An Open Letter to U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley From a Grateful Iranian-American

Dear Ambassador Haley,

Thank you for your reasoned support for the freedom-seeking Iranian people who risk their very lives against the tyrannical oppressive Islamic rulers of Iran.

As an Iranian-American, I take pride that a woman of your courage is championing the cause of freedom at this highest international forum.

You are not only the voice of America, but that of the oppressed people of the world.

It is a sad fact that women have been among the most victimized in just about all societies throughout history.

And you, Madam Ambassador, can truly sympathize with the victims of tyranny.

Under the dastardly rule of Iran’s mullahs, women are severely disenfranchised and abused.

Additionally, the despotic Islamists reign of oppression extends to all minority’s such as Baha’is, Sufis, Jews, Zoroastrians and Christians, as well as political and social dissidents.

These victims have no recourse.

You, Ambassador Haley, are their voice.

It is noteworthy that your work not only serves what is right, it also serves the best interests of America.

It proves to the world that Americans cherish and support freedom and, at the same time will, sooner or later, seal an invaluable link of camaraderie with a freed Iran.

Once again, I want to thank you and plead that you maintain your resonant voice and unshakeable resolve.

With deepest respect and gratitude,
Amil Imani

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