The Pro-Palestinian Myth

When a mathematical analysis is considered of Palestinians killed in conflict during the last 50 years, at least 5 TIMES MORE PALESTINIANS HAVE BEEN KILLED BY ‘BROTHER’ ARAB/MUSLIM ARMIES AND MILITIAS than their supposed enemy yet the plight of these Palestinians has never been an issue for the pro-Palestinian mob. (archive

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Is The Perception of a Syrian Chemical Attack A Lark?

The Art of War applies on multiple levels – not just whatever you are looking at. Did President trump do the right thing? Those that would have permitted this to happen in the first place are saying he didn’t – need we say anything more about those without proper discernment? (archive

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What Is the The Islam Formula And Why You Need To Know

Everything is available for those that reach for it – it is never handed over on a silver platter. Everything you need to know to get started on your own due diligence on what Islam is and isn’t… (archive

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An Offensive Move Against a Warring State is Not a Phobia

When comparing this number of radicals to 1930’s Japan (Hirohito), The Third Reich, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot — combining them together wouldn’t equal 183 million radicals. Political correctness waters EVERYTHING down – even a tragic event… (archive

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