If Your Candidate Lost to a Cheater You Need to be Decisive Enough to Take Action

Even the most confident people have feelings and the only difference between them and you is they take actions that lead to where they want to go in spite of their feelings… (archive https://archive.ph/sE16B)

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MSM Fake News Ideological Propaganda Is Killing Innocent Lives

Denzel Washington put it best, one of the effects of pumping out too much information is to be first, truth can wait for the corrections, if ever. This is never more obvious than with news of the Middle East. (archive: https://archive.vn/mrrSj)

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Thanks to MSM Writers like Amanpour, Citizen Journalism Has Dominated Since 2016

When you round up the wagons, you don’t leave an entry open for your enemy to take the lead – which is EXACTLY what Amanpour did in her pathetic plea to protect press freedom (as opposed to freedom of the press)… (archive https://archive.ph/Xz0o4)

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