Gordon Chang’s Warning About China

China has a global dominance vision and has created 24 different types of unrestricted warfare that can morph into more than 500 different forms of warfare. Find out more in this video, including the one deterrent that is keeping China from acting now… (archive https://archive.ph/1MeHl)

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Gordon Chang Predicts Something About China You Will Not Believe

Whenever anything happens in China, Gordon is always a step ahead of the news and China researchers… What is he saying about China today should have you planning and preparing for tomorrow

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Eugene Yu, Konnech CEO, Arrested in Connection with Theft of Personal Data

Have you noticed that the so-called conspiracy theories are being busted with the truth lately? Even more so, is that they are being busted almost as soon as the MSM publishes their fake news about the conspiracy theories.. Popcorn anyone? (archive pending)

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