by Peter A. Baum, originally published 10-May-2022

Israeli Settlement Activity Is Invariably Cited As a Cause of Tensions

Yet History Says Otherwise…

Settlement activity is invariably cited as the cause for increased tensions in the region.

History debunks that false claim as can be witnessed from the numerous atrocities inflicted by Muslims on Jews over the centuries and before settlers settled and settlements were created.

7th Century

622-627: Ethnic cleansing of Jews from Mecca and Medina, (Jewish boys publicly inspected for pubic hair. if they had any, they were executed)
629: 1st Alexandria Massacres, Egypt
622 – 634: Extermination of the 14 Arabian Jewish tribes

9th Century

822 – 861: Islamic empire passes a law that Jews must wear yellow stars, (a lot like Nazi Germany), Caliph al-Mutawakkil

11th Century

1033: 1st Fez Pogrom, Morocco

12th Century

1106: Ali Ibn Yousef Ibn Tashifin of Merakesh decrees the death penalty for any local Jew, including his Jewish physician and military general.
1148: Almohadin of Morocco gives Jews the choice of converting to Islam or expulsion
1166: Granada Massacre, Muslims occupied Spain
1165 – 1178: Jews nationwide were given the choice (under the new constitution) to convert to Islam or die in Yemen
1165: Chief Rabbi of the Maghreb burnt alive. the Rambam flees for Egypt.

13th Century

1220: Thousands of Jews were killed by Muslims after being blamed for the Mongol invasion, of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Egypt
1270: Sultan Baibars of Egypt resolved to burn all the Jews, a ditch having been dug for that purpose; but at the last moment he repented, and instead exacted a heavy tribute, during the collection in which many perished
1276: 2nd Fez Pogrom, Morocco

14th century

1385: Khorasan Massacres, Iran

15th century

1438: 1st Mellah Ghetto Massacres, North Africa
1465: 3rd Fez Pogrom, Morocco (11 Jews left alive)

16th century

1517: 1st Safed Pogrom, Ottoman Palestine
1517: 1st Hebron Pogrom, Ottoman Palestine and
1517 Marsa ibn Ghazi Massacre, Ottoman Libya
1577: Passover Massacre, Ottoman empire
1588 – 1629: Mahalay Pogroms, Iran

17th century

1630 – 1700: Yemenite Jews were considered “impure” and thus forbidden to touch a Muslim or a Muslim’s food. They were forced to humble themselves before a Muslim, to walk to the left side, and greet him first. They could not build houses higher than a Muslim’s or ride a camel or horse, and when riding on a mule or a donkey, they had to sit sideways. Upon entering the Muslim quarter a Jew had to take off his footgear and walk barefoot. If attacked with stones or fists by Islamists a Jew was not allowed to defend himself. (anti-Zionist miss those days)
1660: 2nd Safed Pogrom, Ottoman Palestine
1670: Mawza expulsion Yemen
1679 – 1680: Sanaa Massacres, Yemen

18th century

1747: Mashhad Massacres, Iran
1785: Tripoli Pogrom, Ottoman Libya
1790 – 92: Tetouan Pogrom. Morocco (Jews of Tetouan stripped naked, and lined up for Muslim perverts)

