has shown not only that Washington knew in advance of the attack, but that it deliberately withheld its foreknowledge from our commanders in Hawaii in the hope that the “surprise” attack would catapult the U.S. into World War II.

Oliver Lyttleton, British Minister of Production, stated in 1944: “Japan was provoked into attacking America at Pearl Harbor. It is a travesty of history to say that America was forced into the war.”

Although FDR desired to directly involve the United States in the Second World War, his intentions sharply contradicted his public pronouncements.

A pre-war Gallup poll showed 88 percent of Americans opposed U.S. involvement in the European war.

Citizens realized that U.S. participation in World War I had not made a better world, and in a 1940 (election-year) speech, Roosevelt typically stated: “I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.”

But privately, the president planned the opposite.

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We All Agree, We Could Have Better Choices for Candidates – Here’s What We Have To Do Next

LoadingLet’s backup a bit before this election and before I do I want to reiterate once again yes it was a very poor display and attitude by Trump with Billy Bush as well as Trump a man overall — there is no one that will claim this is raising the bar nor a way to build character. Trump did not claim to be a Christian 11 years ago, not so sure what his stance is

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Just Where Does North Korea’s Major Strategic Threat Lay?

LoadingAs with all military that crosses my path, I make sure to reach out at first – and occasionally thereafter, if possible – to thank them so very much for their service, time, energy, commitment, and dedication to protecting our country. There are many of our soldiers that fully understand that God’s hand and presence are in all we do – no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing. Retired Captain Terry

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To Mr. Priebus As Well As the GOP and DNC Establishments

LoadingI and many, many others, are working hard for Trump where we live and based upon evidence surfacing on the internet and elsewhere, based upon the evidence of your own actions during Mr. Trump’s campaign, You really need to wake up and know that the Trumpers are not stupid as you and the establishment seem to believe. We know that the RNC is behind the sabotage of the Trump campaign, most recently in Virginia, the

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Detailed History of Harney Basin and the Hammond Ranch

LoadingThe Oregon protest about the Constitution and limits to the federal government: posted by Ammon Bundy on NaturalNews here and as shared verbatim below. A quick overview of the Federal land grab for the past several decades can be read here. I will add here that several attempts by many conservative bloggers as well as media to talk with BLM and/ or FWS were stonewalled and any evidence to support their point were not provided. Both agencies

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Classic Liberals Are Quickly and Diligently Separating Themselves from Regressive Liberals

LoadingThe above is a recent image of Michelle Malkin that was overlaid with her definition of Liberals, which – when not cropped out – says, Liberals see racism where it doesn’t exist, fabricate it when they can’t find it, and ignore it within their own ranks. Until recently, I would have agreed with her wholeheartedly — however, in the past few weeks there has been a rapidly growing number of Liberals who are separating themselves

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To the GOP Establishment: You are Next – We the People

LoadingThis week, it has become more evident than ever that the GOP Establishment needs a wake-up call — they are ignoring the referendum We the People voted on in 2016 when we elected Donald J. Trump as our President. Instead, they keep fighting against what We the People have voted for since the election — and now the pot is about to boil over from many holding their tongue. When anyone holds their tongue, they

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Liberty is Being Challenged at All Levels – Seen and Unseen – via the Internet

LoadingLiberty is being challenged at all levels — especially from the internet… One of the more popular comebacks by the left lately, at least at this end, is ‘All that information on the internet and still can’t get his (her) facts right’. Actually, it is a comeback by both sides of the political fence and it hardly breeds any integrity of the author when it is coming out of the side of their mouth… I’m

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Really, Who Is Huma Abedin And Why Should You Care?

This is a Huma Abedin Documentary by, an Online Reputation Management company – there are still a lot of questions NOT answered about her that are answered in this video (48m22s).
The more you get to know about Huma – who has been Hillary’s sidekick for many years (20+?) – the more you know about Hillary as well.
After viewing this, you will see that where we are focused right now when it comes to Hillary is way too narrow — and it may be why she has not been taken into custody just yet.

