Coronavirus, Meet Corbynovirus – You Both Have More In Common Than You Think

Originally published: 2020-04-02 09:04:05

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The Treatment That Kills Antisemitism

Corbynovirus started as a lingering smell that turned nauseatingly rancid and might have permeated into all layers of British society until the British public put it back into the sewers from whence it originated.

Unfortunately, the smell is still offensive and trying to linger but morally decent people will ensure it will, like the plague and coronovirus be relatively ephemeral.

Jeremy Corbyn, through a somewhat farcical electoral procedure, became the leader of the United Kingdom’s Parliamentary opposition Labour Party in September 2015.

A ‘hard-left’ fascist, Corbyn gave unqualified support to numerous terrorist groups in the Middle East, Latin America, Kashmir, Hamas, Hezbollah, the IRA,  etcetera, and it was therefore quite astounding that Britain’s opposition was now being headed by a person with such base moral values.

His supporters and the left wing of the British media were orgasmic and the silent majority aghast.

The silent majority, however, delivered a resounding, quite unprecedented, defeat for him and his ugly supporters during the December 2020 election.

Corbyn was literally smashed at the polls and Her Majesty’s Opposition are currently seeking a new leader.

Corbynovirus was defeated by moral decency.

Desperate People Make Desperate Mistakes

The Facebook post below highlights the extreme and frankly disgraceful views and actions of Jeremy Corbyn.

It is incredulous to me – and to most right thinking people – that the UK Labour Party stooped to such low levels by electing him as their leader.

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Fortunately, many voters in the UK were already aware of Corbyn’s previous history.

There was no way that those within the Armed Services nor their families, the Police, Hindus Sikhs, and the majority of secular Jews, were ever going to vote for him.

A Chance Encounter

A personal experience as per my encounter in a London Pub just prior to the election was sufficient comfort for me to understand the depth of animosity there was for Corbyn within the British white working class.

The paradox being that Labour’s traditional support deserted Corbyn and his pseudo intellectual , repulsive support base.

Corbynovirus was defeated by the very people it was supposed to treat.

The encounter and conversation I experienced went along these lines.

Got talking to a nice old fella in a pub in London waiting for ‘er indoors who was buying the Xmas pressies.

We had one too many and I think I owe him a couple of whiskies  – and it turned out he saw action in the Falklands and Ireland, came from a Labour background and had voted Labour all his life.

He said (using a few choice words) that he would rot in hell before he voted for Corbyn and didn’t think any past or present serviceman or policeman should, would, or could support this ‘terrorist loving ###t‘!

And that friends, summed it up for me.

Foreboding Shadows

And yet right up until polling day I along with those so opposed to having a terrorist lover as our Prime Minister were exasperated, frustrated, perplexed, and concerned that the ‘Voters Polls’ emanating from the incompetent BBC and Corbyn supporting national newspapers such as the Guardian and Independent indicated a hung Parliament with a minority Corbyn Government.

So far behind the reality curve this proved to be that the term ‘ Fake News’, which is always linked to the BBC, now forever to be linked to the excrement sheets alluded to above.

As at the time of this writing the UK Labour Party has yet to decide on their new leader but Corbyn has made it known that he wants to be the Shadow Foreign Secretary taking the place of Emily Thornberry who holds the current role [Editor’s update: having only won 1.9% of the votes archive needless to say, she is another casual of the Labour Party].

Thornberry is a sycophant and inadequately equipped to hold any such role as she constantly exposes her total lack of competence and knowledge of global affairs.

She relies on criticism of President Trump satisfying Labour supporters not venturing from her comfort zone.

The Legacy of Corbynovirus

Under Corbyn as most of you know the UK Labour Party has been a safe zone for the most rabid antisemites – a so called left wing party has become an admirer of fascism and actually adopts their ideology.

Labour, as long as Corbyn holds any senior role, will lose support.

He and his shadow cabinet will leave a legacy of being one of the most antisemitic political parties of the 21st- century and the party that let down its core support base of the poor, white working class.

What is incredulous to all morally decent people is simply the fact that under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership Jew hatred within the Labour Party had spread similar to a virus.

It truly defies belief that a respected, mainstream British political party dived into the excremental depths associated with far right political organisations.

The European Human Rights Committee an independent organisation, faced with numerous complaints were forced into an investigation, the results of which are awaited.

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Jeremy Corbyn – the Antisemitism Posterchild

The Party that under Corbyn created and promoted an environment where Jewish women Labour Party members of Parliament were smeared, bullied, harassed, threatened, and abused  – all of which thrived and expanded unabated.

The British public in the last general election kicked Corbyn’s storm-troopers into the long grass by a margin so wide that Corbyn and his followers are now the laughing stock of European politics.

And yet, Corbyn has hopes of a shadow cabinet role in the next election.

Any new leader that succumbs to that will be tarnished with the foul stench of Corbyn and the disgusting political, racist virus he has carried throughout his bigoted career.

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Jeremy Corbyn will be replaced as Labour leader on April 4 when the new leader will be announced.


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