The Left Has Officially Made Themselves Unavailable to Learn

The popular vote count reveals Hillary’s and DNC’s poor planning. They knew the rules of the game. The Electoral College was designed to prevent domination of the nation by a few heavily populated states. Democrats even cheated to try to win the Electoral College by flooding those heavily populated states with sanctuaries of illegal aliens, which, according to a SCOTUS decision that should be revisited by a more conservative SCOTUS or overruled by a new law, apportions more electors and U.S. Representatives based on total residents (legal + illegal) rather than total citizens. If the SCOTUS decision is allowed to stand, and illegal aliens are allowed to remain in America,…

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GOP Establishment Is Next! Signed, We the People

When a political party can only be defined by its divisive and derogatory actions, then it is time for that political party to either wake up… or take a walk… (archive

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