Coronavirus – How Did We Get Here Again (In Detail)?

Originally published: 2020-03-24 16:18:59

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Vaping Death Cover-ups

I came across interesting information on the CDC website about an apparent “vaping death” trend that began back in September, 2019.

Oddly, the deaths occurred only in the US & its territories, as plenty of Europeans use E-cigarettes.

Read more of CDC’s claims by clicking the following image…



The CDC then claimed this was an epidemic caused by a new disease they named E-Cigarette or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI).

However, I also saw Yale University medical scientists noting about the CDC’s new named disease EVALI:

“Federal investigators have not yet identified a single ingredient that causes EVALI… It’s therefore unclear how the condition develops or why, in the most severe and life-threatening cases, it causes the lungs to stop functioning altogether”.

Read Yale’s perspective on this by clicking on the following image…

Yale Medical On EVALI


Enter Stage Left: China – as in Wuhan, China

Last September (September 2, 2019), a little noticed US scientific research paper was published describing the exact same kind of lung damage being seen in vaping patients – a research paper entitled “Human-Animal Interactions And Bat Coronavirus Spillover Potential Among Rural Residents In Southern China” – wherein it “predicted” the coronavirus pandemic.

Click the image below to read this research paper or click here to obtain a PDF of this paper…


Note – this prediction was TWO months before it occurred.

This research paper was co-authored by doctor-scientist Emma Mendelsohn [archive], who works for the radical-leftist US-based non-governmental organization EcoHealth Alliance, and doctor-scientist Shiyue Li [archive], who works for the Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, Wuhan Institute of Virology [archive], Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan-China – the same Wuhan-China where this coronavirus pandemic began on 10 December 2019.

Axiom has published a timeline on the pandemic, which you can view by clicking the image below…

China coronavirus timeline


The CDC – When Have They Messed Up In the Past?

When the disease came to the United States, the CDC, for reasons still unknown, spread a test around America that couldn’t distinguish between the coronavirus and water.

“The CDC botched its early development of coronavirus test kits, which could not differentiate between the novel coronavirus and lab-grade water, according to a government email obtained by The Wall Street Journal.”

BusinessInsider covered this, which your can view here…

CDC mess up


Do note to read the post at the end of the following link requires a paid subscription to the Wall Street Journal…

WSJ CDC mess up

The US protects itself from bio-weapon attacks with the United States Biological Defense Program (the core of which resides at Fort Detrick), which is a United States Army Medical Command installation located in Frederick, Maryland.

This makes it the “tripwire” defense able to immediately detect a biological attack on America.

Wikipedia - U.S. biological defense program


Wikipedia - USAMC

Wikipedia - tripwire

The Core of Our Bio-Weapons Tripwire Gets Shutdown

That is, until August 2, 2019, when an army of CDC inspectors rushed into Fort Detrick and shut down its critical bio-defense laboratories.

“No infectious pathogens, or disease-causing material, have been found outside authorized areas at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.”

View the full story by clicking the following image…



Three weeks after the CDC crippled America’s bio-defense by shutting down the critical “tripwire” laboratories used by the US Army disease scientists at Fort Detrick, the first so-called “vaping death” was reported on August 23, 2019 – a death now believed to have been caused by thousands of unsuspecting American citizens being deliberately targeted with a coronavirus infected additive to their e-cigarette and/or vaping devices as a test to gauge how deadly to make this disease.

You can read that story from the New York Times here…

NYT - vaping death


Ten days after the CDC reported its first so-called “vaping death,” the research paper “Human-Animal Interactions And Bat Coronavirus Spillover Potential Among Rural Residents In Southern China” was published on September 2, 2019.

Bill Gates Promotes His Population Control Agenda

Little more than a month later, on October 18, 2019, an invitation-only group of the world’s top globalist-socialists elites gathering for a conference in New York City called Event 201 to simulate a global pandemic – a gathering sponsored by the world’s second richest man Bill Gates, who in 2018 warned “The world needs to prepare for pandemics just like war.”

Click here to learn more about Event 201 [archive].

Two Of Worlds Richest Men Meet At US Strategic Command
After Trump Makes Over 600 Arrests – One Doesn’t Survive

CDC Was Hiring for a Yet-to-Be-Needed Postion

All of this was followed a month later on November 15th, when the CDC published a notice to immediately hire thousands of Public Advisor Quarantine Experts – quarantine experts no one else in the world besides the CDC knew to hire because the first coronavirus infected person in Wuhan-China wasn’t reported about until a month later on December 10, 2019.

And because the CDC mysteriously flooded the United States with thousands of tests “that couldn’t distinguish between the coronavirus and water”, quarantine experts are now in much needed demand throughout all of America.

Click the image to see the full job posting [archive]…

CDC opportunity

See the timeline discussed above on all this as well…

Now the Financial Ties…

What is critical to notice when false flag events are being staged in the United States are the globalist-socialist elites’ actions to protect themselves – actions that always sees these elites making moves to protect their vast wealth prior to when a false flag event occurs.

For example, prior to 9/11, when these elites sold and/or shorted the stocks of the largest US airlines prior to the attacks on September 11, 2001 and reaped hundreds-of-millions of dollars worth for having done so.

This is exampled today by Russiagate hoax-master anti-Trump U.S. Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, who gave a secret coronavirus update to his most loyal supporters without telling his own citizens, then sold his stocks before the U.S. markets crashed.

He wasn’t alone in this action, U.S. Senate Intelligence Co-Chair Diane Feinstein also sold-off all of her stocks before the coronavirus pandemic crashed US markets.

Doesn’t stop there – anti-Trump U.S. Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler used their secret knowledge to buy and sell stocks at the same time they were receiving briefings on the coronavirus.

More On the Alleged Insider Trading

Unusual Option Market Activity and the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 [pdf]

Allen M. Poteshman
The Journal of Business
Vol. 79, No. 4 (July 2006), pp. 1703-1726 (24 pages)
click the image above to download a pdf file of this post

RT - Senator Richard Burr








The Last Word

With all this – as well as the Democrats continuously attacking him for non-existent charges for the last 3 years – is it any wonder why President Trump calls himself a war president?


Note: in order to learn the #truth, you need to do your own research.
Do not rely on others to do it for you.
And do NOT trust the media to show you anything that remotely condemns the globalist elites (aka Cabal).


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