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What Hillary Is Not Saying and Sharing Is More Brutal Than What She Is

LoadingWe all know the quote – “It’s not what they are saying or doing that is so bothersome, it’s what they are not saying and what they are not permitting that is troubling…” Keep that in mind for this post… In a conversation my facebook friend David Chaney and I were having on the legitimacy of the claims against Hillary’s tyrant and ranting rage after her interview with Matt Lauer in early September 2016, something

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While We Refocus on the First Duty of Our Government, We Need To Do Something Else as Well

LoadingGovernment’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives. ~ Ronald Reagan And with that as a focus, the SIZE of our government would not be what it has been for nearly a century… Unless anyone or anything wants to harm the following, our government is NOT responsible for these areas of your life… health financial well-being, or not education employment success failures will power morals ethics values dreams Your freedom and

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Hey CBS! Just How Thick Are You? Seriously! Trump Warned, You Yawned, He Delivered

LoadingIn the 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl (which you can see here), President-Elect Donald J. Trump warned he would not let go of the 28 million plus followers as that is collateral for him and can be used to hold the Main Stream Media accountable, even more so if they should lie about him. The implications were that the MSM is now a has been and social media will be the preferred method of

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Why the Left Is Intolerant of Individuality

LoadingIf you are a leftist and your immediate reaction is you are not intolerant of individuality — keep reading, make yourself available to learn something new about yourself. If you find your emotions rising up, especially anger, that is called convictions —  which means you have two choices: run from them as you usually do or face them, work on them, learn and discover why you are angry And no, those on the right are not

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Open Letter to the #MSM — as well as to We the People

LoadingTo ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN IF you, as members of the MSM, held yourselves in the same regard as you hold the GOP, Conservatives, the Right… IF you, as members of the MSM, were just as critical, assessing, and conceited in your own self-assessment and self-examination, as you are against the GOP,  Conservatives, the Right… IF you, as members of the MSM, were just as humble, respectful, and honorable of

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Taking Back the Narrative: A Message from KrisAnne Hall On What’s Really Going On In Oregon

Loading  About KrisAnne Hall KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor, fired after teaching the Constitution to TEA Party groups – she would not sacrifice liberty for a paycheck. She is a disabled veteran of the US Army, a Russian linguist, a mother, a pastor’s wife and a patriot. She now travels the country and teaches the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents. KrisAnne Hall does not just teach the

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Why It Is Better To Own A Gun Than Not

LoadingThose ignorant of guns get nervous about guns — this is natural with ANY item that can damage someone or remove them from life altogether very quickly. However, many will let their emotions control their ignorance, and instead of making themselves available to learn, they will choose to remain ignorant and under the control of their emotions — which is the most fickle of traits of all humans. How wise and limiting is that, really?

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Rogue WaPo Reporter Gives Strategy Briefing to Secret Dem Donor Conference

National reporter Janell Ross helped donor group craft liberal economic message without notifying superiors

Posted in The Washington Free Beacon by Brent Scher November 22, 2017 5:00 am

Washington Post reporter Janell Ross gave a presentation at a secretive California gathering where Democratic politicians, liberal activists, and their biggest donors plotted the future of the progressive movement without notifying her superiors that she would be attending, according to a Post spokesman.

The Democracy Alliance went to great lengths to keep the identities of its members and guests confidential at its fall investment conference last week at the La Costa Resort, but the Washington Free Beacon obtained a detailed conference agenda that lists both events and featured guests.

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The Islam Formula

LoadingIt has been a while since I have posted anything — I have been pulled in a lot of directions with work and several projects need my full attention. Before I did post something, I wanted to put together a central point of why we are where we are at today with the Syrian Refugees (of whom even Muslim countries will not accept due to their inability to identify terrorists — something the left totally

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Soros Funded Group Readying Trump’s Sexual Harassment Accusers

Loading“Their disturbing allegations came to light before the post-Weinstein era of accountability for sexual misconduct and the rise of the #MeToo movement.“ Posted By RYAN SAAVEDRA in The Daily Wire A far-left activist group funded by George Soros is readying the women who accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct to demand a congressional investigation. The women had made their accusations just before the November 2016 election. The women will speak on Monday at 10:30 a.m. ET to

