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by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 01-Jun-2021

Cyberattack Shuts Down JBS – the Biggest Meat Producer In The World

From all appearances, this is the same tactic used on the Colonial pipeline attack – suggesting that the pipeline attack was a trial run, particularly as it was way too far up in the supply chain to cause any immediate damage to the flow to the pumps.

What it did instead was damage the flow to the fuel farms, which feed the distribution of fuel to the various gas companies which in turn arrives to the pumps – the fuel farms have enough inventory to keep fuel distribution going for a month…

The pipelines were back up and running in less than 3 days.


But not really an ‘oops’…

Any declared shortage was accompanied by the MSM and their friends fear-mongering the general public to test further the people’s reactions. Fortunately for the people, overall that failed as there are far too many videos on the internet of people pumping gas that still had that yellow plastic cover saying the pumps were empty.

Unlike with pipeline attack, however, this time livestock is involved – meaning their supply for feed is now cut short, meaning no one knows where to find the cattle, meaning no one knows how many they have, meaning they don’t know which cows are ready for slaughter so their meat can be sold…

It also means the clock is already ticking and the dominoes have been tripped…

The next step is to stop the falling dominoes…

It’s called a brake…

Remember Gates is now the largest farmland owner in the U.S.A., is the biggest advocate for depopulation – many have received the bio-weapons being disguised as vaccines, 5G – which has already been proven to adversely affect those with COVID as well as those who have taken the vaccine – is still being pushed all over the country.

The setup is nearly complete — but the Deep State and their friends are desperate, and desperate anything makes a LOT of mistakes.

They forgot something – what?

Watch the shell game, not the shells…

VIDEO – Ice Age Farmer

Note: Ice Age Farmer has been on the mark on MANY issues, sharing his information 6 – 12 months before things actually occur. Only in this case, the occurrence is NOW and he provides an in-depth look at the scope and depth of the latest desperate move by the Deep State.


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