Weapons of Mass Deception Goes Beyond the News – Why You Should Totally Avoid MSM

No sure, but I want to say this is narrated by Sharyl Attkisson. “Yes, there are now more stations and media voices, but they are all coming from the same ventriloquist….” Have never heard it put ever so succinctly. This is an older video, however, that only makes today even more of what you are about to see than less.

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Meet the LeBARON Family – Wrong Target By The Mexican Cartel?

Work compiled by Alice Liu Meet the LeBARON family. A family of SERIAL KILLERS who hunted down RIVALS and DISOBEDIENT members sent their daughters to the NXIVM CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING CULT, and lived in a compound founded by MITT ROMNEY’s family The latest gruesome murder of women and children was supposedly covered up by MEXICAN CARTELS when they realized they had gotten the wrong target… At least, that’s the #FakeNews media spin. Since when do…

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Linda Collins-Smith - AR Senator Tom Cotton - Kathy Hall

DEVELOPING: Kathy Hall Gone Missing Enroute to SCOTUS to Assist In Lawsuit Against Arkansas CPS

Kathy Hall was a close contact of Linda Collins-Smith and is assisting in a lawsuit against the Arkansa CPS, of which SCOTUS is to have a hearing on whether to proceed with the case. She and her husband have gone missing on their way to the airport.

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TO OUR NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS: Sorry About That! AND A Preface to Mueller’s Hearing

Things That Go Bump Anytime We attempt to send our videos as well as posts in one email — with the number of videos we tagged before the newsletter went out, the published posts were buried in a see of imagery and video displays. So… We are going to send the videos separately – and due to the volume we are expecting to be publishing, they will be delivered THREE times a day instead of…

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New Feature: Videos!

OK, not really new but the way we are going to manage them on our end is… Decisive Liberty Endorsed Media We maintain a list of Endorsed Media channels for content, podcasts, and videos — these channels have proven their worth to our audience as well as to us. Today, we have started off with the following channels… The Epoch Times (American Thought Leaders, DECLASSIFIED, Epoch News) dnajlion7 (Daniel Lee) In Pursuit of Truth Mises…

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