Classic Liberals Are Quickly and Diligently Separating Themselves from Regressive Liberals

Originally published: 2017-02-09 08:02:00

The above is a recent image of Michelle Malkin that was overlaid with her definition of Liberals, which – when not cropped out – says,

Liberals see racism where it doesn’t exist, fabricate it when they can’t find it, and ignore it within their own ranks.

Until recently, I would have agreed with her wholeheartedly — however, in the past few weeks there has been a rapidly growing number of Liberals who are separating themselves from the Regressive Liberals.

Regressive Liberals are those that place identity before everything and anything else, especially of anyone that to the eye who is oppressed.

Context has no place in their ideology while there is plenty of room for riots, intimidation, destruction, abusing, and even killing, without remorse — and they do so with full and brutal malice.

There is a fracture within the Left that is seeing the Classic Liberals very quickly, intentionally and diligently separating themselves from the Regressives in the past few weeks — and they have just started raising their voices vocal about their stance.

The Classic Liberals have had enough of the Regressives just as much as anyone on the Right and they are even catching MSM by surprise, leaving them stuttering and with mouths hanging open and speechless (such a beautiful site that is!) as they are making the same mistake as the Regressives,.

The Regressives have made the mistake of assuming if they took the lead in a manipulative, disruptive, full and brutal fashion full malice and do so straight out of both the Alinsky Rules and the Cloward-Piven Strategy playbooks, then the rest of the left would follow…

They are not.

The Classic Liberals are taking their stand very quickly and have firmly resolved to be focused on decisive liberty with a sense of urgency.

Regressives have failed to understand what both conservatives (most, not all) and Classic Liberals understand:

Liberty MUST be protected under ALL costs and at ALL levels

That includes protecting the liberties (and freedoms) not only of those
that are like-minded, those that you like, and those that you love…

It includes protecting the liberties (and freedoms) of those
that are not like-minded, those that you do not like, even those that you hate.

Failure to do so will not result in the loss of liberties
for those “on the other side”,
it will result in the loss of liberties of everyone – permanently.

Any Constitution of Government MUST protect freedom as if it does not, freedom will be lost and cannot be restored.

Once the liberties and the freedoms of ANY people have been forfeited at any level, then we ALL have lost liberty… forever.

Once lost, no country has ever regained liberty — this one fact is what the Classic Liberals understand and about which the Regressive Liberals could not care less.

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