Why Have We Permitted Our School Boards to Dement Our Children?

by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 28-Dec-2021 If you haven’t heard of Simon Campbell by now, you aren’t paying attention… Seriously… This guy is on fire and is DECISIVE about what our school boards should NOT be doing and what they SHOULD BE doing. He used to be on the same school board of whom he ripped them a new one, in plain English. And the school board, as much as they were unhappy with Simon,…

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An educational resource from The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPSonline.org)

COVID-19 Self-Protection and Home Remedies

What can you do for prevention against COVID-19? You won’t find most doctors as well as the Liberal media saying much beyond washing your hands a lot. That does help — but it’s not enough! View this post for more information on protection and remedies. (https://archive.ph/)

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Schools Are Teaching Their Students How to Deal with Active Shooters

You are your kids’ best line of defense (or should be!) – however, you can’t always be around them, which means they need to learn to depend on themselves and not anyone or anything else as the first line of defense…

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