Conviction Is Keeping BBC from Publicly Sharing An Internal Investigation

Originally published: 2019-02-04 00:06:51

The Professional Incompetence of The BBC

After years of complaints and pressure over the BBC’s blatant bias against Israel in all aspects of programming, but more particularly News coverage, the BBC commissioned the Balen Report — then hid it from public view. Convictions will do that — you either resolve them by running towards them or you run from them and/or bury them. The ship of fools BBC did both of the latter.

Incompetence – The Ways and Means of Fools

I like many others have been a perplexed, angry and very frustrated forced client of the BBC and the way over 5 decades it has reported purposely hostile to Israel on its Middle East News.

Some years ago the BBC was pressured into holding an internal investigation into its bigoted output on the Israel Palestinian issue.

The report, known as the Balen Report and named after its author, has remained a BBC secret.

The Corporation spent hundreds of thousands of pounds and similar numerals in BBC man hours in a cowardly yet successful legal attempt to ensure the report remained out of the public eye.

Paradoxically the Courts found that under the Freedom of Information Act, so often used by investigative journalists to source and obtain verification, was used to hide from the public a report which undoubtedly would have been devastating for the so called impartial BBC.

Impartiality in news reporting is a term and condition that the BBC must abide by under it’s legal charter.

What did the BBC have to hide?

I hope that when this article is read, some brave investigative journalist or BBC mole will find the courage and perseverance to dig out the Balen Report from the BBC files.

Knowledge, No Wisdom is the BBC Mantra

Non-publication has further encouraged the sometimes comical Middle East reporting vomited by the seasoned white, upper class male incompetents such as John Simpson, Jeremy Bowen and the pathetic Alan Johnston, kidnapped comically by Palestinians but released subsequently as a result of his over friendly reporting of the Palestinian cause.

Latterly we have had the reporting of Orla Guerin and Lyce Doucet, two geopolitically uneducated Irish women and the totally embarrassing reporting from the United Nations of Barbara Plett – Usher.

Orla Guerin, after a terrorist killed several Jews reported from ‘a house in mourning‘ – not one of the families who lost innocent loved ones but from the terrorist’s family house!

He blew himself up in the attack.

Not that any evidence were needed of the complete, unashamed bias of the BBC and the physically unattractive Guerin but if it were it was clearly abundantly evident during that sickening output.

Nauseatingly, Plett-Usher reported that she ‘shed tears ‘when the corrupt, murdering, pedophile Arafat died.

Her bias, as with Guerin’s, was exposed by her sycophantic vomit when covering the death of the Egyptian Arafat.

Plett-Usher had zero knowledge of his nationality.

Online BBC – The Ostrich Policy

Apart from the TV coverage, we also have website/online output which is probably even more disproportionately biased than the incompetent TV cover.

Just one example suffices though there are numerous examples of rabidly biased anti Israeli reporting…

In a stage managed production, BBC reporters and a camera crew were ‘coincidentally ‘ present when an acne ridden Palestinian teenager continuously slapped an Israeli soldier who after much provocation arrested the moron.

The BBC’s output on this minor event amounted to 240,000 hours.

It was on all of their global websites for 3 months, 24/7.

Given that the BBC devoted zero hours to the 3 genocides in Rwanda, DCR, or CAR which caused around 11,000,000 black African deaths, one wonders what role the BBC has in reporting world events.

Perhaps if those millions of dead black Africans had termed themselves Palestinians the BBC just might have sent one of their imbeciles to covet the story.

Alas, no.

When, during the 1970’s, thousands of Palestinians were slaughtered by Jordanian and Pakistanis the BBC remained silent.

Similarly when thousands of Palestinians were killed by Iranian and Iraqi Government sponsored Shia militias, silence again from the BBC.

More recently those 4,000 Palestinians killed by Syrian, Russian, and Iranian troops in Syria have gone unreported too.

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BBC Loves to Run, Fails Miserably at Hiding

The excellent independent monitoring site ‘BBC Watch’, virtually on a daily basis, identifies either verified bias or lack of context leading to bias in the hearts and minds of the public when reporting on the Israel Palestinian issue.

Naturally the bias is already against Israel, Jews, Zionism, and those who support the only Jewish State in the world.

Such is the BBC’s contempt for professionalism and accurate reporting that a former, rather unintelligent BBC Arts correspondent with below basic understanding of geopolitics of the subject is given the role to report on the most complex of issues and naturally makes a complete fool of herself as the BBC Watch report below exposes.

Mockingbird Broadcasting

Now we must investigate the role that current affairs programs as opposed to direct news reporting plays within the anti-Israel agenda of the BBC.

In this regard, we need look no further than The Dimbleby brothers both of whom host a weekly program.

For years, David Dimbleby – until very recently – hosted Question Time on TV along with his younger brother Jonathan Any Questions on BBC Radio.

Both are the sons of the wonderful Richard Dimbleby, the first BBC correspondent to report from a concentration camp immediately after the camps were liberated.

For 2 decades both brothers have facilitated either unknowingly (extremely unlikely) or knowingly, rabid hostility to the Jewish State by not only the unbalanced make up of their invited panellists but also the overwhelming anti-Israeli bias of the studio audience.

Impartiality concerning the Israeli Palestinian issue has never been on the agenda of either.

It seems that not only has the Palestinian issue received disproportionate coverage but there is always one, probably two, guests who are rabidly hostile to Israel and seldom an influential opponent.

Occasionally there may be one lukewarm supporter of the Jewish State as a token gesture.

Never have either brother posed intellectually competent questions that would expose problems for the anti-Jewish State guests or indeed within the audience.

For example, questions about the Nazi manifestos of both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, about the liquidation of Israel or the extermination of Jews.

The accepted BBC narrative is that Zionists invaded, ethnically cleansed indigenous Palestinians who had lived in the area since time immemorial and stole their land.

No questions have ever been asked about the identification of any historical indigenous Palestinian from 3000 BC to 1948 AD or any battle, war, or conflict fought by indigenous Palestinians during the same period.

Perhaps a question about any archeology finds relevant to Palestinian culture, language or currency etc would be useful.

A near question would certainly be why the Palestinians cannot even pronounce their word that identifies them as there is no sound for ‘P’ in Arabic.

Fortunately for the anti-Jewish lobby. and to the utter bewilderment of Israel’s supporters. such guided missiles have never been launched.

BBC Avoiding the Truth at All Levels is Fodder for Great Writing

Another white, upper class left wing fascist who becomes orgasmic when kicking the Zio is the BBC’s Stephen Sackur on HardTalk – a program devoted to inaccurate, loaded and offensive anti-Jewish State bias, years of negative comment; and unproven accusations.

No room for the historical, legal, or religious truth.

At least the Dimbleby brothers have the combined intellect of a retarded amoeba.

Sackur does not even reach those dizzy heights.

If I could wave a magic wand, I would expose the BBC’s decades of anti-Jewish State propaganda.

Revealing the Balen Report could be just the start needed.

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