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Here’s Why SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Can Be Overturned

LoadingOK, Now What? First, all the doomsayers and we’re-going-to-hell-in-a-pot-naysayers need to calm down. Seriously… No one can think clearly nor act with a successful strategically by being emotional — the left does that very well for everyone and we don’t need be aiding and abetting them in their Progressive ideology. Supreme Court Rulings are just that – Rulings. Not Judgments. The rulings of SCOTUS have been abrogated (repealed) many times and we are not the

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There is One Reason and Only One for the Delay of the Liberation of Mosul

LoadingThis was just received by me from one of the flag officers, a USAF major general, who signed with the original 88 supporting Trump, and has requested that this make wide distribution. The corruption and collusion uncovered here – that resulted in the deaths of only God knows how many people – is just way, way beyond belief… **************************** In case you missed in the relationships so far… Podesta is a key influencer and nexus

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Not Shifting = Broken Tethers + Whiners

LoadingThe false accusations are still be pumped around by the MSM — and too many (and as much fewer as they are) are listening to voices they have yet to vet nor question… Doesn’t matter how old you are or how young you are, you can always learn if you have the ability to want to. You don’t have to be smart to learn, you only need to be available to learn. And embracing anger

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A Clear and Present Danger

LoadingGetting Grounded First, be advised there are a LOT of links in this post, mostly to assist you if you are not up to date on recent U.S. history. If you believe you are then I challenge you to test your beliefs. Our biases will distort even the simplest of things and only when we research and test our beliefs as well as intuition do we discover how many times we are wrong… This is

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Introducing Our Free Subscription Series on The Deep State

Why a Series on The Deep State

Like most of you, I had heard of the Elite, the Deep State – and felt I knew everything I needed to know about it, them, even though for the most part I did not know whoever they were, but especially since they are into the New World Order.

Like Socialism, Communism, tyrannies, theocracies, Marxism, yah-dah yah-dah yah-dah-ism, New World Order favors the rich, robs from those doing well, and essentially eliminates the middle-class, the bastion of the free world and countries exercising Liberty.

Anytime there is a redistribution of what has been gained through hard work there is a less for everyone, the rich get richer, the middle class ends up disappearing, and the poor end up poorer.

The relationship with and love of NWO was all I needed to know that those that embrace and want NWO are not people of character.

Recently, however, someone shared an audio recording from 1967 by Myron Fagan with me — and I immediately knew I was not the only one that wanted to and desired to know more about the Deep State, even though I knew I despised them.

The reason is simple: the only way you can defeat an enemy is to name them, claim them, and know them – then counter them by their own game and stay true to your own character.

Some think the Elite, the Deep State are undefeatable — and that is exactly what they want you to believe.

You end up believing what you keep listening to, what you keep hearing, what you keep talking about — even if it is a total lie.

Just study the works of Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung, Kim Jung-un, Chavez, Venezuelan President Maduro, Robert Mugabe, Angela Merkel, LBJ, Bill Clinton, both Bushes, Obama, yah-dah yah-dah yah-dah…

Most of them took their queue from the Deep State in the first place….

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The 1 Point That Exposes the Progressive Agenda

LoadingFirst, What Is Progressivism? Progressivism dictates that the principles of our founding, which are found pointedly in our Declaration of Independence, are irrelevant ever since it’s founding by Woodrow Wilson. Their reasoning — human nature and science has advanced greatly since the 1800’s. Notice there is nothing about God in any of that… As such, they believe the restrictions on government power placed by our Constitution are no longer necessary to protect liberty. So why

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Federal and State Blunders at Burns OR: A Domino of Errors by Many Govt Leaders That Lead to the Death of An Innocent Man

LoadingLast Updated Sunday 31-Jan-2016 11 pm Updates are added to the end of the post… Introduction Let’s start off with why Ammon Bundy is doing what he is doing with his own words in an interview with the Liberal media trying to put a hole in his story… Like I said, trying…. Why This Post Last night (28-Jan), I saw something mentioned on FoxNews about the FBI noting that LaVoy Finicum had reached for his

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Is The Perception of a Syrian Chemical Attack A Lark?

