Churchill: Prudence Statesmanship Understanding

When you hear of a college that ditches textbooks in favor of original source documents, you know everything their students learn has not been filtered and probably can count on what they learn as not being biased as well.

Hillsdale College is such a college and offer free online courses, which are good for a certificate after passing their final quiz.

They offer a variety of courses which can be seen here, with their latest focusing on Winston Churchill.

Why Study Churchill?

There are 3 principal reasons to study the life and writings of Winston Churchill…

  • The 1st is that the study of Churchill teaches lessons about prudence, the virtue that enables human beings to make good choices in changing circumstances for the sake of living well.
  • The 2nd is that the best way to learn about statesmanship is to study the words and deeds of great statesmen, and Churchill—who left behind a voluminous written record—was one of the greatest.
  • The 3rd is that Churchill understood very well the unique features of modern life, including especially the mass effects brought about by the development of modern science.

Be sure to at least check their listing of courses — all have video conversations while most will have links to PDF’s of original source documents.


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