Conflict Resolution 101 – Getting to the Core Issue

Originally posted 2018-09-07 04:42:03.

Identifying the Core Issue

Conflict resolution is a complicated task, but a fundamental requirement is to determine the core issue and this should be the first priority.

When the topic is the Israeli Arab conflict, as with any conflict, a distinction must be made between the symptoms and the core issue.

In this case, there is one, overarching, core issue in the conflict.

Israel declared independence in 1948, yet Israel is still under threat from forces inside and outside the state. If we look at the conflict as part of a long term struggle for Israel’s survival, then we can separate the symptoms from the core issue.

Think of it this way, the war of ’48 was just the opening battle in a much larger war not just for Israel’s Independence, but for Israel’s continued existence as a Jewish State.

We must also consider the period between 1918 and 1948 when there were many attacks on Jews throughout the Middle East.

During this 30 year prelude and for years after ’48, attacks against Jews in Arab Countries continued until practically all of the Jews were driven out of the Arab countries in the Middle East.

That was ethnic cleansing of Jews by the Arab States.

The International community did nothing about it other than the UN documented at least 856,000 Jews being forced out of their homes and forced to flee the Arab states, many in fear for their lives.

Almost all of them had their homes, land, and businesses stolen by the Arabs.

When we add these regional events and step back to look at the entire conflict over the past 100 years, then it should be obvious that most of the issues that have been discussed for the past 30 years are really symptoms, not core issues.

If rational thought is applied, one cannot seriously contend, as most governments and main stream media do, that the conflict is about land, economics, or another Arab State. 

The conflict is really about the Arab hatred for Jews.

This is not just the core issue of the conflict, this IS the conflict.

Proposals that do not address THIS core issue, cannot, and will not, resolve the conflict.

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