LoadingNearly everyone is jumping all over the place when it comes to President Trump attacking Syria with 59 Tomahawks as well as what actually happened in what appears to be a stage (false flag) chemical attack that is being played out as Assad attacking his own people. It is at such times it is best to shut up, read, search, and collect the pieces of the puzzle — while remembering we are not going to

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Thanks to Amanpour & the Left, The Future of Bloggers Has Never Looked So Promising

LoadingEven with the slap off the side of the head delivered by voters as well as bloggers to the left, the media, Collectivists in general, one would think they would at least step back and assess where they were focused as they were obviously not focused on where everyone else had been… One would think… Doesn’t matter how old you are or how young you are, you can always learn if you have the ability

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Secretive Liberal Donor Summit Increases Security, Changes Itinerary Following Free Beacon Report

CARLSBAD, Calif.—Members of the Democracy Alliance, a secretive dark money liberal donor network, appear to have moved to increase security presence and alter its schedule at its fall donor summit following a Washington Free Beacon report released Friday morning based off the group’s internal documents.

The high-dollar progressive donors, who each vow to direct at least $200,000 in funding to approved left-wing groups of the alliance, are currently gathered at the posh La Costa Resort located in Carlsbad, Calif., for its three-day fall investment conference to plot their 2018 “resistance” and game plan.

The Free Beacon, who appears to be the only members of the media on site covering the conference, has obtained internal documents meant only for attendees that detail the conference’s agenda and those who are currently at the gathering.

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U.S.-Based Imam Prays That “Allah Destroy the Zionists”

LoadingPosted by IPT News Editor’s note: the video noted in this post has been removed from the imam’s Facebook page since the original posting of this content (5-Dec-2017). Yeah, the innocent always love to hide what they have had to say, yes? A Texas-based imam called for Israel’s destruction in a recorded prayer posted to his Facebook page Thursday. While Sheikh Ramadan Elsabagh does not mention President Trump’s proclamation Wednesday recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and starting the process of

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Stealing from Social Security is NOT Limiting the Budget

LoadingProtecting Social Security from the Thieves in the Night — Senator Mike Lee Last night while you were sleeping the Senate voted to steal $150 billion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund. I joined 34 of my colleagues in a vote to prevent this raid. I would like to thank Senator Rand Paul for leading the fight to protect to Social Security from the thieves in Washington, who seem to think that if they

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The Right Does Have Answers on Guns, Mr. President. By Dennis Prager

LoadingBarack Obama says, “Our gun supply leads to more deaths. The GOP has no plausible alternative theory.” White House Press Conference 1-October-2015…   Seriously Barack?   Probably because you have an agenda that we don’t want to listen to — this his highly evident given your track record for the last 7 years…   Denis Prager (Prager University) sums everything up in one nice package for all anti-gun, pro gun control, pro gun free zone

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Is President Trump Abandoning Europe?

LoadingThere are 3 questions that determine the character of a person — they also assist in determining where a leader is focused… > whose voice do they listen to? > who do they consider to be their hero? > whose counsel do they pursue? Trump does not care about the history of any relationship if the presence stance includes placing others and the U.S. into further debt, into permitting radical Muslims to travel freely, and

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Latest Updates to Why COVID-19 Is More Than A Seditious Biological Attack

Arm Yourself with the Medical & Science FACTS being denied by Social Media, MSM – Our ongoing post on C19 and Mask Usage updated 19-Aug-2020. Here are the Science FACTS that are being rejected by Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates, Fauci, Brex, MSM, yah-dah, yah,dah, yah-dah…

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Will Wikipedia Get Their Job Done Before Jeff Sessions Shows Up for Work?

