A Call to Character and Proper Protocol

Even the demise of the DNC is not enough to turn things around – it’s a good start but only that, a start. As part of being an observer and student of history, we need to learn among other things to observe reactions, cause, and effect, protocols for different environments as well as where Divine grace tends to give a hand. Returning to God is just the beginning… (archive https://archive.md/0AEk0)

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What You Can Learn About Others From Their Questions

Anyone asking questions reveals more about them than what they want to know… What they ask, how they ask, the demeanor, and the overall questioning process is what they call in poker “a huge tell” – if you know what to look for. How to discern what is REALLY going on whenever you are being asked questions… (archive https://archive.ph/rcRQr)

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To Mr. Priebus As Well As the GOP and DNC Establishments…

by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 11-October-2016 To: Mr. Priebus As Well As the GOP and DNC Establishments… We and many, many others, are working hard for Trump where we live and based upon evidence surfacing on the internet and elsewhere, based upon the evidence of your own actions during Mr. Trump’s campaign, You really need to wake up and know that the Trumpers are not stupid as you and the establishment seem to believe. We know that the RNC is behind the sabotage of the Trump campaign, most recently in Virginia, the closing of GOP offices, as well as sending volunteers on useless trips to engage voters who ARE ALREADY…

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