An Illegally Prosecuted AIDS Remedy Scientist Interviewed About C19

Arrested without any charges being cited, an illegal search of her home without a warrant, harassment of her and her husband for months on end, and threatened to be re-arrested on non-existent evidence if she broke a 5-year gag order. Why? Because she discovered something the medical Establishment does not want the public to know. A 25-minute video well worth watching – and sharing… (archive

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Several Health Problems See More Deaths Than COVID

HIV/AIDS cases as well as deaths from or by abortions, communicable diseases, cancer, children under 5, smoking, and alcohol are all higher – in some cases MUCH higher – than COVID. So what are the Globalists trying to do? (archive

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EXPOSED: Medical Malpractice by Nurses in NYC

The story shared in this video puts a well-deserved dark mark on NYC as well as both Governor de Blasio and Mayor Cuomo that this is not being confronted properly by their offices or by the Mainstream media. (archive

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