LoadingAfter earlier condemning Mueller for his investigation, we had stepped to see what would come about, especially as President Trump has not said much about the investigation and let Special Prosecutor Mueller have his ways. After the last 2 weeks, it is way more than obvious that President Trump knew to give Mueller enough rope to hang himself and his minions in the process. Sean Hannity gave an excellent breakdown of everything in his program

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How Do You Kill 11 Million People Without Having Them Revolt?

LoadingThat title will catch anyone’s attention. This is a very short, very powerful book of how truth matters — and matters more than you ever thought. Written by Andy Andrews, and much like the character in one of his best-selling books, Andy is first and foremost a Noticer. Sometimes, all one needs is a little perspective and Andy has been providing that perspective to some of the world’s most influential companies and organizations for the

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A Worthless Letter from the VA Governor to Someone Who Became What He Should Be

LoadingSome may remember that the Democratic Governor of Virginia since 2014, Terrance McAuliffe, pardoned 60,000 felons just in time for the election — and was quite public about why: to sway the election in favor of Hillary. Now, a voter fraud group is requesting information on those voters, as the governor pardoned them with an auto-pen despite a state court’s requirement that an individualized determination be made for each felon. The Public Interest Legal Foundation

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5 Things to Know About Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks

Posted in The Hill BY MORGAN CHALFANT – 

The revelation this week that Donald Trump Jr. corresponded with WikiLeaks during the presidential campaign has added a new wrinkle to the competing probes into Russian interference.

Legal experts say the development is likely to intensify scrutiny of Trump’s eldest son, who is already under the microscope for a controversial June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer.

Separately, a pair of senators revealed Thursday that Trump’s senior adviser, Jared Kushner, had received correspondence about WikiLeaks prior to the election. They said Kushner has not yet turned over those documents to congressional investigators.

Here are five things you need to know about Russia, WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.

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2016: The Worst Year for Your Privacy

LoadingIn a post title ‘2016 Year in Review: The Worst Year for Your Privacy, ever‘, a review of the top 10 incidents that backup that title are presented. This post is provided by Mark’s Corner of the MeWe blog and you can read the details are in the post, however there is an on-going theme… 10. Google 09. Snapchat 08. Uber 07. WhatsApp (bought by Facebook) 06. Facebook 05. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Geofeedia 04. Facebook

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Weapons of Mass Deception Goes Beyond the News – Why You Should Totally Avoid MSM

No sure, but I want to say this is narrated by Sharyl Attkisson. “Yes, there are now more stations and media voices, but they are all coming from the same ventriloquist….” Have never heard it put ever so succinctly. This is an older video, however, that only makes today even more of what you are about to see than less.

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William Guy Carr – Pawns In The Game

LoadingThis lecture given by Commander Carr briefly explains what is written in his books  – Pawns In The Game, Red Fog Over America, Proofs Of A Conspiracy – and the reasons why he got involved in his research, as well as some of his conclusions. In the 1950s, he was one of the foremost researchers on the genocidal Satanic Illuminati Conspiracy; others such as Ted Gunderson, Fritz Springmeier, and Bill Cooper continued his research. —

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Myron Fagan’s CFR and the Illuminati – Part 6 of 6

LoadingPart 5 of a 6-parts for our Deep State Series – scripts, notes, resources, and discussions are available for those that subscribe to this free 3-week series (learn at your own pace). Inquire at for more details. [ Contains sponsored segments ] — Send in a voice message: Loading

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Myron Fagan’s CFR and the Illuminati – Part 5 of 6

LoadingPart 5 of a 6-parts for our Deep State Series – scripts, notes, resources, and discussions are available for those that subscribe to this free 3-week series (learn at your own pace). Inquire at for more details. [ Contains sponsored segments ] — Send in a voice message: Loading

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Myron Fagan’s CFR and the Illuminati – Part 4 of 6

LoadingPart 4 of a 6-parts for our Deep State Series – scripts, notes, resources, and discussions are available for those that subscribe to this free 3-week series (learn at your own pace). Inquire at for more details. [ Contains sponsored segments ] — Send in a voice message: Loading

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Myron Fagan’s CFR and the Illuminati – Part 3 OF 6

