An American Horror Story: The Shameful Truth About the U.S. Government’s Secret Experiments

Too many believe by saying ‘In God We Trust’ we can be passive about everything around us when in reality In God We Trust is more about Him providing proper direction and protection to get through anything. This is all the more true when we have a government that could not care less about its people never mind God. (archive

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From Our Archives: A Preface to Mueller’s Hearing

From our archives: The bombshell John Solomon had on Robert Mueller and shared on the Sean Hannity Show the night before Mueller’s sharing his report publicly. (archive

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Natural-Born Citizen — Cruz Vs Obama, Part 2

By looking at the debate of Cruz’s eligibility – which was mostly driven by Liberals – we can stand back and see if Kamala Harris is truly indeed eligible for the Presidency should something happen to Biden. REmember, if she is not then the next in line is – that would be Pelosi… (archive

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Natural-Born Citizen — Cruz vs Obama, Part 1

There is a debate as to whether Kamala Harris is eligible to take over as President should something happen to Biden – we’re republishing a post of the debate around Cruz’s eligibility when he was running for President so to refresh our reader’s minds. (archive

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New Series: How You Can Help Restore and Manage Election Integrity

We are reaching out to those in the know to help us help you learn what you need to know to protect your vote, to protect our elections. We are also providing a forum for you to field your questions, converse with one another, and help others learn what you have learned. (archive

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Door-to-Door Vaccinations? Exercise Your Constitutional Rights!

Yet again and only 7 months in office, the Biden administration is wanting to implement something that is not only unconstitutional but has been recognized by the Nuremberg Code,. the U.N., and UNESCO as violating human rights. We have the information you need to not only protect your rights as well as ward off trespassers. (

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It Is Bipartisan, American Public Supports Antitrust Action Against Facebook

Regulatory action against Facebook finds support across both sides of the political spectrum, with respondents describing themselves as neither liberal nor conservative the most undecided on the matter. (

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Facebook, Twitter, Google Facing Class Action Lawsuits Initiated by President Trump

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were named in the lawsuits—as well as the companies themselves. (archive

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Who Encouraged, Educated, Mentored Our Founding Fathers?

Without a doubt, our Founding Fathers were a very blessed and special group of men. The brainpower and spiritual strength they had as a group have yet to be equaled. So where did they get their inspiration? Their motivation? They did, after all, so love God that they formed the United States… (archive

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How to Make A National Impact At Your Local and State Level

Action… the ONE thing the determines direction. Your actions do not have to be the cure-all for what is happening, however, your actions – singularly as well as collectively as a group – can be the discerning factor in which direction your local and State takes. View more to learn more… (archive

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Memorial Day 2021- We Remember As We Always Need to Remember

Veteran’s Day is for celebrating, respecting, and honoring the living who have served in our military…
Memorial Day is for respecting and honoring the dead who served in our military…
Just in case your education system has failed you yet again.

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