19th century

1800: New decree passed in Yemen, that Jews are forbidden to wear new clothing or good clothing. Jews are forbidden to ride mules or donkeys and were occasionally rounded up for long marches naked through the Roob al Khali desert
1805: 1st Algiers Pogrom, Ottoman Algeria
1808 2nd 1438: 1st Mellah Ghetto Massacres, North Africa
1815: 2nd Algiers Pogrom, Ottoman Algeria
1820: Sahalu Lobiant Massacres, Ottoman Syria
1828: Baghdad Pogrom, Ottoman Iraq
1830: 3rd Algiers Pogrom, Ottoman Algeria
1830: Ethnic cleansing of Jews in Tabriz, Iran
1834: Safed Pogrom, Ottoman Palestine
1839: Massacre of the Mashadi Jews, Iran
1840: Damascus, ritual killings (Muslims, along with French Christians kidnapped, tortured, and killed Jewish Children for entertainment), Ottoman Syria
1840: Blood libels were introduced to the Muslim world from Europe
1844: 1st Cairo Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1847: Dayr al-Qamar Pogrom, Ottoman Lebanon
1847: Ethnic cleansing of the Jews in Jerusalem, Ottoman Palestine
1848: 1st Damascus Pogrom, Syria
1850: 1st Aleppo Pogrom, Ottoman Syria
1860: 2nd Damascus Pogrom, Ottoman Syria
1862: 1st Beirut Pogrom, Ottoman Lebanon
1866: Kuzguncuk Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1867: Barfurush Massacre, Ottoman Turkey
1868: Eyub Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1869: Tunis Massacre, Ottoman Tunisia
1869: Sfax Massacre, Ottoman Tunisia
1864 – 1880: Marrakesh Massacre, Morocco
1870: 2nd Alexandria Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1870: 1st Istanbul Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1871: 1st Damanhur Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1872: Edrine Massacres, Ottoman Turkey
1872: 1st Izmir Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1873: 2nd Damanhur Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1874: 2nd Izmir Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1874: 2nd Istanbul Pogrom, Ottoman Turkey
1874: 2nd Beirut Pogrom, Ottoman Lebanon
1875: 2nd Aleppo Pogrom, Ottoman Syria
1875: Jerba Island Massacre, Ottoman Tunisia
1877: 3rd Damanhur Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1877: Mansura Pogrom, Ottoman Egypt
1882: Homs Massacre, Ottoman Syria
1882: 3rd Alexandria Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1890: 2nd Cairo Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1890: 3rd Damascus Pogrom, Ottoman Syria
1891: 4th Damanahur Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1897: Tripolitania killings, Ottoman Libya
1890: Tunis Massacres, Ottoman Tunisia

20th century

1901 – 1902: 3rd Cairo Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1901 – 1907: 4th Alexandria Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1903: 1st Port Sa’id Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1903 & 1907: Taza & Settat, pogroms, Morocco
1903 – 1940: Pogroms of Taza and Settat, Morocco
1907: Casablanca, pogrom, Morocco
1908: 2nd Port Said Massacres, Ottoman Egypt
1910: Shiraz blood libel
1911: Shiraz Pogrom
1912: 4th Fez , Pogrom, Morocco
1917: Baghdadi Jewish Inquisition, Ottoman empire
1918 – 1948: law passed making it illegal to raise an orphan Jewish, Yemen
1920: Irbid Massacres: British mandate Palestine
1920 – 1930: Arab riots, British mandate Palestine
1921: 1st Jaffa riots, British mandate Palestine
1922: Djerba Massacres, Tunisia
1928: Ikhwan Massacres, Egypt, and British mandate Palestine.
1928: Jewish orphans were sold into slavery, and forced to convert to Islam by Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen
1929: 3rd Hebron Pogrom British mandate Palestine
1929: 3rd Safed Pogrom, British mandate Palestine
1933: 2nd Jaffa riots, British mandate Palestine
1934: Thrace Pogroms, Turkey
1934: 1st Farhud Massacres, Iraq
1936: 3rd Jaffa riots, British mandate Palestine
1936: 2nd Farhud Massacres, Iraq
1941: 3rd Farhud Massacres, Iraq
1942: Mufti collaboration with the Nazis. plays a part in the final solution
1942: Struma disaster, Turkey
1942: Nile delta Pogroms, Egypt
1938 – 1945: Arab collaboration with the Nazis
1945: 4th Cairo Massacres, Egypt
1945: Tripolitania Pogrom, Libya
1947: Aden Pogroms
1947: 3rd Aleppo Pogrom, Syria
1948: “Emptying ” of the Jewish quarter of Damascus, Syria
1948: 1st Arab Israeli war (1 out of every 100 Jew was killed)
1948: Oujda & Jerada Pogroms, Morocco
1948: 1st Libyan Inquisition of Jews
1951: 2nd Libyan Inquisition of Jews
1955: 3rd Istanbul Pogrom, Turkey
1956: 1st Egyptian Inquisition of Jews
1965: 5th Fez Pogrom, Morocco
1967: 2nd Egyptian Inquisition of Jews
1967: Tunis riots, Tunisia


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Peter, International Political Affairs Editor to, is a research scholar and pro-Israel activist who challenges the fake news narrative on Israel, Holocaust, Zionism, Middle East, Anti-Semitism, and racial issues by providing well-documented content and references to original source documents which uncover their fakery. You can find Peter regularly contributing on the subject matter through written articles, TV appearances, and lectures. Peter was chairman of Southend Young Conservatives, founding member of Southend Friends of Israel, and is currently a delegate on the Board of Deputies and Executive Council member of Fair Reporting. Peter also writes for several newspapers and research global organizations, including the Gatestone Institute.

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