LoadingPart 3 of a 6-parts for our Deep State Series – scripts, notes, resources, and discussions are available for those that subscribe to this free 3-week series (learn at your own pace). Inquire at for more details. [ Contains sponsored segments ] — Send in a voice message: Loading

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Myron Fagan’s CFR and the Illuminati – Part 2 OF 6

LoadingPart 2 of a 6-parts for our Deep State Series – scripts, notes, resources, and discussions are available for those that subscribe to this free 3-week series (learn at your own pace). Inquire at for more details. — Send in a voice message: Loading

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Myron Fagan’s CFR and the Illuminati – Part 1 OF 6

LoadingPart 1 of a 6-parts for our Deep State Series – scripts, notes, resources, and discussions are available for those that subscribe to this free 3-week series (learn at your own pace).  Inquire at for more details. — Send in a voice message: Loading

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VIDEOS: Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Trump’s Private DMs to DOJ

LoadingEditor’s note: You can always tell what a technology company (or any company for that matter) is capable of doing whenever they are on an agenda – such as you will see of Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter, and #ClayHaynes, the Sr Network Security Engineer for Twitter in this video, resulting from an undercover work by James O’Keefe and the staff of Project Veritas. The statements of Dorsey and Haynes are tells into

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Operation Condor: How NSA Director Mike Rogers Saved The U.S. From a Massive Constitutional Crisis…

This outline

  • is the story of how the FBI Counterintelligence Division and DOJ National Security Division were weaponized.
  • is the full story of what House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes is currently working to expose.
  • exposes the biggest political scandal in U.S. history.
  • is also the story of how one man’s action likely saved our constitutional republic.
  • His name is Admiral Mike Rogers.

I’m calling the back-story to the 2016 FISA 702(16)(17) political corruption by the Obama administration “Operation Condor”.

Those of you familiar with the film “Three Days of The Condor” will note how the real life storyline almost mirrors the Hollywood film.

For the real life version, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers plays the role of “Condor”.

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What Really Happened to the Shah of Iran?

Americans have been hearing for several years about potential war with Iran. For instance, on September 17, 2006, Timemagazine reported, “The U.S. would have to consider military action long before Iran had an actual bomb.” On October 10, under the heading “A Chilling Preview of War,” Time warned: “As Iran continues to enrich uranium, the U.S. military has issued a ‘Prepare to Deploy’ order.”

In September 2007, US News & World Report stated: “Amid deepening frustration with Iran, calls for shifting Bush administration policy toward military strikes or other stronger actions are intensifying.” And in June 2008, President-to-be Barack Obama declared: “The danger from Iran is grave, it is real, and my goal will be to eliminate this threat.”

However, suppose a progressive, pro-Western regime ruled Iran, representing no threat? War discussions would be unnecessary. Yet many forget that, until 30 years ago, exactly such a regime led Iran, until it was toppled with the help of the same U.S. foreign policy establishment recently beating war drums.

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Stop Underestimating the Undercurrent of Globalists

LoadingIf you have sat back far enough in the first protests after the election, a HUGE red flag should have gone up — How does ANYONE get THAT many signs produce in THIS short amount of time? These were, for the most part, mass produced signs. It wasn’t even 12 hours since the election was called that the protests started — in most cases, the ink literally wouldn’t be dry yet. I don’t watch TV

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Your Help Is Needed

LoadingLooking for direction here — I want to assess the voting records, PAC money and favoritism of EVERY current Congressman and Senator. We can always find out what they cherish by where they focus where they invest their time who is providing the largest contributions what interests are being supported by these activities and efforts… The purpose: To document who is a globalist and who is a nationalist, with this Congress and hopefully with every Congress

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Thoughts on Liberty by David Chaney

LoadingPlease note: This was originally posted in facebook by David Chaney as part of his drafts on “Thoughts On Liberty” as well as reposted to the BudBromely blog… “Capitalism is the proven economic engine of freedom. Socialism is the failed economic hypothesis of collectivism. The former requires private property ownership, protection of individual liberty, and free-exchange. The latter requires State or State controlled (crony) property, elimination of individual liberty, and centrally planned exchange. The former

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